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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Frankfurt

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Frankfurt

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type.residence 46 1053/month 230 1638/month
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Frankfurt am Main has the largest population centre in the state of Hessen and is the fifth-largest in Germany with about 800 thousand inhabitants. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that Frankfurt is one of the most sought-after Erasmus destinations in Germany and. If you already know that it is going to be your host city, we are going to advise you living in Frankfurt. How to get apartments for rent, flats or rooms for students that best fit your pocket. We will focus on this in central areas but, also, in places with good location and communication.

Your adventure is about to begin but the first thing is to be clear about where you are going to live. Do you want to know everything about Erasmus accommodation in Frankfurt? Well, keep reading!

Student apartments for rent in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is in second position in German cities with the highest standard of living, so finding student rental flats in Frankfurt is not going to be complicated, but rather expensive.

To give you an idea, the rent of an average furnished apartment, of around 80-90 m2 can cost about 1100 euros, costs of electricity, water and heating and Internet are separate.

The truth is that we are talking about quite high prices for an Erasmus student who cannot afford something like that to live alone. This option is more viable when you are accompanied by colleagues from the university itself or friends.

Of course, if you can afford it, the best option is to live alone, because not everyone is made to live with other people. This brings the comfort of being able to take whoever you want or walk freely around the house without anything or anyone bothering you.

Student room for rent in Frankfurt

The most viable option for students in Frankfurt who are completely adventurous is to get a room for rent. There are different types of rooms to rent in these cities, distinguishing between individual and shared rooms.

It is the latter that can be cheaper, although for this you have a little less privacy. To give you an idea and taking into account the average prices, renting a room for students in Frankfurt can cost around 400 euros per month.

As you can imagine, you can find various ranges of all prices, because it will also depend a lot on the area in which you want to locate. In the next chapter, we will talk about which neighbourhoods are recommended to live in and places to establish your Erasmus residency in Frankfurt.

Student accommodation in Frankfurt

The German city of Frankfurt is divided into 46 different neighbourhoods, some preserving its oldest legacy, such as its historic centre, and others adopting its more modern and cosmopolitan side. The city centre is undoubtedly one of the main attractions, although sometimes living here is not something that everyone can afford.

The important thing is that the city has a great public transport system, which gives you the opportunity to choose places further away from the centre to save money at the end of the month. We have selected these neighbourhoods, but you might also be interested in others such as Innenstadt, Gallusviertel, Westend or Bornheim, etc.

Apartments for rent in Altstadt

This is the historic part of the city, so there are fewer houses here, which means that the few that exist are at a prohibitive price. The good thing is that if you get a rental apartment in Altstadt you will be very close to all cultural and commercial activity and with good communication with the rest of the city areas.

Apartments in Bahnhofsviertel

Also known as the “Red Light District” of Frankfurt is one of the areas with more apartments for Erasmus students. You will be close to its great cultural offer and well connected with the rest of the districts. The amount of accommodation here is much higher than in Altstadt or Innenstadt, and a little cheaper.

Rooms for rent in Sachsenhausen

In the south of the river Main, we will find the Sachsenhausen district with a wide variety of accommodation for students and all kinds of visitors to the city. It is not far from the centre and it is very well connected, being able to reach it in a matter of minutes.

Erasmus accommodation in Gutleutviertel

We find the Gutleutviertel neighbourhood between the central train station and the river. It is a residential area that lacks both cultural and commercial offerings, but with many restaurant areas. The price of accommodation is much more moderate and it is a very accessible area in which it will be very interesting to live.

University residence in Frankfurt

Residence are usually the first option that comes to mind when we consider leaving Erasmus, but the truth is that it is not as easy as it seems.

The worst thing about university residences is that they have limited places, so accessing one is quite complicated and requires a lot of luck.

It is no coincidence that people demand this service a lot and it is usually the cheapest accommodation option. In the case of Frankfurt, it may be around 300-350 euros per month.

Frequently asked questions about Frankfurt 

Why study in Frankfurt?

Frankfurt has a wide educational offer both in public and private universities. Without a doubt, the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University is one of the most prestigious in the city, founded more than a hundred years ago.

What is the cost of living in Frankfurt?

As we have mentioned, Frankfurt is one of the most expensive cities in Germany and rents are going up a lot in recent years. Organizing yourself well, you can live in the city with around € 800 per month.

How to find accommodation near the University of Frankfurt?

At Erasmus Play we have an accommodation search engine according to the city you are going to visit. In addition, you can use our map to see where the universities and available accommodations are located nearby.

How much does a student residence cost in Frankfurt?

Student residences in Frankfurt and in any other city with a large reception of Erasmus students are highly valued for being the cheapest offer. This time we are talking about 300-350 euros per month.

Where to live in Frankfurt?

We are within the most populous city in the confederate state of Hessen and it is made up of 46 different neighbourhoods. The ones in the centre are more expensive but you will have everything at hand and, the further you move away, the less services you will find.