Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Gothenburg

If you are one of the students who has obtained a scholarship to study in Sweden, we are going to explain the difficulties that all young people encounter when looking for a flat, apartment or room in student rental in Gothenburg.

The demand for flats is high and the offer is often low, for this reason, accommodation should be one of your priorities when organizing your mobility to Gothenburg. 

In this post, we are going to provide you with key aspects to find the best accommodation in Gothenburg. Through the free Erasmus Play search engine, you can easily find a flat or room for rent in this city. Also, all the accommodations that appear have been verified so the reservation process is safe as possible.

Student apartments for rent in Gothenburg 

We start with student apartments for rent in Gothenburg. The supply of apartments for rent is low if we compare it with the demand and that is why both this guide and our search engine might be of great help.

To the little offer we must add the prices which much higher than in other European cities. This will surely not take you by surprise since you will know that Sweden is an expensive country.

With these premises you have to face the complicated task of finding a flat for rent in Gothenburg but don't worry, because through Erasmus Play you can check all the available flats. 

The average price of a student apartment for rent in Gothenburg is around 800-1000 euros, depending on its location and characteristics. This is not the lowest price you can find, there are student rental apartments in Gothenburg from € 550 on our website.

Student room for rent in Gothenburg

The option of renting a room for students in Gothenburg is much better as it is easier to find a room than an entire apartment for one person. 

Renting a room in a shared apartment is much cheaper and easier. If are willing to sacrifice some comfort such as not having your bathroom or having to share a kitchen, your best option is to look for rooms for rent in Gothenburg.

To give you an idea in terms of prices, the rooms tend to be around € 400-450 per month on average, although you can still find cheaper rentals if you search with time.

Remember that on our website we only have accommodations that have been previously verified to avoid possible fraud and deception. This is how we manage to make the search process simple and completely safe.

Student accommodation in Gothenburg

As we have been telling you, location is going to be a fundamental aspect to take into account when finding student accommodation in Gothenburg. Everything will depend on the most relevant aspects for you.

Below we advise you on some of the most interesting areas of Gothenburg to live in:

Apartments for rent in the Center (Centrum) 

It is an area full of shopping streets and atmosphere, where you can find the city ​​market. Downtown is one of the most recommended locations to find your student rental apartment in Gothenburg. The connection with the rest of the areas is very good and you will have everything you need at your fingertips.

Apartments in Majorna-Linné

The most populated neighbourhood in the city is Majorna-Linné, which is very close to the port. The cultural offer is very rich and it is one of the most recommended areas to live in Gothenburg. The central station is close by, so getting around the city will not be a problem if you choose a student apartment in Majorna Linné.

Rooms for rent in Örgryte-Härlanda

Moving further east from the centre we will find this neighbourhood where its buildings stand out, very different from each other. It is one of the largest districts of Gothenburg and it is a short distance away from the centre, so you can get around by bus or on foot comfortably. Prices in this area are somewhat cheaper, so it could be a good option if you are looking to save on monthly rental costs.

Erasmus accommodation in Haga

Haga is one of the most welcoming neighbourhoods in Gothenburg and its streets are full of cafes and shops where you can spend your free time. The distance from the centre is not very huge and it is very well communicated with it. Regarding rental prices, we are talking about cheaper accommodation than other more central areas.

University residence in Gothenburg 

is the time to talk about a classic when it comes to student accommodation: university residence. In Gothenburg, we can find different university residences but the demand is too high, having to be part of endless waiting lists.

Hopefully, you will have a room in one of these residences, but if you want to play it safe we ​​recommend one of the above options.

Frequently asked questions about Gothenburg 

Why study at Gothenburg University?
The University of Gothenburg is one of the largest in Sweden and has 8 different faculties. Swedish education is at the forefront in Europe for its innovations and that is why it is a good choice.
How much does a student room for rent cost in Gothenburg?
Student rooms for rent in Gothenburg are priced differently based on location and what's included in each room. On average we can establish € 400-450 per month.
Is it expensive to live in Gothenburg?
Yes, the truth is that all of Sweden is considerably more expensive than other European countries. Gothenburg is considered the second capital of Sweden, so it is not surprising that prices are higher. 
How to find cheap student accommodation in Gothenburg?
The best tool that can help you find cheap student accommodation in Gothenburg is the Erasmus Play search engine, where you can find verified accommodation at a good price.
Where to find apartments and rooms for rent in Gothenburg?
The demand in the city is very high and you will have to be very attentive to get accommodation in conditions in Gothenburg at a good price. We help you for free to find the ideal accommodation.



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