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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Udine

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Udine is a small town in the northeast of Italy, in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. Its historic centre is of the most beautiful part of the city and has Piazza Libertà, a Venetian-style square that is one of the largest in Italy.

This Italian city is quiet, perfect for studying, although it has several activities to do and a friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, one of the characteristics that most attract students to Udine every year is its location in Europe. It is located very close to the border between Italy, Austria and Slovenia, which is why travelling becomes one of the favourite pastimes for young international people who do their Erasmus in Udine. When it comes to nightlife, keep in mind that the closing time of places is usually shortly after midnight, so you will have to get used to leaving aperitivi earlier if you want to enjoy the nightlife.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Udine? In this article, we will tell you different details that you have to pay attention to when searching, such as the different types of accommodation available, the average prices and the best areas to live as a student.

Student apartments for rent in Udine

The largest offer of student flats in this Italian city belongs to studio flats, that is, with capacity for one person or a couple. Generally, the apartments are fully furnished and have basic appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven, microwave and washing machine. Some of them may also have access to a garden or a balcony.

The price of studio apartments is usually high, although it always goes according to its location and the characteristics it has. The cost ranges from € 650 onwards and can go up to as high as € 900 per month. For this reason, to save money or invest it in other activities, international students usually prefer to rent a room in a shared flat.

Student room for rent in Udine

In Udine you will have the option of choosing both single rooms and double rooms, to share with another person. Doubles generally have a wardrobe, desk and chair for both people, so the rooms are usually large. Regarding the cost, remember that it always depends on the location and the characteristics of both the room and the apartment itself. Single rooms usually go from € 170 onwards and double rooms from € 220 per person. Generally, the maximum price for a single room is around € 400 per month, but read the description and rental conditions carefully, since sometimes the owners allow two people to rent a room with two single beds.

Student accommodation in Udine

If you don't know the best area to live in Udine as a student, don't worry! Below we list some of the most preferred neighbourhoods by students from previous years, both because of their location near the entertainment venues and the different faculties of the university.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Udine

The centre of this Italian city encompasses the area that is within the "ring" of Viales that surrounds the area. Here you will find most of the frequented places by students in their spare time, such as museums, bars, restaurants, shops and other historical monuments. It is also where several of the faculties of the University of Udine are located, such as the Law Center.

Apartments in the Rizzi neighbourhood

The Rizzi neighbourhood is perfect if you are going to study at the university's Scientific Pole since it is located right there. It is towards the northwest of the centre of Udine, which you will be able to reach in about 30 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by public transport.

Room for rent in the centre of Udine

Depending on which faculty you are going to, you should go north or south of the centre of Udine. To the south, you will find several of the faculties, such as the Humanitarian Pole. In addition, from here there is quick access to the main train station of the city.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Udine (UNIUD)

This institution, called in Italian “Università Degli Studi di Udine”, has its faculties spread over various parts of the city. You should identify where yours is if you want to find accommodation near the university. For example, the “dei Rizzi” pole, where the faculties of Sciences are concentrated, is located to the northwest, a bit far from the city centre. For its part, the Humanities Pole is located in the central ring of Udine, south of the rest of the faculties.

University residence in Udine

The University of Udine offers Erasmus students some places to live in its two residences. However, as there are only two residences and few places for Erasmus, it is often very difficult to find one. Therefore, we recommend that you decide on a room in an apartment shared with other flatmates.

Frequently asked questions about living in Udine

How much does a flat for students cost in Udine?

The cost of studio flats in this Italian city is usually high. For reference, the minimum is around € 650 and the maximum is € 900 per month for the same type of apartment.

Sharing a flat with other students in Udine?

This is the preferred alternative for young international people to live during their Erasmus since it allows them to save on rental costs and utility bills. In addition, your roommates will be like your family, since you will share a lot of your time with them every day.

How is student life in Udine?

This small Italian town usually has a laid-back lifestyle. However, Erasmus students usually organize different events and parties to enjoy each other, as well as constantly travelling to nearby places.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Udine?

If you rent a room in a shared flat and add some leisure and food expenses, it means that you must have between € 600-650 per month. Students often rent or buy a bicycle upon arrival to save on public transport. You can also order a discounted student transportation card.

Why study in Udine?

In this city you will be able to delve into Italian culture, learning about the traditions and festivals of the smallest areas of the country. You will also be able to learn or improve the Italian language. From Udine, students usually take the opportunity to travel to nearby places, since it is close to the border with Austria and Slovakia.