University of Vienna

Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is one of the European Universities that receives the most Erasmus students every year. Its culture, location and architecture are the main causes that this city is an ideal Erasmus destination.

There are different websites that offer accommodation in this city and we have grouped them all in our search engine so that you can find accommodation easily and quickly. In addition, all the housings included are fully verified and furnished, so the reservation is totally secure.

Student housing in Vienna near the Universität Wien

The University of Vienna is located just a few minutes from the city center, so traveling from anywhere in the city is quite comfortable. We recommend you find accommodation near the University so that you can walk.

Thousands of students look for student housing in this city every year, so you should search as early as possible and buy all the available accommodation for students in Vienna. If you do that, you will find an accommodation that suits your needs.

Rooms for rent near the Universität Wien - UNIVIE

Many students believe that the best option to live in a foreign city is sharing a flat with other students. They are absolutely right, one of the most beautiful experiences of your mobility is that. Living with other students like you will allow you to develop personally and open your mind to new cultures.

Compare all the available rooms in Vienna easily and completely safely in our search engine. All our partners have fully verified accommodations and the payment process is 100% secure.

Student residences University of Vienna

Another very valid option for living in Vienna is to select a university residence or student residence. The difference of living here instead of in a shared apartment is that services like cleaning, dining or similar are included. There are many types of student residences, each with its own prices, services and internal rules.

Student apartments near the University of Vienna

For those students who have a higher budget, they have the option of renting an entire apartment, either to live alone or to share with other friends. It is an idela option too, since if you share you will be able to distribute the rental costs, internet, etc. In our search engine you can find furnished apartments for students with desks, internet, TV, etc.

Apartments for rent in Vienna near “University of Vienna”

Renting an apartment in Vienna is not a difficult task, however, it is difficult to find an apartment with a good price, since there are many websites with very high prices . Our search engine does that job for you and you won't have to compare on countless websites looking for the best accommodation. We have put at your fingertips the student accommodation comparator so that you can find the best student accommodation in Vienna at the best price.

Life at the University of Vienna - Universität Wien

The University of Vienna has different faculties but all of them are located around the Campus der Universität Wien, a fairly large campus located next to the Rathauspark and the Votive Church (Votivkirche). Student life on campus is great and you have all the necessary services for students. All the information is on the University's website, we recommend that you consult any questions you may have or ask in the international relations department.


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