Student housing, apartments and rooms for rent in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin and is located on the west shore of Lake Michigan, in the Midwest region of the United States. It is a medium/large city that has a quieter atmosphere than other large cities in the United States, but not more boring for that.

This city is known for its breweries, various museums, and for being multicultural and diverse. In Milwaukee, you will be able to explore its streets and architecture, as well as explore the different green areas on the shores of Lake Michigan, where many young people come together to practice different sports.

If you are wondering, how much it cost to live in Milwaukee for students. Know that this city is usually quite affordable thanks, in part, to the fact that the cost of rent is relatively low compared to other large cities in the United States. Here we will tell you different details that you have to take into account to find the ideal accommodation for you easily and quickly.

Student apartments for rent in Milwaukee

Many of the international youth who move to live in Milwaukee for a season are looking to rent affordable apartments. There is usually a lot of competition in the search, so here are some tips so that you can find your ideal apartment without wasting too much time:

  • Access our Erasmus Play housing search engine
  • Set your maximum budget and your entry and exit dates
  • Filter between the characteristics and compare all the prices and locations of the different rooms. Look carefully if the apartment is a studio (for one or two people) or is a shared apartment to be shared among several students.
  • Make the reservation completely securely and 100% online.

Student room for rent in Milwaukee

The option of renting a room in a shared apartment is often preferred by many students around the world, and it is no exception in Milwaukee. And it is that this alternative allows you to share the experience more closely with other students, making life there more fun. The cost of the rooms is usually cheaper than that of a complete apartment, so it also allows you to save on rental costs and utility bills.

The price of rooms in shared flats or residences in Milwaukee usually ranges from $ 600 onwards, the average being generally $ 900 per month.

Student accommodation in Milwaukee

One of the things that often overwhelms students before moving to a new city for a season is knowing which neighborhood to live in. To make this easier for you, below we name some of the areas preferred by young international people to live, both for their environment and for their location near the center and universities.

Apartments for rent in East Town Milwaukee

East Town is an artsy neighborhood that is part of downtown Milwaukee. It has different museums, restaurants, markets, nightclubs, concert halls and some parks facing Lake Michigan that the students who live here enjoy.

Apartments in Avenues West

This neighborhood is located to the west of the city center, next to it. It is home to the Marquette University campus, so it is usually packed with students. Thanks to this, in Avenues West you will find a wide variety of restaurants, bars, a nightclub and some places of cultural interest.

Rooms for rent in Upper East Side

This area is chosen by a large number of students who go to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. In the Upper East Side, you will find different affordable restaurants for young people, as well as several parks and shops. From this neighborhood, you will be able to reach the city center in approximately 20 minutes by public transport.

Accommodation near the universities of Milwaukee

The following are some of the universities that receive international students every year in the city of Wisconsin:

The University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee (UWM)

The campus of this institution is located to the northeast from downtown Milwaukee, just minutes from downtown, in the Upper East Side neighborhood. This main campus is divided into four (called Central, North, West, and Northwest Quads), and there are also some buildings scattered throughout the rest of the metropolitan area of ​​the city. 

Marquette University

Marquette University has its campus next to the city center, to the west of it. It is located in the neighborhood called Avenues West and all its faculties are in various buildings in that area.

Milwaukee School of Engineering - Milwaukee School of Engineering

The campus of this institution is located in the central neighborhood of East Town, a short distance from Lake Michigan and many places of interest for students. 

University residences in Milwaukee

As is normal in most cities in the United States that have universities, in Milwaukee you will find a large number of student residences. Generally, each of the universities offers places in their residences, although you will also find private residences that can be found in central locations. The types of accommodation that you will find in the residences usually include single rooms, studio apartments and some shared apartments.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Milwaukee

How much does a student room cost in Milwaukee?
The price of a room is usually between a range that goes from $ 600 to $ 1290 per month approximately, depending on its characteristics.
Where to live in Milwaukee as a student?
Some of the neighborhoods preferred by young people to live are Upper East Side, Avenues West, East Town, Westown, Downer Woods and Murray Hill.

What is the student atmosphere like in Milwaukee?

In this city of Wisconsin, you will be able to enjoy a large number of festivals throughout the year, so its atmosphere is very fun. Here you will also be able to go out to different bars and clubs, as well as a wide variety of museums, art galleries and other cultural sites. And, of course, young people also take the opportunity to enjoy all the activities that can be done in Lake Michigan and on its shores.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Milwaukee?
Monthly spending in Milwaukee is usually much more affordable than in other cities in the United States.
Why should I study in Milwaukee?
This great city will allow you to enjoy everything it has to offer, without being as overwhelming as other large cities in the United States. From Milwaukee, you will be able to travel to other nearby and interesting places such as Chicago, Madison and Minneapolis, where you will also be able to immerse yourself in North American culture to the fullest.