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Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Lansing
Flatshare in Lansing

Shared apartments, spare rooms and roommates in Lansing

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The state capital of Michigan has two great institutions that welcome numerous young people every year, making the student scene very lively. These two universities are Michigan State University and Central Michigan University. Thanks to this young atmosphere, if you choose to share a flat in Lansing, surely your roommates will be from different parts of the world. This will enrich your experience much more, being able to take advantage of the exchange not only to delve into North American culture but also into that of the country of origin of your roommates.

Advantages and disadvantages of sharing a flat in Lansing

Below, we list some of the most prominent pros and cons of living in a shared apartment in this American city:

Advantages of sharing a flat in Lansing

  • The available rooms are usually located in different areas of the city, so you will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that some of the favourite neighbourhoods for young people to live in are Downtown Lansing, East Lansing and Okemos.
  • Take advantage of the savings on the rental cost not only to enjoy everything the city has to offer but also to travel to other cities and explore the country. You will be able to easily reach other cities such as Grand Rapids, Detroit and even Chicago.

Disadvantages of sharing a flat in Lansing

  • It is often difficult to find a place in student residences since the demand for this type of accommodation in Lansing is very high.
  • If the ground rules of the house are not established from the beginning, Discussions can be generated regarding issues such as cleaning, visits, etc.

Apps for your international exchange programme in Lansing

If you want all the phases of your exchange (planning, living and returning) to be simpler, download some apps with useful information. In these apps, you will find information about the university and life in the city, as well as advice from students from previous years. One of these is that you immerse yourself in university life to the fullest with its sports teams and societies since it is an essential part of the culture in the United States.

How to meet people in Lansing?

In this section we tell you about some of the ways you have to connect with other young people in the city of the state of Michigan:

Student associations in Lansing

Like most institutions in the United States, universities in Michigan have a wide variety of societies and clubs that you can be a part of during your stay in the city. There is usually a specific one for international students, but there are also different nationalities, religions, hobbies and sports.

Facebook Groups for International Students in Lansing

There are multiple groups you can join depending on the institution you are going to attend. In addition, within the same institutions, they create different groups. For example, if you are going to Michigan State University you can join the international office, called “MSU Office for International Students and Scholars”, but you can also join the international student association, “MSU International Students”.

WhatsApp groups for international students in Lansing

If you want to be directly connected with other young people, we suggest you join the groups you find on WhatsApp or Telegram. It's an easy way to keep up with everything that's going on, but you can also take the opportunity to propose plans you want to do in the city, whether it's visiting a museum or strolling through the parks.

Tips for sharing a student apartment in Lansing

Take into consideration the following tips for living in Lansing, especially when it comes to living in a shared flat:

  • You can take advantage of the extra in your budget to explore the city to the fullest, enjoying all its cultural and leisure offerings. There are many museums that you can visit, as well as historical and gastronomic sites.
  • During your stay in Lansing, you will be able to enjoy plenty of festivals and events that take place at different times of the year. Some of them are, for example, “Grand Ledge Fall Festival”, “Downtown Lansing Zombie Walk”, Silver Bells in the City” and “Lansing Bourbon Fest”.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Lansing

How much does a spare room in a shared flat cost in Lansing?

The average monthly rent for a room for rent is around $560, although if you search with time you can find some cheaper ones, starting from $350 per month.

How to find roommates in Lansing?

Search in online communities such as Erasmus Play, where you get to view, the wide variety of available and verified rooms in the city of Michigan.

How to meet people in Lansing?

There are a variety of societies and clubs that you can join at different universities, so you can choose the one that suits your hobbies and meet like-minded people. There are also many Facebook and Whatsapp groups aimed at international students.  

What to ask before entering a flat share in Lansing?

You have to ask what the established rules of the apartment are regarding issues of coexistence such as cleanliness, order, visits and schedules. This will avoid bad vibes or discussions between colleagues.

How to choose ideal roommates in Lansing?

Ideally, they should all have compatible lifestyles, so they can not only live together in a good way but also share moments and activities.