Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Catanzaro
Flatshare in Catanzaro

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Catanzaro

Many international students are attracted to learning about the culture and way of life of southern Italy, which is why they choose to live and study at the Università Degli Studi Magna Graecia di Catanzaro for a while. Even though it receives many young Italians and internationals every year, the student atmosphere in the city is relatively calm. For this reason, students often choose shared flats to live in, thus being able to live with international flatmates in a more relaxed and fun environment. Surely you will form a small Erasmus family, sharing hundreds of moments!

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Catanzaro

Here is a list of some of the most outstanding pros and cons of sharing an apartment in the Italian city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Catanzaro

  • If one of your roommates is Italian, you will be lucky enough to live the experience with a friendly, open and fun person, willing to share details about their culture and language.
  • Surely you will find accommodation in a convenient location for you, close to your faculty at the University of Catanzaro and the city centre. Keep in mind that some preferred neighbourhoods by young people to live in are the historic centre of Catanzaro, Catanzaro Lido and Pontegrande (the latter for those who want more tranquillity).

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Catanzaro

  • In some cases, only women or only men are sought as roommates, which can limit your search.
  • As they have a calm atmosphere, many events and meetings are held frequently in the student flats. This can be a disadvantage if you prefer more tranquility in coexistence.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Catanzaro

There are some apps for Erasmus+ that you will be able to take advantage of during your exchange in Catanzaro, both before, during and after it. In these apps, you will be able to access different information, such as necessary procedures, available services, discounts, experiences, and tips from students from previous years. One of these tips is that you pay close attention to the location of your flat and the university you are attending, because public transport is not good, and it can take you a long time to go from one place to another.

How to meet people in Catanzaro

In addition to sharing experiences with your flatmates, you can consider some of the following options to meet people in the Italian city:

Student associations in Catanzaro

The Erasmus Student Network used to have an active branch here, ESA Catanzaro, but it recently stopped its operation. Check if it is reactivated when you are about to get there as it will be helpful to meet people.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Catanzaro

In these groups, you can not only connect with international students who are going to be in Catanzaro at the same time as you, but you can also see the different activities and events that are planned throughout the year. You're sure to find something fun to join!

Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Catanzaro

In the case of WhatsApp groups, the idea is that students are in more direct contact, being able to organize plans quickly and find out about everything that happens in the city at the moment.

Tips for living in a shared student apartment in Catanzaro

We list some tips for you to keep in mind when sharing a flat in the Italian city:

  • Keep in mind that transportation in the city is not the best or the most frequent. Therefore, you have to ensure that your accommodation has good communication with the university and with the most popular entertainment venues.
  • You can take advantage of the savings on the rental cost to enjoy more activities in the area and visit other nearby cities in Italy, such as Bari, Naples, Salerno, Catania and Palermo.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Catanzaro

How much does a shared flat cost in Catanzaro?

The average cost of a spare room in a shared apartment in this Italian city is usually between €200-300 per month. Remember that this always depends on the characteristics of the room and the flat in which it is located.

Where to look for shared flats in Catanzaro?

In Erasmus Play you will find both spare rooms and complete shared flats. Filter by the characteristics that are most important to you and choose the accommodation that best suits your possibilities.

What are the advantages of sharing a flat in Catanzaro?

Nightlife in this city is frequently quiet and even monotonous, so by sharing a flat you will be able to live in a fun environment, enjoy the company of your classmates and organize different activities among yourselves.

What to ask before entering a shared flat in Catanzaro?

Some questions you can ask your flatmates before entering are: Do they like to party or are they rather quiet? Do you organise meetings on the floor regularly? Can you smoke inside? Think about what aspects are significant to you.

How to choose ideal roommates in Catanzaro?

It would be best if your roommates were of different nationalities, so they can learn from each other, but have compatible lifestyles. In addition, it would be ideal if one of them were Italian, so you can practise the language daily.