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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Umeå

Information about Umeå

Surely you're wondering, how much does student rental cost in Umea? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, we tell you everything you need to know about accommodation in this Swedish destination, so you can find your ideal accommodation in a simple way.

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Umeå is a city located in northern Sweden that combines the natural beauty of the country with the fun atmosphere of a university town. Umeå University is a major centre of education and research, and it attracts students from all over the world.

The weather in this Swedish city can be quite cold during the winter, with snow covering the streets. However, Umeå is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, allowing you to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. In addition, in the city you’ll find a lively nightlife, with local bars and clubs where students gather frequently.

Student apartments for rent in Umeå

The vast majority of students who choose Umeå as a destination for their Erasmus experience want to rent flats that are affordable, furnished and strategically located (close to the university and the most popular student entertainment venues). This task is sometimes complicated, especially when you don't know where to start your search.

However, from Erasmus Play, we wanted to make it easier for you! Just follow the steps below and you’ll surely find your ideal accommodation in a simple and fast way:

  • Access the Erasmus Play search engine.
  • Set your estimated budget, as well as check-in and check-out dates.
  • Compare between the various verified and available apartments, filtering by the most important features for you.
  • When you find the apartment you want, book it quickly to make sure you get it before someone else rents it! At Erasmus Play, this process is completely safe and 100% online.

Student rooms for rent in Umeå

Student rooms in this city are usually individual, and they have everything necessary for a student to live there, including bed, desk, and closet. Moreover, the monthly price normally includes the cost of services already, counting heating among them. In fact, you don't have to worry about being cold in your apartment, since all the flats in Sweden are prepared with heating and good insulation.

Student accommodation in Umeå

These are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods to look for student accommodation in the Swedish city:

Flats for rent in Umeå Stadsdistrikt

The city centre is one of the most popular areas for students to live in, as it offers easy access to the most popular student entertainment venues and the Umeå University campus. It’s the liveliest area of the city. However, because of this, it tends to have slightly higher rental prices than the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Apartments in Ersboda

Ersboda is one of the best areas to look for full apartments because, being away from the city centre, it has more affordable prices. It’s a residential area that has several parks and a shopping centre. Moreover, the most lively areas of the city can be reached in a short time by public transportation.

Rooms for rent in Öbacka

This area makes up the city centre, Centrala Stan, next to Umeå Stadsdistristrikt. Its location is very convenient for students: it’s close to both campuses of the institution, just minutes from student-favourite restaurants and bars, near cultural sites and on the banks of the Ume river.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Umeå

This institution has two campuses in the city of Umeå, located in different parts of it. On one side is the Umeå Campus, in the university area (Universitetsområdet), east of the city centre. On the other side is the Umeå Arts Campus, with buildings between the neighbourhoods of Umeå Stadsdistristrikt and Öbacka. All those areas are convenient for finding accommodation near the institution. In fact, they are usually full of students.

University residences in Umeå

There are some private residence halls to which you can apply, although most of them also function as a hostel or hotel. Meanwhile, Umeå University has some rooms in its halls of residence, which are referred to as "student corridors". Compare between them and choose the one that best suits your preferences! However, keep in mind that students often choose rooms in private shared apartments because it allows a more independent way of living.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Umeå

What are the best Apps for an Erasmus in Umeå?
Downloading the Erasmus Play App is one of the best choices! Besides providing basic information to organise your mobility, it allows you to meet other students who will be in the Swedish city at the same time as you. This way you’ll be able to make friends before you arrive, to find roommates and to easily organise your accommodation.
How much is the Erasmus grant to study in Umeå?
The exact amount of the Erasmus grant depends on the destination you’re going to and also on your home country. Each country has different rules, so you’ll have to contact the International Office in your university to know how much you are entitled to.
What’s the approximate monthly expense for a student in Umeå?
If you decide to rent a room in a shared apartment, which is the cheapest alternative for accommodation, you should expect to spend around 1000 € per month on average to pay for rent, food, entertainment and other expenses as they arise.
Why go on Erasmus to Umeå?
Because here you’ll be able to enjoy a lively student community in a stunning natural environment! Located in northern Sweden, Umeå allows you to experience the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights and enjoy outdoor activities. Moreover, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the local culture with cultural events, festivals, and gastronomy.
How much does a student apartment cost in Umeå?
The price of an apartment to share usually averages 900 € per month for a two-bedroom flat. Keep in mind that, to this price, you usually have to add the cost of services such as internet, water, heating, etc., so the cost can be higher.

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