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Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Frankfurt
Flatshare in Frankfurt

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Frankfurt

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Frankfurt is the financial capital of the European Union, which generates many jobs for young people. For this reason, if you live in a shared apartment, it is normal for your roommates to be a combination of students, workers or both. Take a good look at the atmosphere of the apartment you are going to enter, since it can be a place where meetings are held frequently or it can be quieter, trying to respect the schedules of all those who live there.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Frankfurt

These are some of the pros and cons of living in a shared flat in Frankfurt:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Frankfurt 

  • You will be able to save on the monthly cost of rent and bills, taking advantage of that extra money to enjoy the cultural and restaurant offer of Frankfurt to the fullest. There are many places you will be able to go, including museums, stadiums, theatres, festivals, clubs and restaurants.

  • Thanks to having a more accessible price, you will be able to choose the neighbourhood in which you want to live, such as Bornheim, Bahnhofsviertel and Altstadt, which are preferred by students.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Frankfurt 

  • Winter in this city is cold. Find out what the heating system is in the apartment and reach an agreement with your colleagues about its use. If they don't, they can generate discussions about consumption when the electricity or gas bills arrive at the end of the month.

  • At first, your German flatmates can be a bit distant and cold. They also tend to have a strict lifestyle in some aspects, try to establish the basic rules of the house from the beginning.

Erasmus App for your exchange programme in Frankfurt 

One of the apps for Erasmus+ that you will be able to use is that of the European Commission, where you will access various information on the procedures necessary for mobility, as well as discounts and services for when you are in the city. 

There are also other apps where you can find out about all the plans and activities that are carried out for young people in the city, such as tours of Frankfurt or trips to nearby cities such as Cologne, Stuttgart or Nuremberg.

How to meet people in Frankfurt?

Here are some of the ways you have to meet people in Frankfurt, in addition to connecting with your flatmates when you arrive in the city.

Student associations in Frankfurt 

Many students from previous years recommend joining the various associations in the city. They plan different parties, events, trips and activities throughout the year, promoting both the local culture and the integration of international students. One of these associations is the ESN Frankfurt (Main), which also provides benefits and discounts to those who join.

Facebook groups for Erasmus in Frankfurt 

ESN Frankfurt am Main usually creates Facebook groups divided according to the academic year. In them, they share both the calendar of upcoming events, as well as photos and experiences of past activities. Likewise, you will be able to solve any doubts you have and ask for advice from the student volunteers of the association and others who will be in Frankfurt at the same time as you.

Whatsapp groups for Erasmus in Frankfurt

On many occasions, WhatsApp groups are created made up of young internationals who come to live in Frankfurt for a season. They serve to keep abreast of everything that is happening in the city at the moment.

Tips for living in a shared apartment in Frankfurt 

Some things to keep in mind when living in a shared flat in the German city:

  • The rooms and apartments can be part of both private flats and residences. In general, in residences, there are more rules and regulations to follow than in private flats.

  • In some cases, the cost of utility bills is included in the price, but in others, it is not. Pay attention to this, since in Frankfurt these expenses are usually high.

  • We recommend that you know some German before you arrive in the city, both to mix with your local flatmates and to better integrate into the environment.

Frequently asked queries about sharing a flat in Frankfurt 

How much does a shared flat cost in Frankfurt?

The cost of a room in a shared apartment is usually between €500-600 per month, although you will find some that are cheaper and others more expensive. Apartments with several rooms to share usually start at €1,400 for one with a capacity for three people.

How to find roommates in Frankfurt?

We recommend that you search for online communities such as Erasmus Play, where you will be able to see all the characteristics of the accommodation in which you are going to live.

What are the advantages of sharing a flat in Frankfurt?

One of the biggest advantages is that you will be able to save on rent and services, being able to invest part of that money in activities, events and cheap trips. By sharing a flat you will also be able to live in a multicultural environment, taking the opportunity to learn more about other ways of life and languages.

What to ask before entering a shared flat in Frankfurt?

Ask what the established rules of coexistence are, such as cleanliness, visits, pets, smoking, etc. Regarding the cost of the apartment, you have to ask what services are included in the price, to find out if you have to add an extra amount at the end of each month.

How to choose ideal roommates in Frankfurt?

The most convenient thing would be for all the roommates to share a similar lifestyle, both plan activities together and avoid possible discussions about schedules or noises that bother them. You can also take the opportunity to learn German if you live with a local, as well as practice English if you live with students of other nationalities.