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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Cambridge

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Cambridge

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We are facing one of the most recommended cities to live in, in England, something that you should take into account before looking to rent a flat, apartment or room for students in the city.

Cambridge is undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations for young students, the entire city has become a university campus. The fame of its university precedes it, it has 31 public faculties and it has produced writers, scientists, politicians, and up to a total of 90 Nobel laureates.

But we don't want to mess you up with more data, because what is really interesting is how to assist you to have a pleasant stay in Cambridge. Through our search engine, we offer you a multitude of rooms and apartments for rent in Cambridge, fully verified and verified so that you can make a reservation in a totally secure way.

What is the ideal accommodation for a student travelling to Cambridge? Keep reading what we tell you.

Student apartments for rent in Cambridge

One of the most popular options for young students and professionals is to rent a fully furnished apartment in Cambridge. This is the most requested option by those people who travel with friends, as they can choose a house and share the expenses.

It is also an option when we do not want to share a flat, although this makes our stay in England more expensive. It is an option for a few, because the prices hardly fall below 1000 euros, being able to increase the figure even more depending on the site where you are located.

For this reason, in the Erasmus Play search engine, you will not only be able to find rental flats for students, but you will also see their location on a map and discover the area where they are located. 

Student room for rent in Cambridge

One of the favourite choices for young people is to find rooms for rent in Cambridge. In addition to being a way to save money when you are on a tight budget, renting a room is also interesting to live with other students, learn about other cultures and practice the language.

You need to know that location is important and will significantly influence the final rental price. In Cambridge you can find from areas with a lively lifestyle, to more quiet and rural areas.

Generally speaking, student rooms for rent in Cambridge have an average price of 400-700 pounds, which in exchange for euros would be around 500-800 €, rounding up.

Not only the location will influence the final price to pay, but also the amenities, so it is always advisable to start the search as soon as possible to find the best offers at the best price. We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine to find your accommodation quickly and avoid possible real estate fraud since all the accommodations that appear have been verified.

Student accommodation in Cambridge

The city of Cambridge is full of student accommodation and it is logical if we think about the weight that its University has both on a European and global level. Apartments, studios, shared rooms to residences, whatever you want to rent you will find.

The first thing you should be aware of is that a flat in the heart of Cambridge will not cost you the same as a room in a more secluded neighbourhood. To help you, we are going to present to you the best areas to find accommodation in Cambridge.

Longview Terrace Apartments for Rent

Just a mile from the city centre and just off Histon Road is the Longview Terrace neighbourhood. It has all the comforts of being located near the centre but avoiding the hustle and bustle that is concentrated here.

Apartments in Victoria Road

Victoria Road is another place where you can get a room for rent at a good price without giving up being close to the centre, from which you are about 20 minutes away on foot. The price of student rental flats in this area are somewhat cheaper than in the centre and you also have a wide variety of leisure, shops, restaurants, etc.

Room for rent on Hemingford Road

Another option for those who don't want to go far from the centre of Cambridge is Hemingford Road, located two kilometres away. It is ideal for those students who need to be close to Anglia Ruskin University, as it is about a 15-minute walk away. The rental price is not that much lower but, you can tell the difference.

Erasmus accommodation in Histon Road

For those who are looking for tranquillity and only set foot in the visitor centre, Histon Road in the Arbury neighbourhood is your best option. It is located 17 km from the centre and is a perfect place to find accommodation for Erasmus students in Cambridge. The prices are more affordable and it has very good communication with the centre and the campuses of the different faculties.

University residence in Cambridge

Student residences in Cambridge are another of the cheapest options to spend your study trip. It is used to interact and meet other students, both foreign and local.

University residences in Cambridge are found on the university campuses and also spread throughout the city, adding up to a total of 1,400 properties that are available on campus for students.

Frequently asked questions about Cambridge

Why study at Cambridge?

Cambridge is a perfect place to study, from college scholarships Erasmus and similar to young people looking English courses to improve language.

Is it expensive to live in Cambridge?

Cambridge is very close to the capital of England and many choose it for this reason. Compared to London it is much more affordable, although it is still within the English average.

How to find cheap rental flats in Cambridge?

The first tip is to start your search as soon as possible and the second is to use the Erasmus Play search engine to find verified and furnished accommodation in Cambridge.

How much does it cost to rent a room in Cambridge?

It will depend on factors such as location, amenities, etc. but the average price will be hovering between 500 and 800 euros in the cheapest cases. On Erasmus Play you will find accommodation in all price ranges.

Does the University of Cambridge offer student accommodation?

Yes, the University gives students the opportunity to choose one of its accommodations, although, as we say, it is a highly sought after destination and there are no places for all students who request them.