Student rooms, flats and apartments in Seville

Seville is located in the south of Spain, it is the capital of Andalusia. Seville is one of the most populated cities in Spain, in addition to being the Spanish city with the largest historical centre of 3.9 km.

Rent apartments for students in Seville

Its impressive monuments attract every year a broad number of tourists who transit the streets of the city. An ideal city for Erasmus students, who can coexist in a large, tourist, sunny city with excellent food and cheap beer. The University of Seville has 85,000 students every year, below we recommend areas to stay if you are a student:

Alameda de Hércules

This neighbourhood has become one of the city's fashionable districts. Its traditional boulevard adapted to new trends, full of bars and restaurants that have adapted gastronomic spaces to the latest generation. These changes have made it an ideal area for international students who want to be in touch with the essence of the city.


Located to the east of Seville, Nervión is a modern and spacious neighbourhood with a residential character with an important economic and commercial centre. An interesting neighbourhood for students where they can have all the facilities they need during their stay. It also has cheap apartments but with little availability.


It is the most characteristic neighbourhood of the city and one of the most tourist areas. It is located near the centre of Seville, it is not excessively expensive and for an international student, it allows you to know everything you can expect from the city.

San Bernardo

The ideal neighbourhood for university students, safe and close to the University. Ideal to attend class and well connected to the rest of the city by tram.

Los Remedios

Its location allows you to move well between Triana and San Bernardo being a very well located neighbourhood. It is quiet, with an exclusive atmosphere, it has excellent services and a wide range of leisure activities.

Cheapest student rooms in Seville

University residences in Seville

Living in a student residence during your Erasmus is a great option compared to renting a room if you are someone who prefers not to complicate your living. Most of the university residences in Seville include cleaning, laundry and food services. However, some residences have strict rules on their facilities, if you are one of those who prefer to have more freedom or independence, we recommend that you choose to rent a student flat or apartment, live with other students, especially international students. It will also help you meet new people in Seville and improve your English and Spanish by practising daily.

These are some of the residence halls you can find in Seville.

Student Residences in Seville



Colegio Mayor Hernando Colón


Residencia Rector Estanislao of the Field


Residencia Rector Ramón Carande


Student halls in Seville



Colegio Mayor Alboran


Colegio Mayor La Luz


Colegio Mayor Almonte


Colegio Mayor San Juan Bosco


Colegio Mayor Guadaira


Private Major Schools in Seville



Colegio Mayor Rectora Rosario Valpuesta


Colegio Mayor Careu


Private University Residences in Seville



Residencia Santa Ana


Residence Magnolia Tree House


Residence Armendáriz


Residence María Inmaculada


Fernando Villalón


Residence Flora Tristán


Residence La Central Seville


Residence Celestino Mutis University Residence


Seville University apartments

Seville has three universities, in addition to various training centres. In Erasmus Play you can find the ideal apartment or flat for each one of them.

Apartments and rooms at the International University of Andalusia (UNIA)

The headquarters is located on Calle Américo Vespucio, on the island of La Cartuja in Seville, although it has centres in other Andalusian cities such as Huelva, Jaén and Malaga. Before choosing your accommodation, you must know where your faculty centre is. The headquarters in Seville is located far from the centre, therefore, you have the option of finding cheap accommodation near the UNIA or renting in one of the areas recommended above.

Apartments and rooms at Pablo de Olavide University (UPO)

Pablo de Olavide University, also known as UPO, is located on the Utrera road. This situation leads us to recommend that students consult the means of transportation to find out how long it will take from their desired accommodation to the University. In Erasmus Play if you are looking for accommodation for the Pablo de Olavide University we show you how long it will take you to get to the University from each accommodation.

Apartments and rooms at the University of Seville

The University of Seville is the University with the most students in Andalusia and the third in Spain. Its large size forces it to be divided into several campuses, so if you are going to study at the University of Seville you can consult the following.

Campus in Seville:

  • Central Building

    • Faculty of Geography and History
    • Faculty of Philology
  • Campus Center

    • Faculty of Fine Arts
  • Pirotecnia Campus

    • Faculty of Law
    • Faculty of Labor Sciences
    • Faculty of Education
  • Reina Mercedes Campus

    • Faculties of Sciences
    • Higher Technical Schools of Computer Engineering, Architecture and Building Engineering
  • Campus Macarena

    • Faculties of Health Sciences: Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry
    • Faculty of Medicine
  • Campus Ramón y Cajal

    • Faculty of Philosophy
    • Faculty of Economics
    • Faculty of Tourism and Finance
    • Faculty of Psychology

In Erasmus Play we recommend that you look for accommodation close to your campus, as you can surely find a more youthful and university environment in these areas of the city. In our search engine, you can find personalized accommodation searches for each faculty.

Frequently asked questions about Seville

How much does an apartment for students in Seville cost?
In Seville, the average price of a complete apartment is 500 euros, but this will depend on factors such as the location and characteristics of the property (dryer, terrace, air conditioning, heating, etc.). If you are looking for a cheap room in Seville the average price drops to 340 euros.
How to find cheap apartments in Seville?
Thanks to the tool developed by Erasmus Play you will be able to compare flats, apartments and rooms for students in Granada. Besides, you can make a secure online reservation on the website of our trusted partners.
How much does a university residence cost in Seville?
In Seville there are different residences for students. As we have mentioned above, there are regulated university residences, but you can also find accommodation in other residences. The average prices for university residences depend on the services included in the residence.
Are you going on Erasmus to Seville?
Seville is an ideal city for international students. A city that combines its extensive university life, it has three universities in the city with a unique cultural heritage. In Erasmus Play you can find a wide range of student accommodation in Seville and select the one that best suits your needs.
How long do I look for accommodation in Seville?
We recommend that you always search before choosing the destination of your mobility, so you can get an idea of ​​what life costs in each city. If you already know that your destination is Seville, the sooner you look for the better, since the best accommodation, apartments and rooms for students are the first to be sold out. Do not waste time! and find your ideal accommodation as soon as possible.
Sharing a flat with other students in Seville?
One of the best options is to share a flat with other students or young professionals. This will help you share expenses, being able to locate you in the best places and apartments in Seville.
How to find an apartment near the University in Seville?
Erasmus Play makes it easy for you, thanks to the development of personalized maps for the University of Seville, the International University of Andalusia and the Pablo de Olavide University, you will be able to search for your new home knowing at all times how far it is from your faculty. This will save you a lot of time comparing on different websites.


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