Student rooms, flats and apartments near the Universidad de Sevilla
University of Seville

Student rooms, flats and apartments near the Universidad de Sevilla

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Seville is a city located in Andalusia, in southern Spain. One of the most populated cities in Spain, which also has one of the most important universities with most students in the country, the University of Seville. It has the largest historic centre in Spain. An ideal city for tourism, whose impressive monuments attract a large number of tourists every year who fill the streets of the city. A perfect city for Erasmus students, who can experience life in a big, sunny city with excellent food and exceptional people.

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Student housing near the Universidad de Sevilla - US

The University of Seville is the third university with the highest number of students in Spain, behind the UNED and the University of Barcelona. How does looking for a flat in Seville feels? Seville is one of the most populated cities in the country, however, thanks to a large number of university students, you will be able to find many apartment owners near the University of Seville who are looking for students to rent to. If you are looking to share a flat or rent a room it will be much easier. In Erasmus Play you can find the accommodation that best suits you!

Campus of the University of Seville - US

The University of Seville is divided into six campuses. If you are looking for a flat near the University, make sure beforehand where your campus and your faculty is located. Check the following table to see where you are going to study:




Central Building

Calle San Fernando, 21, 41004 Seville

Faculty of Geography and History 

Faculty of Philology

Campus Centro

Calle Laraña, 3, 41003 Seville

Faculty of Fine Arts

Campus Pirotecnia

Calle Enramadilla, 18, 41018 Seville

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Labor Sciences

Faculty of Education

Reina Mercedes Campus

Avenida Reina Mercedes, 41012, Seville

Faculties of Sciences

Higher Technical Schools of Computer Engineering, Architecture and Building Engineering

Campus Macarena

Avenida Sánchez Pizjuán, 41009, Sevilla

Faculties of Health Sciences: Nursing, Physiotherapy and Podiatry

Faculty of Medicine

Ramón y Cajal Campus

Avenida de Ramón y Cajal, 41018 Seville

Faculty of Philosophy

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Tourism and Finance

Faculty of Psychology

Student residences in Seville

In the city of Seville, you can find student residences. If you want an alternative to sharing a flat, a residence is ideal. Their price is usually reasonable, and it depends on the services they include, they all include everything necessary for students, but also some additional services such as meals are included. Prices also vary depending on the room you want to rent, if you want to share a room or not, if you are looking for a private bathroom, etc. We recommend that if you see price differences in the same residence, you carefully read the differences between them.

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With the large variety of student housing, most students choose to share a flat in Seville. Sharing a flat with other students is one of the preferred options for students. Renting a complete apartment can be excessive and expensive, but sharing one with several colleagues will help you live in areas closer to the University of Seville at a much cheaper price. You can also share common expenses such as Internet, electricity, heating or food.