Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Sopot

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Sopot

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This Polish city is located in the north of the country, on the Baltic Sea. It is part of the “Tricity” or the “Triójmiasto” together with the nearby cities of Gdansk and Gdynia, which is why it tends to attract many tourists. Sopot is known for its spas and beaches and a livelier lifestyle than these other two cities, which is why it attracts many students every year to go on Erasmus at its universities. And here you will always find something to do, both during the day and at night. Sopot is frequently recognized as the best destination for students in Poland.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Sopot? Keep reading, in this article you will find everything you need to know when looking for the ideal accommodation for you, such as the different types available, the prices and the best areas to live in Sopot as a student.

Student apartments for rent in Sopot

Are you looking for cheap student apartments in Sopot? This will depend mainly if you want a complete studio apartment for yourself or if you prefer to rent an apartment with more rooms to be able to share it with other students. This is usually the most chosen option since your roommates will be like your family during your Erasmus.

The cost of the apartments to share depends on the number of rooms you have and their characteristics. You will be able to find, for example, offers for an apartment with a garden for € 250, although the average price of a three-bedroom apartment is € 550 per month. The price of a studio apartment goes from € 180 onwards and has an average of € 400 per month.

Student room for rent in Sopot

This option is usually the most chosen by international students who move to live in Sopot for their mobility. The price depends on different factors, such as the characteristics of each room and the whole apartment as well as its location. Most of the apartments and rooms are usually fully furnished and have basic appliances, like a washing machine, refrigerator, microwave and oven.

The monthly cost of a room in a shared flat goes from € 100 a month onwards, with an average of € 200 a month. You have to pay attention to whether this price includes utility bills or if you are going to have to add an extra per month to pay the costs of electricity, water, internet, etc.

Student accommodation in Sopot

There are several convenient areas to live as a student in this Polish city. It all depends on whether you want to be close to the city centre, the beach or the university. We advise you the most chosen neighbourhoods by international youths below:

Apartments for rent in Dolny Sopot

This neighbourhood is the centre of Sopot. Here you will find many of the interesting places to visit in the city, such as the famous Bohaterów Monte Cassino pedestrian street, where you will find many of the best-known shops and restaurants. In Dolny Sopot there are also beaches and historical sites.

Apartments in Karlikowo

Karlikowo is mainly residential and has a beach, several restaurants, bars and places to play sports. In addition, it has the Ergo Arena, a complex where many events are held throughout the year, both sports and music and shows.

Rooms for rent in Górny Sopot

The name of this neighbourhood in English would be something like “Upper Sopot”. It is located next to Dolny Sopot and extends into the inner city. Not only are there several of the university's faculties here, but it also has forests and natural sites with easy access to which students often go to do sports and enjoy nature.

Erasmus accommodation near Sopot universities

Despite being a small city, there are several universities in Sopot:

University of Gdansk (Uniwersytet Gdański)

This prestigious institution has two buildings in Sopot, that of the Faculty of Economy and that of the Faculty of Administration. Both are next to the city centre and the main train station, in Górny Sopot.

SWPS University

This university specializes in Social Sciences and Humanities. Its campus is located in the Karlikowo neighbourhood, very close to the Sopot Wyścigi train station.

Sopot University of Applied Sciences (SSW)

This institution is located east of the Świemirowo neighbourhood, next to the Karlikowo train station. For this reason, you can choose either of these two neighbourhoods to live near this university, although if you prefer to live in the centre, you will have around 20 minutes by public transport or approximately 30 on foot.

University residence in Sopot

In this Polish city, there are several student residences that you can go to. However, this type of accommodation is not usually preferred by international young people since, although it is cheap, the residences are not always in the best conditions. Therefore, students tend to prefer rooms in private flats.

Frequently Asked Questions about living in Sopot

How much does a room cost in Sopot?
The average price of a room in a shared flat is € 200 per month, although the minimum is usually around € 100 and the maximum can be up to € 360 per month.
Sharing a flat with other students in Sopot?
This is usually the preferred alternative for international young people who move to Sopot, since this way you will be able to share the experience with other students and establish close relationships. In addition, sharing a flat makes the cost of rent and utility bills cheaper, by being able to divide the expenses among everyone who lives there.
Where to look for accommodation near Sopot universities?
Once you know which institution you are going to go to, you will be able to locate it on the map and thus be able to choose the most convenient neighbourhoods to live in. However, some of the most popular neighbourhoods are Dolny Sopot, Karlikowo and Górny Sopot.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Sopot?
Poland is a very cheap country to live in as a student. As an estimate, if you rent a room in a shared flat and add expenses for food, leisure and some travel, it means that you should have around € 400-450 per month.
Why go on Erasmus to Sopot?
It is often said that this Polish city is one of the best for Erasmus, as it has a very lively student atmosphere. You will be able to enjoy the leisure activities on the beaches and also travel to other parts of Poland and Europe easily.