Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Sofia

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Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is a student destination well known for its prestigious San Clemente University of Ohrid (Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski) and because it is a destination quite affordable for all budgets. Life in Sofia is usually considered cheaper when compared to other European countries, which allows us to enjoy a more complete experience.

We are going to provide you with the keys to renting flats, apartments and rooms for students in Sofia. With this guide, we will introduce you to the different options available to you.

On our website, Erasmus Play, you can find an accommodation search engine for various Erasmus destinations. We recommend that you make use of it to get a better idea of ​​the prices and location since it integrates a map of the city. It is important to note that we only include accommodations that have been previously verified to avoid deception and fraud. With that said, we started this guide to student accommodation in Sofia.

Student apartments for rent in Sofia

Student rental apartments in Sofia are usually the preferred option for all those who do not want to share a flat. The most common in these cases is to opt for studio-type, one-room accommodation. Of course, it is the most comfortable option but it is also usually the most expensive, as you do not have someone to share expenses with. The average price of accommodation of this style is usually around 600-700 euros per month, which may be more or less depending on the area where they are located.

Finding a complete apartment for rent for students in Sofia is also usually an option for those who already travel accompanied from the place of origin, whether they are friends, classmates, acquaintances, etc. In this case, you can also choose a flat with two or more rooms to share.

Student room for rent in Sofia

On the contrary, if you travel alone and don't mind having to share common spaces with other students that you didn't know before, you should choose one of the rooms for rent that are available for students in Sofia. 

The rooms for rent for students in Sofia are much cheaper, although that is a factor that will depend a lot on the location of the accommodation. As is often the case in most large cities, living in the centre has its price and it is not that it is the cheapest.

To give you a clearer idea, we are going to stipulate an average of € 350 per room per month. That is the most common price you can find, although, as we tell you, it varies depending on certain factors.

Student accommodation in Sofia

We know that choosing the location of your student accommodation is a very personal decision. We find it very interesting that you know the options most recommended by other people who have been through your situation before. We think it will be a good way for you to start your search without starting from scratch.

Apartments for rent in Vitosha District

If you are looking for a secluded place, the Vitosha District is your place. It is located on the outskirts, south of the centre and at the foot of the mountain of the same name. If you are looking for a natural environment and at an affordable price, the Vitosha District has everything you need, in addition to being very well connected to the centre and other areas of the city.

Apartments in Studentski Grad

The most suitable place for all students is Studentski, the university area where all the faculties of the University of Sofia meet. Here you will also find most of the residences, another option that we will talk about later. The price is more affordable and you have to know that it is located about 7 kilometres from the city centre.

Rooms for rent in Sofia Centro

The main shopping areas are in the city centre, as well as many tourist attractions that you will surely know if you travel to the city. The centre gives you the facility to have everything at hand but that has a cost, being the rents here much more expensive than in other areas of the city. If that is not inconvenient for you, here is your ideal option.

Erasmus accommodation in Lozenets

Very close to the Vitosha district is the Lozenets area, full of modern buildings and green areas. Here is also the amusement park, an incentive to live in the area if you are young. It is a quiet area, central but with a somewhat higher cost.

University residence in Sofia

To access the university residences you must request a place in advance since most of them are owned by the state and are managed by the different universities in the city. Ordering it in advance will give you points, although nothing guarantees you a place. In addition to the fact that the facilities are not the most modern since they are old buildings.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sofia

Where to find student accommodation in Sofia?
Finding accommodation itself can be difficult due to the language barrier, that is why we recommend using platforms such as Erasmus Play, where we make things much easier for you by offering verified accommodation with online booking.
How much does a student residence cost in Sofia?
The price of the residences can vary according to the location, qualities and what it may include. To calculate an average, we would say that the price is around € 250-300 per month.
Why study in Sofia?
Studying in Sofia is quite a challenge since you are going to a country with a little-known language and with a different currency. This makes the experience much more attractive, in addition to going to centres with a high educational level.
Cost of living in Sofia for students?
Sofia, despite being the capital of Bulgaria, is not an expensive city if you are used to other places like Spain, France or Italy. With about € 250 you can live perfectly, without counting the accommodation.
Why share a flat in Sofia?
Sharing a flat with other people in Sofia may be the best decision. In addition to reducing monthly rental expenses, you will be able to share countless experiences with your fellow adventurers.