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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Siena

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Siena

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Are you going to study in Siena and you are looking for accommodation for your adventure? In this guide you will find everything you need to know about Siena and the different types of accommodation that you can find in the city.

What you should know is that you ought to search for a flat as soon as possible because it is a small city and the best accommodations sell out quickly. Don't worry because Erasmus Play is here to help you.

Student apartments for rent in Siena

Renting a complete student apartment in Siena may be an option, although not the most viable one. Italy in general is an expensive country and Siena in particular has quite high prices for flats.

The best option to rent an apartment is for a group of friends to go and try to find a house for yourself, although it is not very common, since people prefer to rent a single room and forget about the rest.

Therefore, this option is viable although the chances of finding something that matches your budget will be quite complicated.

Student room for rent in Siena

Rooms are the most common type of accommodation in Siena, so you will end up sharing a flat with other colleagues, whether they are acquaintances or strangers.

Renting rooms is not excessively cheap in Siena either, ranging from 300-400 euros per month to which, in most cases, you have to add expenses such as electricity or water.

In addition, you should know that we are talking about old floors and that the rooms are usually more or less small and you will hardly find a building with an elevator, which increases the price.

Many people then run into problems in the accommodation when they arrive because they see little match between the photographs and reality. That is why it is always better to have expert help when it comes to finding rooms for rent for Erasmus students in Siena and that's what we are here for! All accommodations that appear in our search engine are 100% verified apartments.

Student accommodation in Siena

As we have been telling you, the centre of Siena is the most popular place to find accommodation. Next, we detail which are the Contradas (neighbourhoods) most chosen by people who move to Siena.

Apartments for rent in Contrada Aquila

Located southwest of Piazza del Campo, it is one of the most central areas that we can find. The apartments here have a somewhat higher price and it is that living a few meters from the nerve centre is something that you have to pay.

Apartments in Contrada Oca

In the west of the famous plaza del campo, we also have the Contrada de Oca, which is also among the favourites of Erasmus students due to its proximity to the centre and being able to participate in daily life as an inhabitant plus.

Rooms for rent in Contrada Civetta

We will have to go to the north of Piazza del Campo to find the next contrada that we are going to recommend, which is Civetta (Lechuza). It has everything you can look for in an Erasmus accommodation and close to shops and leisure.

Erasmus accommodation in Siena Centro

In short, the Erasmuswhere they seek the most accommodation is in the city centre, where you can not only find these neighborhoods or contradas but also others such as Leocorno, Selvao Torre, which also have areas very close to the central square of the field.

Where to live in Siena?

Siena is a small city, with a very medieval appearance, divided into 17 neighborhoods or contradas. With around 50,000 inhabitants, it is located within the Tuscany region and is very close to renowned cities such as Pisa, Florence, Venice, Bologna or Livorno.

If you ask anyone who has been on Erasmus they will tell you to find something central, within the wall. Siena is a city characterized by having many slopes and although the distance between one point and another is short, if you have to face them it will take longer and you will arrive more tired.

Most Erasmus students choose to be located near Piazza del Campo, the main square of the historic centre of Siena and where more life congregates, both students and local people.

University residence in Siena

Residences in Siena are also a very common accommodation option as they are usually one of the cheapest. As a general rule, you pay about 300 euros per person per month and they are rooms shared with one other person.

You cannot make the choice of residence, you make a general request and it is the University that is in charge of locating you in one of the existing ones, depending on the proximity.

Very close to the centre are the residences of Sperandie or FonteBranda, while others exist further away from the centre such as San Miniato, which is very close to the Faculty of Medicine.

Frequently asked questions about Siena

Why choose Siena for Erasmus?

The University of Siena has a high level of education and quite comfortable facilities. It is a student city so the atmosphere of the city will be totally comfortable for Erasmus people.

How much does a room cost in Siena?

Siena is an expensive city, like most of Italy, so room rents are unlikely to fall below 300-350 euros, taking into account that the closer to the centre, this goes up.

How to find good accommodation in Siena?

We are going to give you two very important keys when it comes to finding the best accommodation in Siena: the first is that you do it well in advance and, the second, is that you use the Erasmus Play search engine.

How much does it cost to live in Siena?

The standard of living in Siena is not too cheap and you will notice it with the monthly rent outlay. It is better to do the shopping and cook at home because the restaurants are quite expensive, more for the budget of a student Erasmus.

What is the price of a University Residence in Siena?

This is the type of accommodation that can be cheaper and, as a general rule, the monthly price stipulated for university residences is about 300 euros to which the expenses would be added.