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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Helsinki

Erasmus in Helsinki

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Helsinki

Private rooms Helsinki 206 730/month
Studios Helsinki 11 2588/month
Apartments Helsinki 63 1614/month

Why should you do your Erasmus in Helsinki? Apart from meeting people from many nationalities and having the opportunity to study in its wonderful universities, if you choose Helsinki as your Erasmus destination, you will also discover Finland’s amazing landscapes. Would you like to know more about Helsinki? We are going to advise you on everything you need to know about this wonderful city.

Cost of living in Helsinki, Finland

The cost of living in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, can be quite expensive if you compare it with the one in other possible Erasmus destinations. However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do your Erasmus in Helsinki, but you will have to be aware and control your expenses.

The biggest expense you will have during your Erasmus in Helsinki will probably be the one for the rent of your accommodation. However, if you start looking for it with enough time and compare between different options, you can find rooms in shared apartments that cost around € 320-450. On our browser Erasmus Play, you can compare and find the best offers for flats, rooms and apartments for Erasmus students in Helsinki.

To the amount of the rent you should add other expenses such as, for example, food or the transportation you will use. An extra expense could be the one for trips and travels if that is what you would want to do. There are trains with which you can go to the biggest cities, but they can be very expensive. Therefore, the favourite option for students is the so-called Onnibus, a bus that goes through the country and the trips with it are usually very cheap.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Helsinki, Finland

Partying in Helsinki as an Erasmus student is relatively cheap. Why? Well, because the tickets for getting into many nightclubs are very cheap (around € 3-4) or even free (but you have to pay for the closet where you leave your things). On the other hand, a type of parties that international students usually go to are the ones held at student apartments or in dormitories. Besides, if you choose Helsinki as your Erasmus destination you can inform yourself about the different student associations of this city. These groups of students are always planning activities, events and theme parties for exchange students.

However, if you don’t like partying that much, don’t worry. From Helsinki, you can go to different beautiful towns and cities, stroll through its parks and lakes, or practise some winter sports. You will have plans every day of the week, so enjoy yourself!

Culture and gastronomy in Helsinki, Finland

An Erasmus experience in Helsinki will allow you to discover the city and the kindness of its people. It would be better if you tried to be in contact with locals, they are very friendly and polite. If you end up meeting someone from Finland, you will realize that nature is very important to them and that they enjoy it every time they can. Take advantage of it and enjoy it too, it’s just amazing.

However, in case you want to do something different, you can always visit the museums in Helsinki, the Uspenskin katedraali (a cathedral with more than 150 years of history),  or the Sederholm House (built in the year 1757). These places, among many others, are must-stops in this city.

Maybe you are wondering, what is gastronomy in Finland like? Well, in this cuisine dishes made with fish, reindeer meat, potatoes, carrots and beets stand out. You will find recipes such as karjalanpiirakka (a kind of dumplings stuffed with rice), kalakukko (a similar recipe to the previous one but made with fish), grillimakkara (grilled sausages served with mustard), rye bread… Even though now you may find the names of these dishes quite complicated, by the end of your Erasmus you will surely know them to perfection.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Helsinki, Finland

Doing your Erasmus in Helsinki means getting to know the culture and kindness of the people of this Nordic city. You will find out that, even though it gets very cold, you will always have incredible plans to do. You have the facility that although you may not know the official language, the people of Helsinki will be able to communicate with you in English without any problems. You are going to have the opportunity to enjoy an education that is highly valued all over the world. But, above all, doing your Erasmus in Helsinki will allow you to live one of the best experiences of your life. Do you dare to try it?

Cheap accommodation in Helsinki, Finland

Do you need accommodation in Helsinki and don’t know how to find it? On the Erasmus Play platform, you can compare among different offers and find the best apartments, rooms and flats for Erasmus students in Helsinki. You can easily find the option that suits your necessities and enjoy this experience to the fullest.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Helsinki

How much does it cost to live in Helsinki as a student?

The cost of living in Helsinki can be quite expensive, most students usually spend, on average, € 700-900 per month. This amount depends, to a large extent, on the price of your accommodation.

How is student life in Helsinki?

The education in Finland, in general, is one of the best in the world and the universities in Helsinki are amazing. There are many exchange students eager to meet new people and live new experiences. The student atmosphere in Helsinki is incredible both for partying and for any other kind of plans.

How much does student accommodation cost in Helsinki?

You can find rooms in shared apartments in Helsinki for around € 320-450 per month. It is better if you start looking for it with enough time since there is great demand and this process can become quite difficult.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Helsinki?

The amount you will receive with the Erasmus programme scholarship can vary depending on your country of origin. You can ask any doubts you may have about this scholarship in the international relations office at the university in your country of origin. They will surely help you with anything you need!

What are the best areas to live in in Helsinki?

Kallio is a very popular area among students and young people in Helsinki, this district is well-connected with the centre of the city and it has a great student atmosphere. However, we recommend you to check different areas and choose the one that suits your necessities best.