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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Manchester

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Manchester

Private rooms Manchester 313 1424/month
Residences Manchester 320 1380/month
Studios Manchester 110 1863/month
Apartments Manchester 137 2631/month

Manchester is a university city par excellence, with thousands of students choosing it for their Erasmus and careers. It is relatively small, so you can walk almost everywhere. In fact, most students live, on average, only 15 minutes away from the university.

The English city of Manchester is known, in addition to its football clubs, for its university atmosphere. It is a dynamic and livid city, where you can experience UK culture up close while you study. In addition, rental prices in Manchester tend to be lower than in other English cities such as London.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Manchester if you are a student? In this city of United Kingdom, the prices of the accommodation vary a lot, but it is usually cheaper to share a flat with other students than to stay in a residence hall. In Erasmus Play you will be able to compare the prices of different accommodations in a simple way to choose the one that suits you best.

Student apartments for rent in Manchester

Are you looking to rent a complete flat for yourself? If your thing is to have your own place with a kitchen, bathroom and living room all for you, this would be the best option. However, keep in mind that the monthly price will be higher than if you rent a room in a shared apartment or in a student residence.

You have many options for complete accommodation in this city. You can choose a studio or an apartment with more rooms, with more or less privacy. In Erasmus Play you can search for all the options and choose the one that you think best suits your preferences. Keep in mind that the price of a studio is around 900 pounds per month.

The offer of rental apartments varies a lot. You will find some older and cheaper, and also more modern and higher-priced apartments. Compare them and choose the best one for you!

Student room for rent in Manchester

This option is usually the most affordable for Erasmus students looking to reside in this city. The price is usually lower than that of the residences and another plus is that you will have more independence and you will be able to move away from the university a bit. In addition, it is simpler compared to renting a complete apartment, since there are not so many requirements for the deposit and delivery.

When looking for a room in a shared flat, you have to take into account characteristics such as whether the bathroom is private or shared and what amenities are included in the price, such as washing machine, dishwasher and/or utility bills. Thanks to Erasmus Play you can compare all the available accommodation options, from a multitude of companies and online accommodation platforms, quickly and easily to choose your preferred one.

Student accommodation in Manchester

Manchester is a relatively small city, so choosing a neighbourhood suitable for students is not difficult. Also, as we mentioned before, much of the life of the city revolves around the university environment, so finding student accommodation in Manchester that packs all the qualities you are looking for should not be difficult.

Looking for a room with a private bathroom near Manchester University? Are you looking for a student flat in the centre of the English city? In Erasmus Play you will be able to compare the different available alternatives so that you can select the one that best suits you. Of course, we recommend not waiting until the last minute to find the place where you will live. 

Apartments for rent near the University of Manchester

What is the best area to rent apartments near the University of Manchester? This institution is located a little to the south of the city centre, so looking for accommodation in places like Moss Side, Victoria Park or Rusholme is usually the best option.

Room for rent in the Rusholme neighbourhood

The Rusholme neighborhood is one of the most chosen by students to rent rooms in Manchester. It is located very close to the university and has a multicultural atmosphere and a wide range of restaurants and bars. You will surely find a room in this neighbourhood with all the comforts you are looking for, find it for free through our accommodation comparator!

Apartments in Manchester City Center

If you want to rent apartments in a more central area, the City Center would be the one for you. It is the center of the city and lies north of the University of Manchester. In any case, the most common is to find apartments in this area that are on streets closer to the institution or with a more direct connection.

Erasmus accommodation in Manchester's Northern Quarter

The Northern Quarter is the northern part of the city centre. There are many places of interest there. Although it is a little further from the university, this neighbourhood of the city is where you will find options with slightly cheaper prices.

University residence in Manchester

Another accommodation option in the English city is university residences. In this case, you can choose between rooms shared with other students or have your own room for more privacy.

If your preference is to stay in one of the residences, be sure to apply well in advance. In some cases, specific dates are given for submitting those requests, so inform yourself well about it.

For our part, here at Erasmus Play, we help you compare the options offered in student residences in Manchester.

Frequently asked questions about Manchester

How much does it cost to rent a student flat in Manchester?

The price of full student rental flats in Manchester depends on whether you are looking for a single room or more bedrooms. Keep in mind that, on average, the price ranges from £ 825 and up.

How to find a cheap student room in Manchester?

In Erasmus Play you will be able to make a comparison of the room offer in a simple and fast way on different platforms. You will see its location, the price and the characteristics of each one in order to choose the best one for you.

Why study at the University of Manchester?

It is one of the most prestigious universities in the entire country and where the university environment can be enjoyed the most. For this reason, thousands of students choose it every year to go there to study and live the experience for themselves.

Why study in Manchester?

The first reason to do the Erasmus in Manchester is because it is the city of students in the United Kingdom par excellence. In addition, its football atmosphere with the Manchester United stadium, multicultural neighbourhoods such as Chinatown and a wide range of restaurants, nightclubs and bars stand out.

How much is spent per month in Manchester approximately?

Between accommodation, food and some outings, think that you will need between 900 and 1,000 pounds a month. Sure, that depends on the type of accommodation you choose. However, it should be noted that Manchester is one of the most affordable cities in the UK.