Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Lille

Looking to rent a flat, apartment or room for students in Lille? You are in the right place because from Erasmus Play we want to offer you this guide in which you will be able to know everything you need about the different accommodations that you can find in this small French city.

In Lille, there are many universities and schools, which makes the student environment very diverse. It is therefore not surprising that there is quite a variety of student accommodation in Lille, but which one is the best for you? We recommend that you read this guide as it will be your best ally when it comes to finding a rental apartment in Lille.

Student apartments for rent in Lille

Renting a furnished apartment in Lille is one of the favourite options for all those who seek to have total freedom and not be tied to a schedule as can happen when staying in university residences.

If this is exactly what you are looking for, you can find it, although you have to know that there is not much offer, so you should start your search as soon as possible. In this case, you can look for flats to share with friends or colleagues, if you are travelling with someone, or find a great rental studio in Lille.

The price of this type of accommodation will depend on factors such as the location or the qualities it offers, with the apartments closest to the city centre being more expensive. 

With the Erasmus Play search engine, you can get a better idea of ​​prices and also of where each accommodation is located thanks to the built-in map. On our website you will find apartments for rent for students in Lille from 400 to 1000 euros. There are options for all budgets and the best thing is that we are talking about 100% verified accommodation, having been reviewed to verify the veracity of said accommodation.

Student room for rent in Lille

The second and most common option in this type of trip is to look for rooms for rent for students in Lille. It is a very enriching choice if you end up sharing a house with other students, with different cultures, and it is a good way to continue practising the language. To this should be added that it is also a fairly inexpensive option.

Renting a room in Lille for students can be around € 400-500, depending on the accommodation conditions and its proximity to the centre. This is an approximate price, if you want to get a better idea, we invite you to access the Erasmus Play search engine and find rooms for rent for students in Lille in the best way, since our accommodations are verified to avoid deception and fraud.

Student accommodation in Lille

Lille, like any other city, divides its territory into neighbourhoods or districts and today we want to talk to you about the most recommended areas to find your student accommodation in Lille. This is important because surely you want an apartment located near the place where you are going to study or a place with good communication to go to both the university and the centre in a simple way. 

The most prominent neighbourhoods in Lille to find student accommodation are the following: 

Apartments for rent in Vauban

Vauban is known as the student quarter, so finding rental apartments in this area will not be very difficult. It is away from the centre but not excessively, being accessible by bicycle or even on foot. Here are the institutes, universities and other schools, as well as libraries and places of leisure for the youth.

Apartments in Wazemmes

A very modern neighbourhood where the price of apartments for rent for students is not bad at all. It is an area with a lot of leisure, here you can also find the market and many shops. The best thing about the area is its location since it is in the heart of Lille, which guarantees you have all the services at hand and experience the atmosphere of this fantastic French city.

Rooms for rent in Masséna

Masséna is very close to the centre and also to the Vauban district, so you will have the city's leisure activities very close without giving up being close to your study centre. It is a highly famous area in Lille because pubs and nightlife are concentrated here. To this, we add that the prices for renting rooms in Masséna are not as expensive as the centre.

Erasmus accommodation in Lille Center

The historic centre of Lille is a marvel to live in, as all the charm of the city resides here. You have all the comforts of living in Lille Center and good communication with the rest of the neighbourhoods. The biggest handicap is the prices of the apartments and rooms, which may not be as suitable for Erasmus or students who generally have a lower budget.

University residence in Lille

The third and last option is to find a room in a student residence in Lille. Many students prefer to live in a residence hall, yes, you will have to sacrifice certain privileges such as not having an arrival time or not having to share a kitchen with 5-6 other people.

There are several university residences in Lille and to get a place in one you will have to apply and hopefully, you will be approved.

Frequently asked questions about Lille

How much does it cost to live in Lille?
Despite being a city in France, it is not as expensive as you can imagine. To the rental costs (about € 400-500) add about € 200-300 more to be able to live comfortably.
Is the student atmosphere in Lille good?
Lille is a great city for mobility. The large number of schools and universities attracts people from all over the world, giving the area a spectacular atmosphere.
How to find cheap room rental in Lille?
The first thing you have to know is that you have to be fast because it is not easy to find accommodation in Lille. The second is that you have the Erasmus Play search engine available to find verified accommodation at the best price, being able to quickly compare the entire offer.
How much does it cost to rent a student flat in Lille?
The rental price in Lille will depend on many factors such as qualities or location but, to give you an idea, the average is usually around € 500-600.
Why choose Lille as your study destination?
If you want to learn French, it is the ideal city since it is one of the cheapest in the country and its location is splendid, being able to visit Paris which is very close or Belgium since it is located on the border with this country.


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