Flats, rooms and residences near the TUM
Student accommodation near the Technical University of Munich

Flats, rooms and residences near the TUM

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The Technical University of Munich was founded in the year 1868 in the city of Munich. It usually has more than 50,000 students per year, and it is estimated that approximately 40% of them are international students! It is a prestigious institution that offers quality education in the Bavarian region. Most of the students who go to this institution are looking for accommodation near the Technische Universität München, so we recommend that you start doing it as soon as possible. The demand increases a lot as the start of classes approaches! Take into account the information that we give you below to be able to find the ideal accommodation for you easily:

Flats and rooms for students near the TUM


When looking for accommodation near the Technical University of Munich remember that, generally, the areas that are further away from the centre of Munich have a cheaper rental cost. For this reason, if your campus is outside the centre, living near it is a very good idea to have a lower cost.

Where is the Technical University of Munich located?

The following are the locations in which the German institution is divided:

Downtown Campus Munich (Stammgelände)

This is the institution's historic campus, located in the Maxvorstadt district of central Munich. The following schools teach on this campus:

  • Computing, Information and Technology
  • Engineering and Design
  • Administration
  • Social Sciences and Technology
  • Politics

Other Campuses in Munich

  • The Campus is located in the Olympic Park of the City (Olympiapark München) It is north of the centre of Munich, about 25 minutes by public transport from it. As expected, the classes of the Department of Sports and Health Sciences are taught here. Here, you can find the largest sports facilities of a university in Germany.
  • The University Hospital (Klinikum rechts der Isar), is located in the Au-Haidhausen area, very close to the city centre, but on the other side of the Isar river.

Campus Garching

It is the largest campus of the TUM and is in the Garching area, north of central Munich. You will be able to reach it in less than 30 minutes by public transport from that city. Among the faculties that are based on this campus are those of:

  • Mathematics
  • Computing
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Astrophysics

Campus Weihenstephan

Located about an hour away by public transport from the centre of Munich, this campus is located in the town of Freising, north of the Bavarian capital. The TUM School of Life Sciences is located here.

Campus Straubing

This Campus is located in the city of Straubing, and it is focused on degrees that belong to the Biotechnology and Sustainability departments.

Campus Heilbronn

This is the furthest one from Munich. It is in the city of Heilbronn which is closer to Stuttgart. On this campus, classes are taught in the departments of:

  • Administration
  • Computer Science
  • Technology

Best neighbourhoods to live in near the TUM

Some of the most convenient neighbourhoods to live near the institution are:


It's the university district of the capital of Bavaria, making it an ideal area to live in if you are a student since it has a great atmosphere. In addition, here you will be close to the Downtown Munich Campus and you will have easy access by public transport to the other campuses in the city, such as Campus Garching.

Schwabing-West and Moosach

These two neighbourhoods are convenient if you are going to the TUM Olympiapark campus. Schwabing-West has better access to the city centre and has many cultural and dining venues frequented by students. For its part, Moosach is a residential area to the west of the campus, with several cultural sites to visit.

Heilbronn centre

If you are going to the campus located in this city, the most convenient thing is that you choose the city centre to live in. There you will be close to the campus, the entertainment venues most frequented by young people in this city, and the public transport stations that lead to other nearby cities, such as Stuttgart.

Student residences near the TUM

The University itself does not have residence halls for students, but public residences are run by the body called Studen­ten­werk München (Munich Student Union). Also, you will most likely find private residences, in which they offer rooms in shared apartments or studio apartments. There are quite a few accommodation alternatives near the TUM, so you have to identify which of its campuses you are going to, to choose the ideal residence for you.

Erasmus in the Technical University of Munich


We give you some extra information so that you take them into account when doing your mobility in this institution:

  • During your stay at the university you will be able to take advantage of the various language courses they offer, especially if you are interested in improving or learning German. In addition to taking classes, you can participate in language exchanges, called "tandem".
  • Many events are organised by the TUM and by the student associations every year. Some that you can enjoy are TUNIX and GARNIX (open-air festivals during the summer), GLÜHNIX (Christmas market) and MaiTUM (typical Bavarian celebration).

FAQ about theTechnical University of Munich

What courses can you study at the TUM?

This institution has eight schools and departments: the school of Life Sciences, School of Engineering and Design, School of Computing, Information and Technology, School of Natural Sciences, School of Administration, School of Social Sciences and Technology, School of Medicine and the Department of Sports and Health Sciences.    

Where do TUM university students live?

In Munich, most of the young people who are going to the TUM Downtown Campus choose to live in Maxvorstadt. In addition, those who are going to have classes at the Olympiapark Campus often look for accommodation in neighbourhoods such as Schwabing-West and Moosach.

What’s near the TUM?

Most of the TUM campuses have a very good connection to the centre of Munich, so they are close to places of interest such as the Viktualienmarkt, the old town of the city and the various museums.

How to get to the Technische Universität München?

All the institution's campuses have very good public transport connections, which in Munich include the metro (U-bahn), the train (S-bahn), the tram and buses.

Which are the best Apps for Erasmus students at the Technical University of Munich?

One of the apps that you have to download for your mobility is Erasmus Play. In it, you will be able to find accommodation near the TUM in a simple and fast way, also being able to see other students who are in the same search as you.