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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Olomouc


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Apartment at Komenského 23


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Apartment at Komenského 23


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Apartment at U Reálky 4

Information about Olomouc

Olomouc, located in the Moravian region in the Czech Republic, has been an important regional centre since mediaeval times. Famous for its baroque architecture and its historical legacy, it remains one of the largest and most significant cities in the region.

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Are you looking for student accommodation in Olomouc? In this article, you’ll find the most important information you have to take into account, from the different types of accommodation that you will find (flats, rooms and residences) to the best neighbourhoods to live as a student.

In this Czech city, there’s the Palacky University, one of the oldest and most prestigious higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. The presence of the university gives an entertaining student atmosphere to the city. Furthermore, Olomouc is a centre of culture and art. You can take the opportunity to enjoy museums, galleries, theatres and a symphony orchestra. The city is also a music and film festival venue throughout the year, providing a rich cultural experience.

Student apartments for rent in Olomouc

Finding a rental apartment in Olomouc that brings together all your preferred features, at a good price and with a good location (close to the most frequented entertainment venues and your faculty) can be somewhat difficult. It’s a relatively small city that welcomes a large number of students every year due to the prestige of its universities, so there’s usually a high demand for student accommodation. For this reason, the best thing you can do is to start your search as soon as possible. Even as soon as you’re assigned your destination.

When it comes to apartments, we tell you that there are two types that you can choose from: studio apartments (which give more privacy) and multi-bedroom apartments (to share with other students). The second option is usually cheaper than the first, and there is also usually more availability.

Student rooms for rent in Olomouc

Rooms for rent for students in Olomouc are usually comfortable and adapted to the basic needs of students. They are generally part of shared apartments, which offers an excellent opportunity to socialise with peers from different cultures. Rooms are usually simply furnished, which includes a bed, desk, chair, and storage space such as closets or shelves.The kitchen and bathroom are usually shared, equipped with essential appliances and often with common areas for coexistence, such as a lounge or living room.

The cost of a room in a shared apartment can vary between €250-400 per month, depending on location and amenities. University residences may offer cheaper options, but it is essential to check availability and conditions.

Student accommodation in Olomouc

The following are some of the best neighbourhoods you can consider when looking for accommodation in this Czech city:

Flat for rent in Old Town (Historic centre)

Old Town, the historical heart of Olomouc, offers a rich and vibrant cultural experience. Living here means being surrounded by stunning architecture, cafes, and historic sites. It’s ideal for students who want to immerse themselves in Czech history and culture, although it can be more expensive. The nightlife and social life is active, perfect for those looking for frequent entertainment.

Apartments in Olomouc City (Center)

This neighbourhood is the urban and commercial centre, full of activities and services. It offers convenience and ease of access to the university, shops, restaurants and cultural attractions. However, it can be less quiet compared to more residential areas and often has a higher cost of living.

Room for rent in Envelopa

Envelopa is a more residential area, ideal for those who are going to study in the Faculty of Sciences and the Science Technology Park. Furthermore, the proximity to green areas and recreation spaces makes it attractive to those who enjoy the outdoors, and it also has some cafes and restaurants.

Erasmus accommodation near the University Palacky

The buildings that make up this prestigious institution aren’t located on a single campus, but rather distributed in different parts of the city. For this reason, you have to determine where your faculty is located, so you can consider the most convenient nearby neighbourhoods. However, keep in mind that it’s very easy to get from one place to another in Olomouc, and that many of the faculties are located in or around the centre of the city.

Student residences in Olomouc

In this city you’ll find two types of residences. On the one hand, there are the private residences that can be chosen by students of any nationality, and on the other hand, there are the University student halls. In both cases, the most common type of accommodation is shared rooms between two or three students. This makes the monthly rental cost quite affordable. Of course, one thing you have to remember is that in university residences, Czech students have priority to receive places, so it’s usually more complicated to be assigned one.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Olomouc

What are the best Apps if I’m going to go on Erasmus to Olomouc?
You have to download the Erasmus Play App! With it, you’ll be able to join groups and be part of a community of international students who will be doing their exchange in that Czech city. Take the opportunity to make friends and find your roommates more easily!
How much does student accommodation cost in Olomouc?
Rental prices vary depending on the size of the apartment, its location and conditions. For example, a room in a shared apartment can cost between €250 and €400 per month, while a studio or private apartment can cost more.
What are the best neighbourhoods to live in Olomouc as a student?
Some of the best neighbourhoods that you can consider to live in during your stay in this city are Old Town (the historical centre), Olomouc City (centre), Envelope, Nerédin and Nové Sady. Of course, we recommend that you identify where the building of the faculty where you’re going to study is located, so you can choose a neighbourhood with good access to the University.                                      
How much does it cost to live in Olomouc as a student?
The cost of living for a student in Olomouc is relatively affordable, especially compared to large European cities. The rent for a room in a shared apartment can range between €250 and €400 per month. Daily expenses, including food, local transportation and entertainment, can be around an additional €200-300 per month. Of course, it’s important to consider additional expenses such as books, study materials and occasional trips to make the most of your stay.
Why go on Erasmus to Olomouc?
Olomouc, with its vibrant student life and manageable size, offers an authentic experience of life in the Czech Republic. Life in Olomouc is generally more affordable compared to big cities, making it ideal for students. Furthermore, it’s also an ideal starting point for exploring Central Europe.

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