Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Brno

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Brno

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Brno is the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, behind its capital, Prague. It is a city prepared for students that has a very pleasant atmosphere, since it receives many international young people every year thanks to its prestigious universities.

Brno is a simple city, it does not have large modern buildings, but its style and historical centre make it different and unique. It also has many outdoor spaces that you will be able to enjoy, as well as a wide range of leisure (both day and night) and work opportunities.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Brno? In this article, we tell you everything you have to take into account when looking for the ideal place to live in this multicultural Czech city.

Student apartments for rent in Brno

All rental apartments in this Czech city have different characteristics that differentiate them from each other. However, almost all include the basic appliances, such as a washing machine, refrigerator, oven, and microwave, but pay attention to see what each has.

As for the price of renting a flat in Brno for students, usually the further away from the centre, the cheaper it is. For example, a complete apartment with four rooms in a neighbourhood far from the centre has a price that goes from € 410 per month onwards. On the other hand, a studio apartment in a closer neighbourhood starts at € 420 per month, the average being € 550. Likewise, an apartment with more rooms in a central neighbourhood has an average price of € 900 per month.

Student room for rent in Brno

Generally, students and young professionals who move to Brno to live for a season choose to rent a room in an apartment shared with other students. In this way you will be able to share the experience, make it more fun and make the rental cost cheaper, being able to divide the expenses among everyone.

A private room in a shared apartment goes from € 250 per month onwards, being the average € 350. We recommend that you use the Erasmus Play search engine and comparator, where you will see the different characteristics of both the rooms and the verified floors of different online platforms. When you find the ideal accommodation for you, make up your mind quickly, rent 100% online and in a totally secure way.

Student accommodation in Brno

In Brno there is a varied offer of student accommodation. However, we always recommend searching and booking in advance to be able to get good prices and a flat or room that meets all the characteristics that are important to you. Start looking for accommodation as soon as possible, so you will have more options.

Apartments for rent in Veveří

Veveří is a central neighbourhood that is very well connected to the rest of the city through public transport. Here you will find a wide range of apartments for rent, as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes. A studio apartment has an average rent of € 600 per month.

Apartments in Trnitá

This neighbourhood is located very close to the historic centre of Brno: in approximately 10 minutes you can reach both on foot and by public transport, which can be tram or bus.

A studio apartment in this area has a rental price that ranges from € 530 onwards, with an average of € 720 per month.

Rooms for rent in the centre of Brno

The centre of this Czech city is a popular choice for students, as you will be close to many places of entertainment and beautiful corners of the city. The price of a room in a shared flat with four flatmates goes from € 250 per month onwards.

Erasmus accommodation near the Universities of Brno

The institutions of this Czech city are known for their quality and high standards. Some of the universities most chosen by students moving to Brno are:

Masaryk University

It is the second-largest university in the Czech Republic. It is located in the city centre of Brno, in the oldest part. Both the centre and Trnitá, Zábrdovice and Veveří would be good alternatives to find student accommodation near Masaryk University.

Mendel University in Brno

The campus of this institution is located north of the city centre, in the Černá Pole neighbourhood. Both that area and Zábrdovice and Ponava would be good options to be close to the university, being able to get there both on foot and by public transport.

Brno University of Technology 

It is one of the largest technical universities in the country. It is located a few minutes walk from the city centre, to the north, very close to Masaryk University. For this reason, neighbourhoods such as the centre, Trintá, Zábrdovice and Veveří would be good alternatives to find accommodation, although you can also consider others, such as Ponava and Černá Pole.

University residence in Brno

In this Czech city, each university is assigned a residence hall. Keep in mind that in residences it is normal, in addition to sharing a flat, sharing a room. That is the reason why the cost is usually cheaper than a private room in a private apartment, outside of a university residence. You have to assess which option you like the most and where you think you will feel most comfortable during the next few months of your life.

Frequently asked questions about Brno

Where to live in Brno as a student?
As a student, it is generally advisable to look for a flat near universities. In Brno, the most popular institutions are very close to each other and to the city centre. Some of the best neighborhoods to live are Trnitá, Zábrdovice, Veveří, Ponava and Černá Pole.
How much does a student flat cost in Brno?
This largely depends on the distance to the city centre but, for reference, a studio flat has an average cost of € 550 per month and € 900 on average for an apartment with more rooms.
Where to look for student accommodation in Brno?
Many international students move to this city to live the Erasmus experience, so we recommend finding and comparing accommodation as soon as possible and through the Erasmus Play search engine. You will surely find one that suits your preferences and budget.
How much is the approximate monthly expenditure of a student in Brno?
Supposing that you decide on a room in a shared apartment with an average price of € 350, and adding food and leisure, think that you should have between € 550-600 per month.
Why go on Erasmus to Brno?
In addition to the fact that you will be able to delve into Czech culture, you will also be able to enjoy its gastronomy and its varied leisure offer. It is also located in the centre of Europe, so it is very easy to travel to other places.