Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the Vienna University of Economics and Business
Vienna University of Economics and Business

Renting flats, apartments and rooms near the Vienna University of Economics and Business

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The Vienna University of Economics and business is a public university recognized in the area of ​​business and economics. WU is ranked 34th in the ranking of the 90 leading business schools in Europe. Its culture, location and architecture are the main causes that this city is an ideal Erasmus destination.

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Student accommodation in Vienna near the Universität Wien

The Vienna University of Economics and Business is located northeast of the city centre, on the bank of the Danube river that runs through the city. It is advisable to live in an accommodation in Vienna which is close to the University so that you can walk.

Living in Vienna on rent can be difficult as thousands of students search for student accommodation in this city every year. It is important to search as soon as possible and compare all the accommodation available for students in Vienna. The ultimate goal is to find an accommodation that suits your needs.

Room rental near Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien- WU

The first thing that students who are going to study in Vienna tend to think is wondering where they are going to live. Without a doubt, one of the most chose accommodation options by students to live in Vienna for rent is to share a flat. Renting a room in Vienna is one of the most marvellous experiences you can have on your mobility. Living with other students like you will allow you to develop personally and open your mind to new cultures.

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University residences in Vienna, Vienna University of Economics

University residences in Vienna are a suitable option in any university city. Between a university residence and a shared student flat, the difference is that, residences surely have services included like; cleaning, dining or other similar. Student residences in Austria vary between them, each with its prices, services and internal rules.

Student Apartments near the University of Vienna

With a larger budget, some students opt to rent a complete apartment in Vienna, either to live alone or to share with other friends. This option is very economic, since you can share the rental costs, internet, etc. In our search engine you can find furnished apartments for students with desks, internet, TV, etc.

Apartments for rent in Vienna near “Vienna University of Economics and Business”

In general, apartments for rent in Vienna are usually quite expensive, since we are talking about the capital of Austria. There are many websites with very high prices. To find a more affordable apartment for rent in Vienna, our search engine helps you. You will not have to compare in countless webs looking for the best accommodation. We have put at your fingertips the student accommodation comparator so that you can find the best student accommodation in Vienna at the best price.

Life at Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien- WU

The Vienna University of Economics has different faculties but all of them are located around the WU Campus, a fairly large campus a few meters from the Danube River. University life on campus is great and you have all the necessary services for students. All the information is on the University's website, we recommend that you consult any questions you may have or ask in the international relations department.