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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Helsinki

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Helsinki

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type.residence 4 1110/month 11 2670/month
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Are you looking for a student flat for rent in Helsinki? Well, you are in the right place because we are going to tell you all the secrets so that you can find the ideal accommodation.

We are not only going to help you get an idea of ​​the prices and the differences between renting an entire apartment or sharing accommodation with other people, but also to find and book your accommodation quickly.

How? With the Erasmus Play search engine, with which you can find cheap apartments for rent for students in Helsinki, and best of all, they are 100% verified, so they are totally safe.

Student apartments for rent in Helsinki

Helsinki, the capital of Finland and the largest city in this country, is an expensive city, it is common in all Nordic countries so you should know it before making your mobility.

Finding student flats for rent is not difficult, as long as you start your search at your earliest convenience and don't put it off until the last minute. The city centre is one of the places where we can find more variety, although the prices are higher.

Everything will depend on your budget, however, if you hold a good budget you will find great apartments in the centre, both for you alone or if you are accompanied on the trip with a friend or partner.

The price will be around 600-800 euros, searching in peripheral neighbourhoods further from the centre but well connected to be able to move freely. If you want to get closer to the downtown area, the difference is considerable because the price raises to 1000 euros.

To get a better idea of ​​prices and locations, we recommend using the Erasmus Play search engine to see what availability exists and how they are adapted to your needs.

Student room for rent in Helsinki

If you are open to living a unique experience, perhaps renting a room for students is your preference. This allows you to meet and live with people from other cultures, in addition to saving money if you want to opt for a cheaper residence.

The price of rooms for rent for students in Helsinki is quite uneven, it mostly depends on the qualities of the accommodation and the proximity to the centre and its communication.

It is so varied that it can be from about 400 euros the cheapest you can find up to 900-1000. The expensive always abounds but the cheap escapes faster. In order not to be left without the best Erasmus room for rent, do your search as soon as possible.

Student accommodation in Helsinki

One of the things that you should be clear about before choosing student accommodation in Helsinki is the area where you want to be located. There are several districts, which in turn are divided by neighbourhoods, and you probably want to find the best one.

To help you know more about neighbourhoods in Helsinki, below we have listed the most prominent ones that might be of your interest when choosing your student rental in the Finnish capital.

Apartments for rent in Kluuvi

This neighbourhood is known as the centre of the centre, so you can imagine that it is very well located. It is one of the most recommended areas for students since you can find the campus of the University of Helsinki here. In addition, the prices, despite being high, are cheaper than in the heart of the city.

Apartments in Helsinki Center

Without a doubt, this is where the main attractions of this capital are, both for visitors and locals. Main shopping streets, disco areas, University, the national library or the market can be found here. Cons of Helsinki Center: very high cost of living.

Rooms for rent in Kamppi

Moving a little further from the centre to the west, but not too far, we have the Kamppi neighbourhood, very famous for its shopping centre or the Crystal Palace. It is a very quiet area to choose as a residence and find a room rental at a cheaper price than the option in the centre of Helsinki.

Erasmus accommodation in Kallio

Kallio is just one kilometer from the centre and despite having the beginnings of a working-class neighbourhood, today it is one of the most lively, bohemian and one of the most prominent for young people. It has a good range of bars, restaurants and also accommodation for students, being one of the cheapest areas you can find without going to the periphery.

University residence in Helsinki

The last option that we present to you is to request a place in one of the university residences that exist in Helsinki. The common thing for this option is to fill out the HOAS, a kind of entity that is responsible for housing students in various residences they have around the city.

It is an economical option, only that there is the possibility that you will not be granted a place and finally you will have to find accommodation on your own. To avoid this problem, remember that there is the Erasmus Play search engine to help you compare the entire offer of student rentals in Helsinki.

Frequently asked questions about Helsinki

Is Helsinki an expensive place to live?

In general terms yes. Helsinki and almost all cities in the Nordic countries are quite expensive, although their salaries are in line with the standard of living and the price of things in the city.

How much does a student residence cost in Helsinki?

There is no exact figure because university residences do not exist in the same way that we know them. It is more of an organization that gives accommodation to students in rooms, so it will vary depending on where you are located.

Why study in Helsinki?

It is known to all that the Finnish educational system is one of the most praised in the world and you can witness it if you have decided on Helsinki as your study destination or for the Erasmus scholarship.

How to find cheap student apartment rentals in Helsinki?

The keys to finding cheap student flats in Helsinki is to use the Erasmus Play search engine, which will find what you need so that you only have to worry about formalizing the reservation.

Do I need to know Finnish to travel to Helsinki?

Finnish is a very complex language to learn and it is not really necessary because the classes will be given in English and you will hardly find someone on the street who does not know how to speak in this language.