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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Marseille

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Marseille

Private rooms Marseille 731 693/month
Residences Marseille 41 604/month
Studios Marseille 22 1104/month
Apartments Marseille 248 1263/month

Marseille is the second-largest metropolis in France, only behind the capital, Paris. If this is your next destination studies, let us that you advise to find apartments for rent, apartments and student rooms in Marseille.

In this guide we want you to know the different types of accommodation that you can choose during your stay in the city. You will be able to access all the flats, shared rooms and student residences quickly.

To make both your accommodation search and reservation process easier, we have developed the Erasmus Play search engine. It is very simple to use and will not only show you different types of accommodation but also their price and their location, marked on a map. All this, with the best guarantees since all the flats and rooms that appear on our website, have been verified.

Student apartments for rent in Marseille

One of the most typical accommodation options in Marseille is student rental apartments. This option is highly recommended for all those who do not want to live with strangers. Opting for complete accommodation is also a good alternative when we travel with colleagues or friends, being able to share the expenses of the stay with people you already knew.

In our search engine, you can find apartments and studios for rent from € 600 per month, a price that can increase depending on the location and qualities of the property.

For friends and colleagues who live this adventure together, there is the possibility of renting 2 and 3 bedroom accommodations in Marseille and thus be able to share the expenses. The price increases as the characteristics and location of the apartment are better.

Student room for rent in Marseille

On the contrary, if you consider that part of this adventure is to share a house with other students in a multicultural environment, the best alternative for you will be to look for shared flats, that is, rooms for rent for students in Marseille.

It is not difficult to find rooms since the city is quite large and is very well prepared to support the number of students who come to the country with different scholarships (Erasmus, etc.). 

This option, besides, is much cheaper since you can find rooms for rent for students from € 380 onwards, and can reach € 800-900 depending on its location and the characteristics of the accommodation.

Saying that it is not difficult to find rooms for rent in Marseille does not mean that it is not a subject that you do not have to deal with immediately. Keep in mind that the issue of accommodation is one of the most important when preparing your trip and that is why we have created the Erasmus Play search engine. This makes it easier for you to find accommodation and guarantees the security of being 100% verified rooms to avoid fraud and scams.

Student accommodation in Marseille

Whether you decide to live in one area or another of Marseille will depend on many factors, such as proximity to your place of study, tastes, budget, etc. You are facing a very important decision and one that is going to mark your stay, since choosing the wrong location can haunt you throughout your study trip.

At Erasmus Play we have thought of everything and that is why we are going to guide you through the most recommended neighbourhoods to establish your temporary residence in Marseille. This is the main reason why our search engine has a map, so that you can locate yourself and know at all times where you are going to stay.

Flats for rent in Panier

The Le Panier neighbourhood of Marseille is the one in the historic centre of the city. Here are concentrated monuments, restaurants and the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Major. It is located a step away from the Vieux Port, one of the places of interest. For all this, you will imagine that the apartments for rent in Panier are not as affordable as in other more secluded areas of the city.

Apartments in Belsunce

Located between Panier and Noailles, the Belsunce neighbourhood is one of the most sought after as well as the faculties of the Aix-Marseille University are located here, so many students choose it to establish their home. It is very close to the centre and that increases the price of the rental apartments in Belsunce a bit.

Rooms for rent in Saint-Victor

To the south of the Vieux Port and without leaving the historic centre of the city far behind, we find the Saint-Victor district, a very beautiful neighbourhood whose prices are much more affordable than in the previous cases. It is becoming fashionable and that has allowed the variety of restaurants and shops to be much more varied, which has led many to seek room rental in Saint-Victor.

Erasmus accommodation in Noailles

Noailles is the most hipster neighbourhood in Marseille and where more nightlife venues are concentrated. This makes Erasmus students want to choose accommodation close to this area that is west of the Vieux Port. The prices here are quite affordable and it has a large number of restaurants, shops, etc.

University residence in Marseille

They could not be absent and it is that many are those who decide to opt for this type of accommodation. They are usually quite cheap and in Marseille you can find them spread throughout the city, from the centre to the most remote.

The offer and prices will vary according to various factors, being able to find rooms in residences with bathroom included, with shared bathroom, with kitchen included or with shared kitchen.

Frequently asked questions about Marseille

Is Marseille an expensive city to live in?

Assuming that France is an expensive country and that we are in the second-largest metropolis, yes. Marseille is not cheap, although it is not excessively expensive like other places in Europe.

How to find cheap flats in Marseille?

The first recommendation will be that you do not leave your search for an apartment in Marseille until the last minute. The second you use the Erasmus Play search engine to get a fully guaranteed accommodation.

How much does a university residence cost in Marseille?

As is often the case, the price will be something that will depend on various factors such as location or qualities. On average, the price of a student residence in Marseille is around € 400-600.

Why choose Marseille for your study trip?

Marseille is a perfect place because it is still a big city but, at the same time, it has the charm of small cities. It has all the advantages of Paris but without being as expensive as the French capital.

What is the best area to live in Marseille?

Without a doubt, the centre is an ideal place to live in Marseille, although the prices are somewhat more expensive. If you prefer to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, we recommend that you stay away from the centre, which will also be good for your pocket.