Student accommodation, flats, and rooms for rent in Catanzaro

Catanzaro is a city located in the Calabria region of southern Italy. It is the second-largest city in the region, behind Regio de Calabria. Catanzaro is divided into two main areas: Catanzaro centro and Catanzaro Lido. In downtown Catanzaro, you will find the old town and many of the sites of interest. In Catanzaro Lido, you will be able to enjoy the beach on the coast bathed by the Ionian Sea and a more active nightlife.

This city receives many students every year, both national and international, due to the prestige of its university, especially in the Faculty of Medicine and Law. 

As a negative point, some students from previous years report that it is difficult to get around the city by public transport. 

As a positive point, young people usually enjoy a very good nightlife since it is a city that welcomes thousands of students every year.

A recurring question among Erasmus students is, How much does it cost to live in Catanzaro for students? The cost of living in this italian city is usually cheap, both in terms of accommodation rental prices, food, and leisure expenses. There is no need to worry about accommodation in Catanzaro, the Erasmus play housing search engine is here to help.

Student apartments for rent in Catanzaro

One fact that you have to take into account if you want to rent a complete apartment in Catanzaro is that the availability of these is not abundant. Therefore, we recommend that you start looking for an apartment for rent in Catanzaro as soon as possible. That way you will have more options to choose from. We also suggest that you make the reservation quickly when you find the apartment that meets all the important characteristics for you, don’t wait until the last minute.

In the Erasmus Play housing search engine, you will be able to view all the verified and available flats from different online platforms and websites, as well as compare their characteristics, prices, and locations. You will surely find the ideal accommodation for you easily and quickly.

Student room for rent in Catanzaro

Are you looking for a cheap room for rent for students in Catanzaro? You have to know that in this Italian city you will find both private and shared rooms. Take a good look at the description of each room, since you have to determine if the price that appears is per room or is a price per person.

Most of the rooms are furnished with everything necessary for a student, such as a bed, wardrobe, chair, and desk. However, remember to check all the characteristics of the apartment (furniture, appliances, heating, internet, etc.), since these details can also increase the rental price.

As a reference, the cost of a room in a shared apartment in Catanzaro usually goes from € 200 onwards and can go up to € 300 per month.

Student accommodation in Catanzaro

In this section we will tell you which are some of the areas most chosen by international students to find accommodation in Catanzaro:

Apartments for rent in the historic center of Catanzaro

In this neighborhood, you can find the majority of the city's landmarks, including the most famous historical buildings and monuments. Here there are many shops, restaurants and bars that young people often go to.

Apartments in Catanzaro Lido

Here you will be able to enjoy the beach, several places to go out at night and some shops, bars, and restaurants. From Catanzaro Lido, you will be able to reach the main campus of the university in approximately 30 minutes by public transport, so it is a good area to consider livings as a student.

Rooms for rent in Pontegrande

This area is located a bit far from the center of Catanzaro, further north. For this reason, the rental cost is generally cheaper. In Pontegrande you will be able to enjoy a quieter and more residential environment, with some restaurants and shops at your disposal.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Catanzaro (UNICZ-UMG)

This university, called “Università degli Studi Magna Graecia di Catanzaro” in Italian, has one of its main campuses in the Germanetto area. This is called Campus "Salvatore Venuta" and is located a few kilometers away from the city center. Here, in addition to being most of the faculties, there are several of the residences and the sports center. On the other hand, other university buildings are closer to the center of Catanzaro.

University residence in Catanzaro

The University of Catanzaro offers its students several residences in which you will be able to apply for a place. Generally, the types of accommodation available are studio apartments with a bathroom, kitchen and small living room in each one. In addition, each of the residences offers other features in its facilities, such as a games room, study room, gym area, library and/or garden, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Catanzaro

How much does a student room cost in Catanzaro?
The cost of a room in a shared apartment in Catanzaro usually starts from € 200 onwards. However, depending on the characteristics it has and the location, the price can go up to € 300 per month.
What are the best areas to live in Catanzaro as a student?
Some of the neighborhoods most chosen by international youth are usually Catanzaro Centro and Catanzaro Lido, as well as Pontegrande for those who want more peace of mind. Of course, when looking for accommodation in Catanzaro, keep in mind that the public transport connection is usually not very good.
How to find a cheap room in Catanzaro?
Access the Erasmus Play search engine, in which you will be able to compare between the different verified rooms, seeing their prices, their locations, their images and their characteristics. In this way, you will be able to find the ideal one for you and make the reservation 100% online and completely secure.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Catanzaro?
The cost of living in Catanzaro is relatively inexpensive. Here estimate that between rent, food expenses and some leisure, you will have to have approximately € 600 per month.
Why go on Erasmus to Catanzaro?
In this Italian city, you will be able to enjoy history, culture, and nature while studying at a prestigious university. The preferred area by students is usually Catanzaro Lido, where the beach and most of the entertainment venues are located.



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