Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Southampton

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Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to student accommodation in Southampton, England. Without a doubt, this port city is known for being the starting point of the famous ocean liner Titanic. 

It is the ideal place if you are looking for an English-speaking city, located in the United Kingdom and with a less cold climate as it is on the coast. Also, compared to other cities in this country, it is a relatively cheap destination.

Are you still looking for your student apartment in Southampton yet? Before choosing, feel free to read what we have to tell you so as not to make a wrong choice.

Student apartments for rent in Southampton

The accommodation options that we can find in Southampton are quite a few, from apartments, studios and rental flats that are perfectly equipped for you to spend your study stay comfortably.

The price of a student apartment for rent in Southampton can vary a lot depending on the area where you are located, although doing a good search you can find a good bargain. That is where we, Erasmus Play, come in, grouping in our search engine flats and all kinds of accommodation from very affordable prices.

If what you want is total privacy, renting a student apartment or a studio maybe your best option. It is somewhat more expensive but, you will gain it in quality of life if you do not like the idea of ​​sharing a flat or room.

For this option, the average price is around 650 pounds (about € 750), with the cheapest being around 600 pounds, so if you are fast you can get a good apartment for yourself.

Student room for rent in Southampton

On the other hand, if you don't mind sharing a stay with people from other countries and culture, renting a room for students in Southampton is your best decision. With the advantage that, in addition, it is a much cheaper type of accommodation, for those who travel with an Erasmus grant and have a more limited budget.

The private rooms for rent for students in Southampton also have very different prices depending on their qualities and the place where they are located, with the downtown area being one of the most expensive.

From 400 euros you can find private rooms to rent in Southampton, perfectly equipped for students and in very different locations so you can choose where to establish your ideal residence.

Finding rooms for rent is not complicated in Southampton but before you start the search, check the best areas to stay in.

Student accommodation in Southampton

We have talked a lot about the difference in prices that exists between the various neighbourhoods or districts within the English city of Southampton. The main thing to keep in mind when choosing your student flat in Southampton is where it is located and the distance you are going to travel to attend classes on a daily basis.

The Polygon, Ocean Village, Weston, are some of the most famous areas, which are highly recommended by students who have already passed through Southampton.

Apartments for rent in Shirley

Shirley is a very quiet area and quite close to the centre, where prices are not bad when it comes to finding cheap student apartments in Southampton. It is very well connected as it is close to the station and has many amenities such as supermarkets, a doctor, shops, etc.

Apartments in the centre of Southampton

The most central area of ​​Southampton is ideal for all students since the two universities that exist in the city are quite close and a lot of city life is concentrated here. It is an area with many apartments available for students, somewhat noisy but with all services at hand.

Rooms for rent in Portswood

If you are looking to rent a room in Southampton, the Portswood area is ideal for sharing a flat as it is one of the highest concentrations of the university population, estimating that around 25% belong to the student community. This is, in large part, because it is quite close to the universities and the connection to the centre is quite good.

Erasmus accommodation in Saint Mary's

The Saint Mary's area is also a favourite among students due to its proximity to Solent University and City College. It is quite close to the centre and the price of the houses is quite affordable, an essential requirement for Erasmus students who come looking for comfort at the best price.

University residence in Southampton

Another accommodation option is the student residences located in Southampton. There are many but the Erasmus students who require it are usually located in the Lucia Foster Welch residence, whose cost is around 100 pounds per week.

There are other options but the price is not that it varies much from one to another, so they are not the cheapest option for renting student accommodation in Southampton either.

Frequently asked questions about Southampton

How much does it cost to live in Southampton?
Southampton is one of the cheapest cities in England when compared to others like London. You could live without problems with an average budget of 700-800 euros.
How to find a cheap room in Southampton?
The location will depend a lot on the final price to pay for a room to rent in Southampton, but your search will be easier using the search engine on our website, Erasmus Play.
What is the best area to live in Southampton?
It will depend on what you are looking for. If you are looking for tranquillity, get away from the bustle of the city in nearby areas such as Saint Mary's or The Polygon. But, if you don't mind, the centre is ideal to have everything at hand.
How much does a college residence cost in Southampton?
The price of the different university residences for students that are in Southampton usually around 80-100 pounds per week and is that almost all are in the centre of the city.
Why choose Southampton as your destination to study English?
Southampton is a city with a lot of history, which you can appreciate taking a walk through its streets. It is quiet and being a coastal area, it has a beach. Learning English in the sun is a very powerful point in your favour.