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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in A Coruña


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Apartment at Rúa Riego de Agua, Cidade Vella


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Apartment at Lugar Someso,


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Apartment at Calle Begonias


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Room at Ronda de Nelle, Sagrada Familia


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Apartment at Rúa Riego de Agua, Cidade Vella

Information about A Coruña

The fantastic port city of A Coruña, located in the north of Spain within the autonomous community of Galicia, is an interesting option you can think about if you want to live an unforgettable experience in Spain. Finding a flat, apartment or room for rent for students in A Coruña is not a complicated task. 

Available accommodationTotalAverage price
Private room A Coruña1€700
Residence A Coruña0
Studio A Coruña0
Entire place A Coruña4€1025
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Next, through this guide, we will learn about all you need to know about renting accommodation in A Coruña. In addition, we offer you a useful search engine for apartments and rooms for rent for students in A Coruña completely free of charge, to make your search even easier. Let’s get into it!

Student apartments for rent in A Coruña

Renting a fully furnished apartment for you in A Coruña is the most suitable option when you do not want to share a flat with other people and have total freedom. Of course, it is a somewhat more expensive option, especially if you are looking for the centre of the city.

To give you an idea, the average prices of apartments for rent for students in A Coruña can be between € 500-600 per month. This is an approximate price because as we mentioned, it will finally depend on many other factors such as the location or the qualities of the property.

Likewise, if you come accompanied by friends or have found your adventure companions, renting a complete apartment for you is a very good option, since you will be able to divide all the monthly rental expenses and save a lot of money. The price of this type of accommodation with two or more rooms can reach 700-800 euros per month.

Student room for rent in A Coruña

Student rooms for rent in A Coruña are quite numerous and the prices are very affordable in most neighbourhoods.

Renting a private room in A Coruña represents a very important saving in the monthly cost that we allocate to accommodation. On average we could set the price of a private room around € 250 per month. 

To give you a better idea, we recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine to find out the price of all the accommodations available in A Coruña. Remember that the accommodations that appear on our website have been verified to avoid deception and fraud.

Student accommodation in A Coruña 

A Coruña is a large city full of very remote places. From its historic centre to the suburbs, where you can find cheap student accommodation and thus get away from the tourist centre and its adjoining neighbourhoods. Everything will depend on your needs and that is why we recommend four different areas where you can find accommodation and rent a flat or room at a very good price.

Apartments for rent in the Old City 

The historic centre of the city holds the great treasures that the passage of humanity has left in A Coruña. One of the most popular areas is the Solana Metropolitana, very quiet and full of places of leisure, as well as being close to the sea. Rents in the centre of the Old City are indeed more expensive but it is worth living there.

Apartments for rent in Elviña 

For students, the Elviña area is one of the most interesting since it is very close to the University of Coruña. It is located to the south of the city and there are different accommodations that you can find in the different surrounding neighbourhoods, which have many services and good communication with the rest of the city by public transport.

Rooms for rent in Riazor 

One of the most popular areas is Riazor, with a large crescent-shaped beach that characterizes the area. It is very popular among young people since it is lively and offers different leisure options. In the area, we will not find the cheapest prices in the city but the change concerning the centre can be quite remarkable.

Erasmus accommodation in Los Mallos 

Los Mallos is also an area with a great student atmosphere due to its price and is that being further from the centre, the prices are lower and we can find great bargains. It has many services nearby such as shopping centres or the hospital, in addition to having very good communication with the centre and other areas of the city.

University residence in A Coruña

In A Coruña you will also be able to find a wide variety of university or student residences for all tastes. The price of each one will vary according to the conditions and services they include (from common areas to full board, cleaning or transportation to the university). If you decide to live in a residence, you will have to respect its rules (hours, guests, parties, smoking, etc.).

Frequently asked questions about A Coruña 

How to find student rooms in A Coruña?
The solution to this problem is Erasmus Play. We not only work to bring you cheap but also verified accommodation so that you can safely make the reservation.
How much does a student residence cost in A Coruña?
The price depends on the qualities, common areas and what you have included in the price. It can range between € 600-800, although sometimes you can make payments for the entire academic stay that is cheaper.
Where to look for roommates in A Coruña?
At Erasmus Play we help you find apartments and rooms to live with other students or roommates. Access our search engine and find the ideal accommodation easily.
Why study in A Coruña?
A Coruña is an ideal place to study, its university has great national prestige and you can enrich yourself with its culture, improving your Spanish and learning one of the co-official languages ​​of the state.
Why do Erasmus in A Coruña?
Doing an Erasmus in Spain can be one of the best decisions of your life. Specifically, A Coruña is a wonderful city located in the north of the country where you can enjoy great gastronomy, as well as a good quality of life.


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