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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Munich

Erasmus in Munich

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Munich

Private rooms Munich 1304 1794/month
Studios Munich 111 2180/month
Apartments Munich 440 2265/month

Why should you do your Erasmus in Munich? It is a big city, with many international students, which is very clean and well-connected with other cities and countries. We will advise you now on everything you need to know so your Erasmus experience in Munich is the best it can be. Let’s get started!

Cost of living in Munich, Germany

The standard of living in Germany is quite high, for that reason the prices can be higher than in other European countries. If you do an Erasmus in a German city, your biggest expense will be your rent. In Munich, in particular, a room in a shared apartment tends to be the most chosen option by students, since, many times it is the cheapest one. You can find rooms for € 300-350 per month on our browser.

To grasp how much your cost of living can be in Munich, you should add the expenses from groceries, transportation, or your possible leisure activities to this amount. Transportation in this city is well-known for being very effective as it is well-connected to all the parts of the city. Once you arrive in Munich, you can ask in a tourism office about what kind of offers they have for the monthly public transport ticket. If you show you are a student (with a validated paper or the enrollment of your university), you can get a discount on the public transport ticket.

Erasmus parties and leisure in  Munich, Germany

Munich is full of students, so there are always parties and a great ambience there, doesn’t matter what day it is. You will find a wide variety of options, whatever your musical taste is. There are perfect pubs and nightclubs for everyone. Besides, after winter, when good weather comes around, the famous Biergarten open, which are a type of terraces where you can go get a drink and enjoy the wonderful weather. If your Erasmus is only going to last for the first semester you won’t be able to see all the Biergarten opened. Don’t be bothered by that, since in this case, you will be able to enjoy other traditional festivities known all over the world, such as Oktoberfest.

Just like in most Erasmus destinations, you will find student associations in Munich. These groups of people plan parties, events and activities for exchange students. Joining one of these groups is highly recommended for those who want to know the city and its traditions better.

Culture and gastronomy in  Munich, Germany

Even though you don’t understand German, people in Munich are very kind and polite, and most of them will be able to communicate with you in English. However, they will appreciate it a lot if you try to learn some words in their language, even if it is only the basics. If you want to enjoy your Erasmus experience in Munich to the fullest, you should participate in the traditional events and celebrations of the city. Don’t worry, you will get to know them little by little.

When you go to Munich, some must-stops in the city are the Marienplaz and the Neues Rathaus (the new city council), Englischer Garten (English garden), Residenz (the Royal Palace, which was the residence of the Bavarian monarchy between the XVI-XX centuries) or even visiting the BMW Museum, it is often said that cars are very important for Germans, so this museum seems quite interesting.

Regarding gastronomy in Munich, we can mention dishes like Kartoffelsalat, Semmelknödel, Käsespätzle or such popular ingredients as the Wurst or Weisswurst and pretzels. German beers are also very popular worldwide, but in Munich, you will have the opportunity to try them in the most traditional bars in the city. 

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Munich, Germany

Munich is a very big city that offers amazing opportunities to its students.

  • You will know a new culture, history and gastronomy.
  • Public transport there is efficient and it connects the whole city.
  • Munich is located in the centre of Europe, so it is a perfect place from where you can easily and cheaply travel to many other countries and cities.
  • If you join some student association in Munich, you will get offers and vouchers for restaurants, bars, nightclubs, or even public transport.

Cheap accommodation in Munich, Germany

Are you looking for accommodation in Munich but can’t find it? On Erasmus Play you can compare different options of accommodation for students in Munich and choose the one that suits your necessities best. You can quickly and easily find accommodation in Munich through our student accommodation browser.

Frequently asked questions by students who want to do their Erasmus in Munich

How much does it cost to live in Munich as a student?

Usually, the cost of living for students in Munich is around € 700 per month. Accommodation, food and transportation are included in this amount. However, the price of your rent can vary this number.

How is student life in Munich?

Munich is one of the most chosen German cities by international students. Education in its universities is one of the best in Europe and the student atmosphere in this city is very nice during the whole year.

How much does student accommodation cost in Munich?

You can find rooms for students in shared apartments for around € 300-350 per month. The price can vary depending on the location and the type of accommodation you prefer.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Munich?

The amount of money you will receive from the Erasmus scholarship depends on your country of origin. To know the information that suits your case best, we recommend you to contact the international relations office at your university of origin. Ask them all your doubts, it is better to be sure of everything before you start this incredible experience.

What are the best areas to live in Munich?

The city is quite big, but everything is well connected, so the location shouldn’t be your biggest concern. The areas where you can usually find a good student atmosphere are the centre of the city, in Altstadt, or near the universities, in Maxvorstadt.