Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Lucca


On the banks of the Serchio River, we can find Lucca, a city located in the heart of Italian Tuscany. It is a small and quiet city that many choose as their study destination. Finding a flat, apartment or room for rent for students in Lucca is not an easy task since it is a very touristic and popular area. Lucca's location is perfect, between Pisa and Florence, two well-known cities within the country that you can easily visit by public transport.

If you are thinking of living in Lucca for a season, either because you are going to study or work, below you will find the key aspects to finding a flat or room easily for rent, saving you time and money.

Student apartments for rent in Lucca

Renting a furnished apartment is one of the most demanded options by people who move to live in Lucca for 5-9 months. To give you an idea, in Lucca we can find one-room, studio-type apartments, with prices ranging from € 460 onwards. The price of each apartment is very different and will vary according to the number of rooms, the quality of the apartment and the area in which it is located, with the centre being the most expensive.

You have to know that it is a fairly small city and that its charm lies in its privileged location between two of the most important cities in the country such as Pisa and Florence.

Although the offer of apartments for rent is scarce, it is possible to find accommodation of this type at a good price, but you will have to be quite quick to book it before someone else does.

Student room for rent in Lucca

Rooms for rent in Lucca are the most popular option for students and young professionals as it is much cheaper than renting a whole flat. What is certain is that people prefer to rent the spaces by rooms since there are higher returns this way.

The price of student rooms to rent in Lucca is also varied and depends on the same factors mentioned above (quality, location, characteristics of the room, etc.). To give you an idea, from € 320 per month you can find options for renting flats shared with other students. 

Do not forget that Lucca is considered one of those dormitory cities and receives a large influx of travellers, so the supply is low and the demand is very high, so do not leave the search for housing until the last minute.

Student accommodation in Lucca

Something that you should take into account when looking for your accommodation is its location. There is no exact answer to the question What is the best area to live in Lucca? Because each person may be interested in one area or another, everything will depend on the circumstances and needs of each one. These are some of the areas that we recommend to find student accommodation in Lucca.

Apartments for rent in Via Fillungo 

It is one of the main streets of the historic centre of the city, as well as being one of the best-known commercial avenues. It is well located and has all the basic services nearby. Its biggest handicap is that the prices in this area are somewhat more expensive and it is one of the most touristic places in the city, which explains the high demand in the area.

Apartments in Via Vittorio Veneto 

Via Vittorio Veneto is one of the most prominent neighbourhoods within the city centre of Lucca and, as in the previous case, it also has a large shopping arcade so you can do your shopping in Lucca. The prices here are still somewhat high but it will be worth the investment to be located in a privileged place.

Room for rent in the centre of Lucca 

The centre of Lucca has many other neighbourhoods and streets where you can find a room for rent for students. All of them follow almost the same guidelines as in the previous cases, they are well-connected areas, with many services around them and with high prices. However, if you are looking to live like an authentic Italian, it is the best option.

Erasmus accommodation on the outskirts of Lucca 

If you are one of those students looking for cheaper accommodation, the outskirts of the old walled city will be your favourite choice. Here the rooms are usually around the price of 200 euros, much more affordable than if we are located in more central areas. Many Lucca students choose to live in Pisa because of its proximity and good communication, and finding an apartment for rent in this city will be much easier and cheaper than in Lucca.

University residence in Lucca

On the other hand, you can try your luck and request a place in one of the student residences in Lucca and they can be great salvation if you cannot find the accommodation you were looking for. It is not as comfortable as living in your apartment since you will have to comply with a series of rules of coexistence of the residence (hours, visits, you will not be able to have parties, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions about Lucca4

How do students travel to Lucca?
You must know that there is no airport in Lucca, which can make the trip a bit difficult. Don't worry, what students do is fly to Pisa or Florence airports and then take the bus or train to Lucca.
Where do I look for student room in Lucca?
The solution is here and it is called Erasmus Play. With our search engine, you can access multiple student accommodation in Lucca with the guarantee that they have been previously verified and thus you can securely make a reservation.
How to find student accommodation in Lucca?
In Lucca there is a scarce offer of accommodation, so we recommend that you search through Erasmus Play to find a room or flat for rent quickly and easily.
Why study in Lucca?
The best known academic institution in Lucca is the IMT School for Advanced Studies, which welcomes multiple students from both Italy and the rest of the world due to the quality of their studies. Studying in Lucca will be an unforgettable experience.
Is it expensive to live in Lucca if you are a student?
In general, the cost of living is medium-low. The truth is that Lucca can be much cheaper than other Italian cities such as Milan or Rome and this is what makes many people choose this destination to live a season.