Information and tips for Erasmus students in Gothenburg

Erasmus in Gothenburg

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Gothenburg

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Why should you do your Erasmus in Gothenburg? If Sweden is one of the countries you have in mind to do your Erasmus in, the city of Gothenburg can be of your interest. If you study at the University of Gothenburg you will receive one of the best educations in Europe. Locals are very kind and welcoming, any time you have a problem they will help you with whatever you need. Let’s see what Gothenburg offers!

Cost of living in Gothenburg, Sweden

Generally, Sweden is quite an expensive country, but don’t worry, now we will tell you the best tips to find good offers and opportunities for affordable prices. Let’s start with accommodation since the price for your rent will be your biggest expense each month. On our website, you can compare the prices for different accommodations (entire apartments, rooms in shared apartments, etc.) and choose the option that best suits your necessities. 

You can find accommodation for students in Gothenburg for around € 350-400 per month. However, bear in mind that this amount can vary depending on different factors such as the location or the type of accommodation. Finding accommodation can become a difficult process, so it is better to start looking for it with enough time.

Gothenburg is a quite large city, so you will probably use public transportation quite often. You can choose between the bus, tram, taxis or the bikes offered by the city. If you are a student you can go to an establishment where transportation tickets are bought and ask for the offers they have on public transportation cards, you can always save some money.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Gothenburg, Sweden

Once you arrive in the city try to join a student association. You can find them at your university. These groups of young people are continuously organizing activities, theme parties and trips for international students. The good part of joining these associations is that you can discover the culture and history of the city, while you make new friends.

For parties, you can find some clubs and bars in the city centre. A street quite frequented by students is Andra Långgatan, here you will find a lot of ambiences, young people and places where you can go have a drink. There are also nightclubs, but you should know that the most popular parties among students are the ones held in student apartments and dormitories, or even in universities. Try to make international as well as local friends and enjoy all the experiences and activities that are to come.

Culture and gastronomy in Gothenburg, Sweden

If you live your Erasmus experience in Gothenburg, you will discover its incredible culture and history. Locals are known to be simple, polite and relaxed people. They are people with whom it may seem difficult to become good friends at first, however, once you know someone, you will realize they are amazing people. Locals are the ones who will show you everything you need to know and discover in this city, like music festivals (the Festival Metaldown or the Gothenburg Sound Festival) or such breathtaking places as the Museum of World Culture, or even the Gothenburg Botanic Garden.

Apart from buildings and cultural events, you will discover something else in Gothenburg, its gastronomy. We are only going to mention some of the traditional dishes you can find at the restaurants in the city. The city has a harbour, so dishes with fish as the main ingredient are very common. Some examples are the stekt strömming, silltallrik or inlagd sill. Some other typical dishes are the kroppkakor, älggryta, pyttipanna or sweets such as the kanelbulle, made with cinnamon.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Gothenburg, Sweden

Doing your Erasmus in Gothenburg will allow you to travel throughout all of Sweden, and you can also go to many other European countries thanks to the trips organized by universities and student associations. You have the opportunity to get to know a different language and learn its basics. You are going to enjoy the cultural and historical variety and discover the importance that music has in this city, thanks to the events that take place throughout the year. The universities in Gothenburg are incredible and the education of these is one of the best in all Europe.

If you liked knowing all this information about the city of Gothenburg, wait until you arrive there yourself. You will love it!

Cheap accommodation in Gothenburg, Sweden

If you can’t find offers for student accommodation in Gothenburg, you are now in the perfect place. You can compare the prices of different accommodations and choose the one that best suits your necessities. Find the best flats, rooms and apartments for students in Gothenburg with our search engine Erasmus Play.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Gothenburg

How much does it cost to live in Gothenburg as a student?
A student can live in Gothenburg with a budget of around € 600-700 per month, approximately. This amount can vary depending on the price of your rent or your possible leisure activities.
How is student life in Gothenburg?
There are many Erasmus students in this city with whom you will find it very easy to become friends and the student atmosphere is incredible. However, try to also make some local friends, since, even though it can be a little bit more difficult at first to get along with them once you get to know them, you will see they are very kind and nice. Besides, with them, you will discover the culture and traditions of Gothenburg to the fullest.
How much does student accommodation cost in Gothenburg?
On our website, you can find rooms for students in shared apartments for around € 350-400. We advise you to start looking for a place with enough time since there is a great demand between students from all over the world.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Gothenburg?
The amount of money each student will receive with the Erasmus scholarship to go to Gothenburg depends on their country of origin. To know the exact information that applies to your case, we recommend you to contact the international relations office at your university of origin.
What are the best areas to live in Gothenburg?
Some of the areas where most students live in Gothenburg are the city centre, the Majorna-Linné district, Haga or in Örgryte-Härlanda.