Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in A Coruña
Flatshare in A Coruña

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in A Coruña

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There are many attractions in A Coruña that draw the attention of a large number of international and Spanish students, who move to the city to enjoy the Galician culture and the nature that surrounds the city. The city is indeed quiet compared to the leisure offer of Barcelona or Madrid, but the promenade and the entertainment that you can enjoy will surely make your experience unforgettable.

The cost of renting accommodation in A Coruña is usually quite cheap, and even more so if you decide to live in a shared flat with other students. Your roommates might surely be of different nationalities, so take the opportunity to learn more about their lifestyles.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in A Coruña

Here are some of the pros and cons of living in shared flats in the Spanish city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in A Coruña

  • You will be accompanied on those grey and rainy days of Galicia, in which your spirit may drop a bit if you are not used to that climate.

  • You can choose between spare rooms in shared apartments that are close to the most popular entertainment venues in the centre and the Old City, in areas full of students such as Los Mallos, and also in neighbourhoods close to the University of Coruña, such as Elviña.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in A Coruña

  • Keep in mind that your room is the only complete space you will have to yourself, so it should have an entrance of natural light so that it has some light on grey days and is cloudy.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in A Coruña

Thanks to the apps for Erasmus+, surely your exchange will be as simple as possible. In them you will have access to a large amount of useful information about procedures, the university and advice from other students, such as that, if you want to take advantage of doing sports outdoors, the best thing you can do is look for an accommodation that is nearby from the boardwalk.

How to meet people in A Coruña

In addition to meeting your flatmates and spending time together, we recommend that you use some of the following ways to connect with other students in the Galician city:

Student associations in A Coruña

ESN Coruña is the association for Erasmus preferred by international students generally. It is an organization in which you will be able to meet other young people easily since activities and events are planned that promote integration among all students and cultural exchange.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in A Coruña

Among the groups on this social network that you can find, the most active is usually that of ESN Coruña. In this group, you can see all the activities that you will be able to join, such as beach clean-ups, quiz nights in pubs, sports competitions, art evenings, international and blind dinners, and affordable trips, among others.

WhatsApp groups for Erasmus in A Coruña

If you join any of the WhatsApp or Telegram groups that are available, you will be able to connect with young people who have similar interests, since it is normal for you to share information about yourself and What you like to do. Some of the groups are distinguished according to the academic year, to make it easier for you to connect with students who will be in the city at the same time as you.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in A Coruña

Keep in mind these tips for living in shared flats in the city of Galicia:

  • If one of your roommates is a Galician and likes to cook, don't hesitate to try everything offered! The local cuisine is delicious and includes dishes such as Galician octopus, Galician stew, seafood and fish stew.

  • If you choose a shared flat in a residence, remember that in some cases discounts are offered if you pay the rent in advance for the total number of months you stay there.

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in A Coruña

How much does a shared flat cost in A Coruña?
The average cost of rooms in shared flats in this Galician city is usually around €250 per month. Of course, keep in mind that those located near the seafront are usually a little more expensive.
Where to look for shared flats in A Coruña?
Search in Erasmus Play! In this comparator you will be able to filter by your preferred characteristics, choosing the room that includes everything important to you in terms of location, price and details.
How to meet people in A Coruña?
If you live in a shared flat, we suggest you take the opportunity to share different experiences with your flatmates. In addition, you can join student associations such as ESN Coruña, and the different Facebook and WhatsApp groups that you have available.
What are the advantages of sharing a flat in A Coruña?
One of the advantages is that you will be accompanied and more lively on those days when the grey weather of Galicia makes your mood duller. In addition, by sharing a flat you will save on rent, be able to choose more convenient areas to live in and take advantage of the extra money to carry out different plans and activities.
How to choose ideal roommates in A Coruña?
It would be convenient for all those who share the flat to have similar or at least compatible lifestyles. This way they will be able to make more plans together and understand each other more in coexistence.