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Information about Tournai

If you’re planning your Erasmus in this Belgian city, you’re probably asking yourself questions like: what is the best type of student accommodation in Tournai, what is the cost of living in Tournai, or even what are the best areas to live in Tournai as a student? In this article we answer all those questions and many more!

Available accommodationTotalAverage price
Private room Tournai1€300
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Studio Tournai0
Entire place Tournai1€1000
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Tournai is one of the oldest cities in Belgium, with a rich heritage dating back to Roman times. It’s noted for its impressive cathedral, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although this Belgian city is not primarily a university town, it offers a student-friendly atmosphere, with cafes, bars and cultural events that facilitate integration and meeting other international students. On y va !

Student apartments for rent in Tournai

Apartments in Tournai tend to vary in size, ranging from studios for one person to larger apartments shared by several students. These accommodations are usually furnished, including the essentials such as bed, closet, and often a workspace with desk and chair. Kitchens and bathrooms can be private or shared, depending on the size and price of the apartment.

A popular option for students are “kots”, which are shared houses specifically designed for students. Kots are inexpensive and provide a unique opportunity to socialise and create a community with other students. They usually include basic amenities and sometimes extras such as access to common areas like living rooms and gardens.

Student rooms for rent in Tournai

In this Belgian city, the rooms can be part of a shared flat with other students or a student residence, but can also be part of a homestay. Look carefully at what the conditions and rules of the house are, as sometimes they may not allow access to the living room area, for example.

Generally, shared apartments and residences give more freedom and independence, so they are the most chosen options by young people (being the private shared apartments the ones that give more independence in terms of schedules and rules of the common areas).

Estimate that the cost of a single room in Tournai ranges from 320 € and up, although the average monthly price is around 400 € for a centrally located room.

Student accommodation in Tournai

The following are some of the preferred areas for students to live during their exchange in this Belgian city:

Flats for rent in Centre Ville (Centre of Tournai)

Tournai's historic heart, Centre Ville, is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in the city's rich history and culture. Here, you’ll find the impressive Notre-Dame Cathedral, charming cobblestone streets, and a lively nightlife with bars and restaurants, perfect for socialising. Of course, the cost of rent here can be a bit higher than in neighbourhoods outside the centre.

Apartments in Faubourg-de-Marvis

Close to the university and various educational institutions, it’s a vibrant and convenient area for students. This neighbourhood is known for its youthful and multicultural atmosphere, with a variety of affordable housing options, and is within walking distance of numerous amenities and entertainment venues.

Rooms for rent in Faubourg-de-Valenciennes

Faubourg-de-Valenciennes is a quiet, residential neighbourhood, ideal for students who prefer a more serene environment. It offers easy access to green areas and is well connected to the centre, combining comfort and tranquillity, as well as local shops and small cafes.

Student accommodation near the Université catholique de Louvain

This prestigious institution has part of the Faculty of Architecture, Architectural Engineering and Urban Planning in the city of Tournai. Its building is located on the other side of the river Scheldt from the liveliest area of downtown Tournai, just a few minutes' walk from it. For this reason, that neighbourhood is ideal for living, although you can also consider areas such as Faubourg-de-Valenciennes and Faubourg-de-Marvis.

Student residences in Tournai

In Belgium, in addition to the typical student residences that you’ll find everywhere else, you will also find the so-called "Kots". These are small buildings or typical houses that function in the same way as a student hall, that is, you can rent rooms and share the rest of the common areas. In both types of accommodation you’ll also be able to choose some studio apartments that will also give you access to the common areas.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Tournai

What are the best Apps if I’m going on Erasmus in Tournai?
One of the most convenient apps you can download is the Erasmus Play App! With it, you’ll be able to access a community of international students who are also planning their exchange to Tournai. You can get in touch with young people who are going to the same university as you, who are looking for friends and who want to find people to share an apartment with.
How much does a room in a shared apartment in Tournai cost?
The cost of a single room in a shared private apartment usually ranges from 320 € and up, although the average is around 400 € per month.
What are the best neighbourhoods to live in Tournai as a student?
The areas we most recommend you to consider are the city centre (Centre Ville), Faubourg-de-Valenciennes and Faubourg-de-Marvis, although some students also choose Faubourg-Saint-Martin.
Why go on Erasmus in Tournai?
Tournai is one of the oldest cities in the country and offers a welcoming student life. Learning and practising French in an authentic environment is invaluable, while enjoying the famous Belgian cuisine and participating in local festivals and cultural events. Tournai is also strategically located close to other major cities, such as Brussels and Lille, making it easy to travel and explore Europe.
Where to look for student accommodation in Tournai?
We recommend you to search in the Erasmus Play search engine, where you’ll be able to filter by your preferred characteristics and choose the ideal room, residence or apartment for you in a simple and fast way. In addition, the whole process can be done 100% online!

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