Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Saint-Denis

Saint-Denis is a French commune located in the northern suburbs of Paris. Both are located in the region called Ile de France. It is a historic city, whose origins date back to the 2nd century. Thanks to this, in Saint-Denis you will be able to visit places such as the Saint-Denis Cathedral and other places of interest. There are also various modern sites, such as the famous "Stade de France" stadium.

One of the advantages of choosing Saint-Denis to live your Erasmus experience is that you will also be able to enjoy everything that Paris has to offer, by being able to connect both cities in approximately 20 minutes by public transport. For this reason, if you are wondering what student life is like in Saint-Denis, we tell you that it is usually very lively, especially since you will also be able to access all the leisure offers of the great French capital.

If you are looking for student accommodation in Saint-Denis, keep reading! In this article, we will describe everything you have to take into account when looking for a flat, room or residence so that you can find the ideal one for you easily.

Student apartments for rent in Saint-Denis

Are you looking for a cheap apartment for rent for students in Saint-Denis? This is a complicated task since the prices of the apartments in this French commune are usually quite high. However, if you search on our comparison site you will find the right one for you quickly.

You will find both studio flats and apartments with more rooms to share. They are usually furnished and have the basic appliances to move into. In addition, many of the apartments offered have access to a garden, green space and/or balcony.

The cost of a studio flat starts at € 970 onwards and an apartment with more rooms to share starts at € 1900 per month.

Student room for rent in Saint-Denis

Renting a room in a shared apartment is often the preferred alternative for international students. For this reason, we recommend that you start your search well in advance, to find the one that best suits your preferences. Most rooms are furnished, but some may not include, for example, bedding. Pay attention to all these details when you search.

The cost of a student room in Saint-Denis usually starts at € 460 and the average price is around € 600 per month. Of course, depending on the characteristics, the cost can exceed € 1000, especially if it has a private bathroom per room.

Student accommodation in Saint-Denis

When looking for accommodation it can be a bit overwhelming not knowing the best areas of ​​Saint-Denis to live in as a student. To make it easier, we will tell you which are some of the preferred areas by students that you can consider:

Apartments for rent in the centre of Saint-Denis

From this neighbourhood, you will be able to easily access everywhere: from the universities to entertainment venues such as restaurants, bars, parks, markets and cultural sites. In addition, next to the centre is the train station from which you will be able to reach Paris in just under half an hour.

Apartments in La Plaine - Stade de France

This area is located south of the centre of Saint-Denis and features the famous stadium. For this reason, it is also a tourist area. It is located next to the Stade de France - Saint-Denis train station, from which you will also be able to reach the French capital in a short time.

Rooms for rent in Le Barrage

This neighbourhood, located north of Saint-Denis, is where the University of Paris VIII is located, making it a favourite among students. From Le Barrage you will be able to reach the centre of Saint-Denis in around 15 minutes on foot.

Erasmus accommodation near the universities of Saint-Denis

There are several institutions with campuses or buildings in this French commune:

The University of Vincennes in Saint-Denis 

Also called the University of Paris VIII, it is part of the “Université Paris Lumières ”. 

It has a very good connection with the rest of the city as it is next to the Saint-Denis-Université metro stop, to the north of Saint-Denis. It has several faculties, among which are Law, Economics and Management, Educational Sciences and Mathematics.

Sorbonne University Paris Nord 

This institution is one of the 13 independent institutions that were established after the separation of the University of Paris in 1968. It has five different campuses, all north of Paris, and one of them is Saint-Denis. This is home to the University Institute of Technology (IUT) and is located next to the city centre.

University residence in Saint-Denis

As in the rest of France, the university residences available in Saint-Denis are managed by the CROUS. Therefore, if you want to apply for a place in a residence hall, you have to fill out the form they propose.

Frequently Asked Questions about Saint-Denis

How much does a room cost in Saint-Denis?
The price of the rooms can vary a lot depending on the characteristics you have and the location of the apartment. The cost can vary between € 460 per month and € 1000. However, the average price is usually around € 600 per month.
Why share a flat with other students in Saint-Denis?
This option is usually the most chosen by young people since it allows you to save enormously on rental costs and utility bills, being able to invest that money in other activities you want to do or travel.
Should you live in Saint-Denis instead of Paris?
If you are going to study at a university in Saint-Denis, you should choose there it to live. In this way, you will be able to save on costs and transportation time, although you will be able to move to the French capital in your free time. In addition, in some areas, the standard of living may be slightly cheaper than in the capital.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Saint-Denis?
The cost of living in Saint-Denis is very similar to that in Paris, meaning that it is usually high. However, this always depends on the type of accommodation you choose and the lifestyle you lead, that is, how often you eat out, go out at night or what activities you do during your mobility.
Why go on Erasmus to Saint-Denis?
This commune in the suburbs of Paris is the perfect to live if you are going to study at some of its universities. It has a wide range of leisure and cultural sites to visit, and you will also be able to enjoy all the attractions of Paris, which is just a few minutes away by public transport. Another advantage of doing Erasmus in Saint-Denis is learning the French language.



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