Erasmus in Southampton

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Southampton

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Why choose Southampton for your Erasmus? This city is a pleasant place to live in England and is relatively affordable compared to other cities in the UK. In addition, Southampton is a cosmopolitan place, and that can be seen in the variety of restaurants that you will find along its streets: Thai, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Indian and many others. As for the language, learning English will be something every day during your stay. Many Erasmus chooses to study in the UK to improve their English. As for the cost of living, this will depend on the lifestyle you lead and the monthly cost of renting the accommodation.

Many young people decide to move around the city by bicycle as it is the cheapest way. You can find some shops that sell second-hand bikes or rent one near the University of Southampton campuses or Solent University.

Cost of living in Southampton, England

The cost of living in Southampton varies a lot depending on the pace of life you lead, that is, if you are a person who likes to party and travel a lot, your budget will be a lot higher than other students. 

To give you an idea, the price of a room for rent in Southampton can cost you between 360-450 euros per month. To avoid you any headaches about accommodation, we as experts have placed our search engine at your disposal so that you can find cheap and quality accommodation.

Doing the daily shopping can be somewhat more expensive than in other European countries such as Spain, Italy or France, so you will have to know how to find offers and supermarkets that have good prices.

Student life, parties and leisure in Southampton, England

Southampton is a city located on the south coast, which means that it has a lot of beaches where you can do a lot of outdoor activities. It also has over 100 pubs, which means there are plenty of places for students who like to drink and have a great experience.

Southampton has a lot to offer young people and there are always fun plans to do with friends, classmates or coworkers. From LGBT clubs like The Edge, Junk or Orange Rooms, where you will spend a pleasant time meeting other students or residents. The Orange Rooms and Jesters Pubs are famous in Southampton for their flagship drink, 'Justice. Served in a tall glass and chilled with an orange slice on top ... you are going to love it!

Culture and gastronomy in Southampton, England

Southampton is a multicultural city with great international cuisine, so there are many options to choose from. For example, the Chinese food in Tangs, where you can find very cheap food. There are many other options such as Casa Brasil offering Brazilian starters, desserts and cooked meat for £ 14 or the Franco Manca pizzeria with an affordable £ 6.50 menu. You can also find Kebabs or Mexican food restaurants. 

The city of Southampton is full of must-see venues for fans of the performing arts and music. The theatres and museums have everything necessary to have a good cultural experience. In the city museum, for example, you will find a collection of around 160,000 pieces that cover all areas of life in its most diverse aspects. From collections specialized in the artistic world to those dedicated to science or technology.

Advantages of doing Erasmus in Southampton, England

  • Solent University has great international prestige and is one of the reasons why thousands of Erasmus students come to study in England. 
  • You will speak English more fluently during your stay.
  • Meet and make friends with other Erasmus from different European countries.
  • Southampton is connected to the whole of Great Britain, so you can visit other cities.
  • You will be in a city that has a student spirit, where you will enjoy English leisure and culture.

Cheap student accommodation in Southampton, England

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Frequently asked questions about doing Erasmus in Southampton

How much does it cost to live in Southampton as a student?
Southampton is a city that is in an intermediate-range in terms of cost of living in the United Kingdom. Surely if you compare it with other Spanish, Italian or Portuguese cities, the cost of living is somewhat higher. Compared to other big English cities like London or Manchester, you can live without problems with an average monthly budget of between 700 and 800 euros.
How is student life in Southampton?
Come to Southampton and experience the student atmosphere. You can make countless plans, go out for drinks with friends, go to one of its spectacular cinemas, etc... This city has been described by some as "a place for students".
How much does student accommodation cost in Southampton?
Before deciding to live in Southampton, you have several options for accommodation. Renting a shared room or a student residence can cost around 500 euros per month.
How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Southampton?
The Erasmus scholarship you will receive will depend mainly on the University of origin and country. We recommend that you inform yourself very well of the total amount since it will be very useful to calculate the budget that you are going to need.
What are the best areas to live in Southampton? 
In Southampton there are different areas, if what you are looking for is peace, look no further than Saint Mary's, with its proximity to Solent University and 'The Polygon'. The Shirley area is quieter and accommodation prices are not too high.