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 Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Rennes

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Rennes

Private rooms Rennes 278 533/month
Residences Rennes 6 602/month
Studios Rennes 2 735/month
Apartments Rennes 37 986/month

The capital of the Brittany region is located in the northwest of France. Rennes is a very beautiful city, known, above all, for its small medieval-style houses, its Cathedral and the Vilaine river that divides it in two.

This French city welcomes many students every year, which creates a young, multicultural and lively atmosphere. There are several activities to do during the day and many places to go out at night, so you are sure not to get bored on your Erasmus experience in Rennes.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Rennes? In the Erasmus Play search engine, you will be able to see the offer of verified apartments and rooms from different online companies and platforms. You will be able to compare the different characteristics they have, their locations and their prices. When you find the ideal accommodation for you, do not hesitate to rent it 100% online and securely.

Student apartments for rent in Rennes

When looking for a rental apartment in Rennes you have to bear in mind that the price will depend on the characteristics it has and the location of the apartment. In general, the closer you are to universities and downtown, the higher the cost is going to be. The price of a studio apartment in Rennes ranges from € 340 onwards, with an average of € 450 per month. On the other hand, an apartment with more rooms to share with other students starts at € 500 and can go up to € 900 per month.

In terms of features, most of the flats in Rennes include basic appliances such as a fridge, oven, microwave and washing machine, but they may differ in the other details, such as the shared lounge, terrace, heating, equipped kitchen, etc.

Student room for rent in Rennes

In this French city, securely you will find a wide variety of rooms with different characteristics and location. Pay attention to all the features of the room to ensure that you will live comfortably for the next few months in Rennes.

The cost of renting a room in a shared flat in Rennes is around € 300 per month.

We recommend that you look for a room for rent near your University or place of work, so you can save a lot of daily time on trips. Also, if you are a student, you have to know that the areas near the University are full of young people like you and the atmosphere is very good. Generally, rental prices are also cheaper.

Student accommodation in Rennes

This French city is small, but there are several student-friendly neighbourhoods that you can consider when looking for accommodation. We tell you which are some of the most chosen by international young people:

Apartments for rent in Bourg L'Evêque 

This neighbourhood is located west of the city centre, south of the Rennes II University campus and the faculties of Medicine. It has easy access to the city centre and the main train station, so it is very well connected. In addition, the Vilaine River runs through the neighbourhood, so you will be able to enjoy walks along its banks.

Apartments in Thabor-Saint Hélier 

These areas are located to the east of the centre of Rennes, in the direction of the main campus of the University of Rennes I. It has several parks, garden areas, walks along the Vilaine river and several beautiful monuments that make up an ideal environment for students.

Rooms for rent in Sud-Gare 

The Sud-Gare neighbourhood is located south of Rennes, just below the city's main train station. It is a good neighbourhood to live in as it tends to have slightly cheaper prices, and you can also consider other nearby areas such as Le Blosne and Quartier Bréquigny.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Rennes 

These are the most recognized universities in the city:

University of Rennes I 

This institution has a main campus, called Campus Beaulieu, located east of Rennes, about 20 minutes by public transport from the centre. Also, some faculties are located in other buildings in or near the city centre, such as Economics, Law, and Political Science. Faculties related to Medicine are located to the west of the centre, next to the campus of the University of Rennes II.

University of Rennes II 

In this university classes of careers related to Social Sciences and Humanities are dictated, such as Plastic Arts, Communication, Letters and Psychology. The campus, called Villejean, is located west of the city centre, less than 15 minutes by public transport.

ESC Rennes Business School 

This prestigious business school is located northwest of the centre of Rennes, about 20 minutes by transport from the centre.

University residence in Rennes

The universities of this French city offer students the possibility of applying for a place in one of their residences. These are usually found in locations close to campus, so you will have easy access to your faculty. Bear in mind that many young people apply for places, so it is usually very difficult to find one and students end up choosing private rooms or apartments.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rennes 

How much does a student apartment cost in Rennes?

The cost of an apartment in Rennes depends on its characteristics. A studio type has a price that starts at € 340 and has an average of € 450 per month. As for an apartment with more rooms to share with other students, the minimum price is usually € 500, the average being € 750 per month.

How to find a cheap room in Rennes?

We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine and start your search as soon as possible, to be able to compare all the available options. Many students choose this city to do their Erasmus, so the demand is high and the accommodations are quickly sold out.

Where to look for student accommodation in Rennes?

Most of the young people who move to this city in Brittany choose neighbourhoods close to the centre but located close to the universities. You should locate where yours is located to see which are the most convenient neighbourhoods. Some of the most chosen are Bourg L'Evêque, Thabor - Saint Hélier, Sud-Gare and the city center.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Rennes?

In this French city, the monthly cost depends on your lifestyle since there are prices for all tastes. As a reference, between accommodation, food expenses and some leisure, it means that you should have between € 700-800 per month.

Why go on Erasmus to Rennes?

This city of Brittany is a very good destination in which to delve into French culture, learning about its customs and its language. In addition, many international students choose to live a season every year, which generatesa dynamic and fun young environment.