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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in the Gold Coast,  Australia
Gold Coast

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in the Gold Coast, Australia

type.private_room 8 948/month
type.residence 8 994/month 3 948/month
type.short.houses 6 972/month

This city on the Australian east coast is part of the state of Queensland. There are many reasons why students from all over the world choose the Gold Coast to live for a season, including its good climate, its multicultural environment, its beaches and the different activities that can be done there. Keep in mind that the beaches on the Gold Coast are said to be some of the best in Australia!

This famous city is located a few kilometres from Brisbane, so international young people also take the opportunity to explore all that this city has to offer.

Are you looking for student accommodation on Gold Coast? Something you have to keep in mind is that, in general, the closer to the coast and the beach the accommodation is, the higher the rental price is. However, living in neighbourhoods far from the coast usually means spending more on public transport, both in money and time. This is one of the aspects that you will have to keep in mind when choosing your ideal accommodation, and in this article, we will tell you other details that you have to pay attention to when searching.

Student apartments for rent in Gold Coast, Australia

This accommodation option is one of the most sought after by international young people who come to the Gold Coast to live for a season. However, you have to know that the price of complete apartments in this Australian city is usually very high. For this reason, generally, the available floors correspond to those that are smaller, studio type. These have the capacity for one or two people, ideally couples, and are usually fully furnished and have the basic appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven and microwave.

Student room for rent in Gold Coast, Australia

Are you looking for a cheap room for students on Gold Coast? We recommend that you start your search as soon as possible so that you have more options to choose from.

Keep in mind that the rooms in Gold Coast can be part of a residence or a private apartment, so you should take a good look at the entry requirements and characteristics not only of the room but of the apartment itself.

For your reference, the cost of rooms for students in Gold Coast usually ranges from $ AUD 860 onwards and can go up to $ AUD 1600 approximately. Remember that the price is determined according to the characteristics of the accommodation and the location in which it is.

Student accommodation in Gold Coast, Australia

In this Australian city, there are a wide variety of neighbourhoods that you can choose to live in as a student. Here are some of the areas most chosen by young people every year, for you to take them into account when searching for accommodation on Gold Coast.

Apartments for rent in Broadbeach

This neighbourhood is south of Surfers Paradise, also on the coast. It is a very lively area, with a large number of restaurants, shops, shopping centres and various entertainment venues.

Apartments in Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads is located south of the Gold Coast and has plenty of parks and greenery to enjoy, as well as beaches. In this area, young people take the opportunity to do different outdoor sports (such as surfing, of course) and live a quieter life, although reaching the centre easily whenever they want a little more atmosphere.

Rooms for rent in Southport

This neighbourhood is the northernmost of the city. It is a quieter area than the central areas, which you will be able to reach in a few minutes by public transport. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, beaches, and parks to enjoy here.

Accommodation near Bond University

Bond University has three campuses different, all located in different parts of the Robina area. On one side is the main campus, where most of its faculties are located. This one is located east of Robina, very close to the Miami and Varsity Lakes neighbourhoods. On the other hand are the Institute of Health and Sports (BIHS) and the Center for Research and Clinical Education (BUCERC), which are very close to each other, west of Robina and further from the coast.

University residences in Gold Coast, Australia 

Normally, higher-level institutions in Gold Coast offer their students places in different residences. These can be "on campus", that is, they are located within the university campus, or "off-campus", which are located in different parts of the city. In addition, the accommodations within the residences can be either single rooms, shared rooms or studio flats. Compare between them to choose the ideal one for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Gold Coast, Australia

How much does a student room cost in Gold Coast, Australia?

The price of student rooms in Gold Coast usually varies between $ AUD 680 and $ AUD 1600 per month, always depending on their characteristics and their location.

How do I find cheap student accommodation in Gold Coast, Australia?

We recommend that you do a search with our Erasmus Play verified accommodation comparator, in which you will be able to see the locations, prices, characteristics and details of each accommodation. When you find one that meets all the characteristics that are important to you, make up your mind quickly and rent 100% online and completely secure.

How is student life in Gold Coast, Australia like?

This city is usually full of young people who take the opportunity to enjoy the different activities available in the city. Students often engage in a wide variety of outdoor sports and plans during the day and go out at night to various entertainment venues, many of which are found in the Surfers Paradise area.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Gold Coast?

In general, living in this city is more affordable than others like Sydney or Melbourne. However, the cost of living remains medium/high. He estimates that to pay for rent, food expenses and some leisure, you will have to have about $ AUD 1500-1600 per month approximately.

Why should I study on the Gold Coast of Australia?

Many international students choose this city to live for a season thanks to its quality of life, its good climate throughout the year and the number of outdoor activities that can be done. In Gold Coast you will be able to live in an Australian city that is smaller than large cities, so you will be able to enter their way of life with more peace of mind.