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Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Edinburgh
Flatshare in Edinburgh

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Edinburgh

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This beautiful city attracts many international students every year, not only because of the prestige of its universities (such as the University of Edinburgh or Edinburgh Napier University) but also because of the possibility to improve the English language.

Edinburghers are usually very open people and interested in integrating internationals, so if one of your roommates is local you will be able to get into the culture more easily. If not, in any case, English is surely the language you will speak when sharing a flat with students from different parts of the world!

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Edinburgh

Here are some pros and cons of living in a shared flat in Scotland's capital:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Edinburgh

  • Although the apartment buildings retain their old facade, inside they are usually remodelled and in good condition.

  • Most of the shared flats are located in neighbourhoods that are convenient for students, such as Old Town if you want to be close to the most popular places of interest or Lochrin if you prefer to be close to the University of Edinburgh campus.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Edinburgh 

  • The Scottish capital attracts hundreds of students every year, so there is quite a bit of competition when looking for a spare room. We recommend that you start your search well in advance if you can up to three months in advance.

  • The nightlife in the city is lively but it does not usually last long into the night, so in many shared apartments there are frequent gatherings among young people.

Apps for your international exchange in Edinburgh 

When planning your exchange to Edinburgh, keep in mind that you will be able to use various apps for your exchange that will simplify the process. Some apps belong to the host universities, which may have information about class schedules and notifications of events at the university, and there are others that provide more general information about procedures to be done and data and advice about life in the city. For example, a recommendation that you will surely find is that you take advantage of your stay to taste the local gastronomy, which includes dishes such as scotch broth, tatties and neeps, haggis or scotch egg.

How to meet people in Edinburgh

In addition to sharing experiences with your flatmates, use some of the following ways:

Student associations in Edinburgh 

Each of the city's universities has Students associations that you can join, performing different activities and accessing the benefits they offer. One of the associations in which you will be able to meet other international students is the ESN Edinburgh.

Facebook groups for international students in Edinburgh 

There are several Facebook groups for Erasmus in Edinburgh, some general and others that are divided according to the academic year, so you will have several possibilities to connect with people online. There is also the ESN Edinburgh group, in which, in addition, you will be able to see the calendar of events that you will be able to join.

Whatsapp groups for international students in Edinburgh 

The WhatsApp and Telegram groups serve to put students in Edinburgh in contact so that they can meet other young people with similar interests and they can organize plans on their own.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Edinburgh 

Keep these tips in mind for your life in shared flats in the Scottish capital to be as smooth as possible:

  • In some cases, the landlords in Edinburgh determine the price per week and it may be the one that appears in the advertisement. Make sure you know the monthly price before you book so you don't run into any surprises once you rent it.

  • Do not miss the opportunity to attend the Edinburgh International Festival that takes place every year. It is a very fun arts festival with an emphasis on music and theatre. You will be able to have fun with both locals and tourists who travel to enjoy it!

Frequently asked questions about sharing a flat in Edinburgh

How much does a shared flat cost in Edinburgh?

The cost of renting in Edinburgh is expensive. Rooms in shared flats in central areas tend to average £700 a month, although they can range from £380 and up in neighbourhoods further from the city centre.

Where to look for shared flats in Edinburgh?

Do it in the Erasmus Play search engine! You have many facilities to find the ideal flat for you, such as the possibility to filter according to your preferred characteristics and to see the location of the shared flats on a map to locate it in the city.

How to meet people in Edinburgh

In addition to befriending your flatmates, we recommend that you join the student associations to do different activities (such as ESN Edinburgh), as well as the Facebook and Whatsapp groups that are available.

What are the advantages of sharing a flat in Edinburgh?

One of the biggest advantages is that the rent is cheaper than that of an entire flat, so you can have more of your budget for other activities and trips. Also, your roommates will surely become some of your closest friends during Erasmus.

What to ask before entering a shared apartment in Edinburgh?

Ask if there are many gatherings and parties in the apartment, since it may be something that puts you back or that you like. You also have to ask about the basic rules and establish them if there are none in terms of cleaning, visits, schedules, etc.