Polytechnic University of Valencia

Student housing near Polytechnic University of Valencia

Valencia is one of the largest and most important cities in Spain. Its location offers access to spectacular beaches and a mild climate from fall to spring, which makes it one of the preferred destinations of international students.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia stands out for its great international commitment and its development through the Office of International Action and the Office of International Exchange Programs. This commitment makes it a perfect University for international students such as Erasmus, who can enjoy life in a big city.

Flats and rooms at Campus de Vera, Valencia

The Vera Campus of  Universidad Politécnica de Valencia UPV is located in the north of the city of Valencia on the Camí de Vera. The campus is less than 2km from Playa de la Malvarrosa, so if you like the beach and you study in this campus, you have the opportunity to rent a flat near the university and make the most of the beach.

These are the faculties that are located on this campus:

  • Higher Technical School of Building
  • Engineering School of Agricultural Engineering
  • School of Industrial Engineering
  • School of Architecture
  • Polytechnic City of Innovation

Flats and rooms near Campus de Alcoy, Valencia

In the city of Alcoy, you will find the Polytechnic School of Alcoy. If you are going to study in this city you should consider that it is more than an hour away from Valencia and about three-quarters of an hour from Alicante, therefore we recommend that you look for accommodation near the university in Alcoy. Being a smaller city than Valencia and located inland, you can easily find cheap rental apartments or rooms. 

Gandia campus, rooms and flats. Valencia

The Gandía Campus is located on the outskirts of the municipality of Gandía, less than 1 km from the beach and the port. Gandía is a city known for its coastal leisure offer. If you like the beach, studying in Gandía can be a great option. 

If you are going to study in Gandía, many apartments you find will be vacation rentals. In Erasmus Play you can find medium-term accommodation, for international students such as Erasmus. Who normally stays between 4 and 10 months.

Student housing around the Polytechnic University of Valencia.


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