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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Rotterdam

Erasmus in Rotterdam

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Rotterdam

Private rooms Rotterdam 281 824/month
Studios Rotterdam 37 2740/month
Apartments Rotterdam 313 2138/month

Why do Erasmus in Rotterdam? This Dutch city has a lively atmosphere throughout the year due to the large number of students who choose it as a city to study. Rotterdam is very dynamic, full of life and has an incredible cultural offer. If you stay with us we will tell you everything the city has to offer. Go for it!

Cost of living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands 

Rotterdam is a city in the Netherlands with a standard of living among the highest in Europe. It is true that prices in this city, of everything in general, are higher than in other European cities, however, Rotterdam also has many offers and opportunities for its students. Do not hesitate and take advantage of them!

If you want to know what budget you need to live in Rotterdam, you must be clear about where you are going to stay. Renting your accommodation will be one of your biggest monthly expenses and the price of this can make the final budget vary a lot. We recommend comparing several options and locations before deciding on one. In our Erasmus Play search engine, we help you make this process as fast, simple and safe as possible.

To give you an idea, an Erasmus student in Rotterdam can spend around € 800-900 per month on average. Now, as we have mentioned, the rent has a lot to do with the budget, as does the lifestyle you lead.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

No matter what musical style you prefer to party in, surely in Rotterdam you will find the place that perfectly suits your tastes. A part of the city quite frequented by students is Witte de Withstraat, in the city centre, where you can find many bars to have a drink with your friends. In addition, you can also find different nightclubs in which theme nights are often held and discounts are offered for students. Erasmus students tend to go to discos, especially during the week, since the entrance is cheaper or even free.

Apart from the options for partying, there are also others to spend a quiet day with friends or studying for as many months as necessary. It is a beautiful city, so a visit through its most emblematic streets and corners is always going to be a good plan. We recommend that you join one of the city's student associations, as they usually organize events, activities and excursions aimed at exchange students.

Culture and food in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

A very characteristic thing about Rotterdam is that it is a city with many styles, both architectural and artistic. The city is in constant change, something that can be observed in its most modern and risky buildings. In addition, you can visit very important places in Rotterdam such as its museums and galleries, or such well-known sites as the Museumpark, located between the Museum Boijmans van Beuningenand the Kunsthal. You can also visit such curious places as the Van Nelle factory, which was built in 1920 to be a tea, coffee and tobacco factory. There are many amazing sites in Rotterdam and it is really interesting to do a little research on each of them.

On the other hand, if you live in Rotterdam and want to be part of the city and its culture, you should know a little about its gastronomy. We recommend you to try the typical dishes of the city, when you go to restaurants to eat, such as rijsttafel (a very typical rice dish), erwtensoep (pea soup) or kibbeling (fish battered with sauce). There are many more typical recipes, you will get to know them as you explore more during your stay.

Advantages of doing your Erasmus in Rotterdam, Netherlands

  • Rotterdam is a very active, dynamic and modern city which is full of life and party.
  • The local people are very friendly and almost everyone will be able to communicate with you in English, in case you are not fluent in the official language which is Dutch. Now, this is your moment if you want to learn a new language, even if it is the most basic.
  • This city offers many opportunities to its students, so much so that many decide to stay and work once they finish their studies.
  • The cultural and historical baggage of this city is very rich, so you will be able to learn a lot during your Erasmus in Rotterdam.

Cheap Erasmus Apartments in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

If you are looking for accommodation in Rotterdam but don't know how to find it, take a look at our Erasmus Play comparison site. Here you can easily compare and find the best student flats, rooms and apartments in Rotterdam. We help you make the accommodation search process fast and safe. All our accommodations are verified, so you can book them without problems.

Frequently asked questions from Erasmus students in Rotterdam

How much does it cost to live in Rotterdam as a student?

The average monthly cost of a student in Rotterdam is around € 800-900. This amount includes accommodation, food, transportation and possible leisure activities. Now, keep in mind that your final budget will depend on the price of your rental and your lifestyle.

What is student life like in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam welcomes a large number of students, both local and international, every year. The city offers many possibilities for the days you want to party, but also for when you need quieter days to study or relax. The cultural and leisure offer in Rotterdam is incredible.

How much does student accommodation cost in Rotterdam?

There are student accommodation offers for around € 300-400 per month. The type of housing and its location can greatly influence its price. We recommend that you start looking for options in good time before arriving in the city so that unforeseen complications do not arise.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Rotterdam?

The Erasmus scholarship/grant to study in Rotterdam and the amount of money you are going to receive for choosing Rotterdam will depend on your country of origin. The characteristics of the scholarship are different in each part of Europe, therefore, we recommend that you contact the international relations office of your university. Ask all the doubts that arise to be sure of your decisions.

What are the best areas to live in in Rotterdam?

The perfect location for you depends on your preferences and priorities, but here are some ideas. Very popular areas among students are the Kralingen neighbourhood, the city centre, where you can also find some accommodation offers, or some students prefer the areas closer to the university.