Erasmus in Frankfurt

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Frankfurt

Why do Erasmus in Frankfurt? This city is one of the favourites in Germany among international students and, every year, it welcomes thousands of young people and tourists for its number of attractions. In addition, the University of Frankfurt is one of the best in Germany, so it is not surprising that it is chosen by so many students. Are you ready to discover all that this city has to offer? Here we provide you with the best tips to make your Erasmus experience in Frankfurt as great as possible.

Cost of living in Frankfurt, Germany

The cost of living in Frankfurt is quite expensive compared to other European cities. A student needs a budget of around € 800 per month to live in this city. The fact that it is an expensive city does not mean that it is a worse destination to do your Erasmus, but that you may need to keep a certain control of your expenses. Now we will give you some tips so that you can enjoy the experience to the fullest and save some money.

On the one hand, what can make your monthly budget vary the most is the rental price. Since there is a great demand for accommodation in this city, we recommend that you start looking for an option in good time. The location of the accommodation can greatly influence the price of your rental. Do not worry too much if you are not in the centre, since public transport connects the entire city and, if you are a student, you can ask about the offers for young people on transport tickets in Frankfurt.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Frankfurt, Germany

Although Frankfurt is not a very big city, it has a wide range of restaurants and places where you can go out for a drink with your friends and have a good time. One of the most popular areas of the city where there are several restaurants in Sachsenhausen. In this neighbourhood, you can find an atmosphere whatever the day of the week and you will find places for whatever your musical taste is. You can also find several discos in the centre of the city or the type of parties that Erasmus students usually attend.

Being part of student associations is also a good piece of advice usually given by students from other years. These groups organize a lot of activities, events, trips and parties that will allow you to meet more people and enjoy culture and traditions to the fullest. This is because the people who usually run student associations are local students or have long lived there. In addition to all this, being part of one of these groups can help you get discounts on food, travel and transportation.

Culture and gastronomy in Frankfurt, Germany 

Frankfurt am Main is a fairly modern European city. A curiosity about the city is that its airport is the third-largest in Europe. On the other hand, the cultural and artistic offer of Frankfurt is impressive, you can find museums such as the Städelsches Kunstitut (one of the most important in Germany), the Cinema Museum, the Schirn Art Gallery and, in addition, several buildings and points of interest. the city refers, to a very important personage of Frankfurt: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. You will realize that this city is also characterized by being an important centre for the economy and business, not only for Germany but for the whole of Europe, since Frankfurt is the headquarters of the European Bank.

About food, as in basically all German countries, the typical sausages (Wurst), potatoes (Kartoffel), Schnitzel or fermented cabbage (Sauerkraut) stand out. Of course, there are many more typical dishes and we recommend that you try as many as you can. Something else to highlight of the food and drink of this city is the Apfelwein (literally apple wine) which is a very popular type of cider in the city.

Advantages of doing your Erasmus in Frankfurt, Germany

As you have seen, Frankfurt has many things to offer its inhabitants, it is a city with many students and that makes it perfect to be an Erasmus destination. Some advantages of this city are:

  • Frankfurt is very active, its student atmosphere is incredible throughout the year and it is very dynamic. All of this makes it perfect for young people.
  • Frankfurt's education is one of the most prestigious in Germany and in the world, so you can take advantage of this opportunity and learn a lot.
  • If you are finishing your degree, Frankfurt may also offer you many opportunities for the future, since it is a business city with many job offers.
  • This city offers everything you could ask for at an academic, cultural and leisure level. In addition, from here you can travel to many parts of Europe (or even around the world) for quite affordable prices.

Cheap Erasmus Apartments in Frankfurt, Germany

How to find Erasmus accommodation in Frankfurt? If you need accommodation for your year in Frankfurt, take a look at our Erasmus Play website. We help you to compare and find for free and safely the best options for flats, rooms and apartments for students in Frankfurt. All our accommodations are 100% verified so you can book them in total security.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Frankfurt 

How much does it cost to live in Frankfurt as a student?
The cost of living in Frankfurt is quite high compared to other European cities. The average budget that a student needs to live in Frankfurt is around € 800 per month.
How is student life in Frankfurt?
Frankfurt is one of the most popular destinations in Germany among Erasmus students who decide to go to this country. Therefore, this city has a multicultural, dynamic and lively student environment. It is a fairly large city and offers a wide variety of options to its students.
How much does student accommodation cost in Frankfurt?
The price of the accommodation may vary due to factors such as location or type of accommodation. If your idea is to stay in a residence hall, the price of the rooms is usually around € 300-350 per month. In the case of rooms in shared flats, the offers are around € 350-400. The final decision depends on your priorities, but we recommend that you compare several options before choosing one.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Frankfurt?
The amount that each student receives with the Erasmus scholarship to study in Frankfurt depends on their country of residence. We recommend that you contact your home university and check this information at the international relations office. Ask all the doubts that arise, it is better to solve them all before starting the Erasmus experience.
Where to live in Frankfurt as a student?
The preferred areas by students and young people to stay in Frankfurt are the most central. Although accommodation is a bit more expensive in this part, it is also where there is more atmosphere and offers. Therefore, depending on your preferences, you can decide between one area or another.


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