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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Wuppertal

Erasmus in Wuppertal

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Wuppertal

Private rooms Wuppertal 115 1547/month
Studios Wuppertal 8 1670/month
Apartments Wuppertal 46 2186/month

Looking for reasons to do your Erasmus in Wuppertal? Known as the "City of the Suspension Train", Wuppertal is a small city with fascinating architecture to discover. Besides, the University of Wuppertal (BUW) receives hundreds of international youth, with whom you will be able to share endless experiences. You will be able to walk through its streets, take its famous suspended monorail and contemplate the views while you immerse yourself in history. Are you interested in doing your Erasmus in Wuppertal? Continue reading this article to find out all the secrets that this city hides!

Cost of living in Wuppertal, Germany

This German city usually attracts the attention of many students, since it is one of the cheapest cities to live in Germany. Suppose you rent a room in a shared apartment and add living and leisure expenses, you must have an approximate monthly budget of around €750-800.

Most of the young internationals who move to Wuppertal decide on a room in a shared apartment. This option is usually the most economical, since both the rental price and the utility costs are divided among those who live there. As a reference, the average cost of a room is around €500 per month, but it depends on the characteristics of the apartment and the location in which it is.

The transportation system in Germany stands out for being very efficient and well-connected. We recommend that you benefit from the discounts and offers that you get for being a student to discover the country. An example of this is the semester ticket, a very low-priced public transport fare provided to every student in Germany.

Student life, Erasmus parties and leisure in Wuppertal

Wuppertal offers a wide variety of plans: areas for outdoor activities, spectacular cultural attractions, excellent galleries, museums and theatres and many places to visit. In addition, you will be able to get on one of their famous monorails while you observe the elegant buildings and discover all its corners. International students who move to the city also take the opportunity to travel and get to know many of the nearby cities, including Düsseldorf, Cologne and Essen, and in countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium.

The German city has a very good environment for students. From the University of Wuppertal (BUW), they organise Erasmus parties for students to get together and get to know each other better. Some of the best areas to go out for a drink or party are Hatter, with places to go for lunch or dinner, and Luisenviertel or Ölberg, in which there are many bars in which to meet people. In addition, young people often organise dinners and parties in their apartments. Another possibility is to go to Cologne or Düsseldorf, where there are many bars and clubs and which you can reach by train in half an hour or even less.

Culture and gastronomy in Wuppertal, Germany

In Wuppertal, you will be able to walk while you discover its wonderful streets and admire all its buildings, such as the neighbourhood of Brill o Ölberg, where you will be able to see the historic houses of the working class. One of the most characteristic features of the city is its emblematic suspended monorail, the Wuppertal Suspension Railway, with which you will be able to cross the city. Some of the museums worth a visit are: the Von der Heydt Museum (Von der Heydt-Museum), the Engels House (Engels-Haus) and the Museum of the Beginnings of Industrialization (Museum Industriekultur). Also, you can't miss the zoo (Der Grüne Zoo Wuppertal) with around 5,000 animals representing around 500 species from all over the world.

What is the gastronomy of this city? It is characterised by the use of beef, pork and green cabbage as a garnish. Some dishes you have to try are:

  • "Pfefferpotthast": roast beef with capers and lemon,
  • TöttchenTotty: beef with onion and mustard sauce,
  • MöpkenbrautPug Bride: a type of black pudding made with bacon, pork and flour,
  • Westfälischer SchinkenWestphalian ham: a spicy smoked or dried ham,
  • "Pumpernickel": dark cereal bread with a sweet taste,
  • Stutenkerlmare boy: gingerbread in the form of dolls.

Accompany your dishes with a beer, for example with a Pilsener, a Pinkus or a Veltins, or with a Steinhäger brandy. And for dessert, you have to try the "käsekuchenCheesecake", a cake made with cottage cheese, sugar, eggs, milk cream and fruit.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Wuppertal

In this city, you will be able to delve into the German culture as well as enjoy their traditions, lifestyle and gastronomy together with other students from different parts of the world. You will also be able to take advantage of learning or improving German and English, languages ​​in which students communicate and that will surely be very useful for your professional future. Enjoy the experience to the fullest because time goes by so fast!

Cheap student accommodation in Wuppertal

Are you looking for accommodation in this German city? In Erasmus Play, you can compare the different options for student accommodation in Wuppertal and choose the one that best suits your needs. Find it quickly and easily through our Erasmus student accommodation search engine!

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Wuppertal

How much does it cost to live in Wuppertal as a student?

It is usually one of the cheapest cities in Germany. Therefore, calculate that, between accommodation, maintenance and leisure expenses, you must have an approximate monthly budget of around €750-800.

What is student life like in Wuppertal?

It is a city with a great atmosphere for young people. In addition, it has a wide variety of places to spend your free time such as museums, bars and nightclubs. The university also organises many activities in which to meet people.

How much does student accommodation cost in Wuppertal?

For reference, the average cost of a room in a shared apartment is around €500 per month, but it generally varies depending on the location and the features it has.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Wuppertal?

It depends on the country of origin of the student who requests it, since each one has different conditions from the rest. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the international relations office of your home university.

Best areas to live in Wuppertal as a student?

One of the areas where there are more students is the neighbourhood of Luisenviertel since it is full of bars, restaurants and other entertainment venues frequented by young people. Instead, if you prefer to live close to the University, there are three campuses with different locations to choose from; Main Campus, Haspel Campus, and Freudenberg Campus.