Student rooms, flats and apartments in Cadiz

Renting a student room in Cadiz is one of the biggest concerns that all students have when they know for sure that this will be their destination.

Rental flats for student in Cadiz

As a small city, it is very easy to get around and the location of your accommodation is not going to be a big problem to move around.

The average price of a room for students is € 350 per month. Renting a room for students is much cheaper than renting an entire apartment. Therefore, we recommend that if you go for a short stay (4-9 months) do not complicate yourself and look for a room in a shared flat.

In Cadiz, there is a wide variety of rental apartments for young people throughout the city. The most demanded areas are the centre and the ones near the University.

Another option is to stay in a student residence in Cadiz. The prices are higher, but they include other services that may interest you, such as cleaning, dining room, etc.

Room for students in Cadiz

Are you looking for a flat for rent for students in Cadiz? In Erasmus Play we have several options that may interest you. You can rent a student accommodation in the centre of Cadiz, you can also rent a room for students near the University of Cadiz, an apartment in the city centre with a very bright living room, etc.

All this is very easy to find since we allow you to compare a wide variety of online hosting platforms. Here is a compilation  of the best areas to live in Cadiz if you are a student:

La Viña

It is one of the preferred neighbourhoods by students for its good location, atmosphere and for its tradition and history. It has narrow streets and typical houses (with two floors). In its surroundings, there is a great leisure environment for young people and it is characterized by its great gastronomic offer.

It is very close to the sea, specifically Playa de la Caleta, where you can enjoy wonderful sunset walks.

Paseo Marítimo

It is one of the busiest places in Cadiz, both by the local population and by tourists who come to visit the wonderful promenade. There are a wide variety of accommodations located near the promenade, it is a long walk, with beautiful beaches such as Playa de la Victoria or Playa de Santa Maria del Mar. This area is a little far from the University area, but being a small city you can quickly reach any point of the city on foot or by public transport.

El Pópulo

This is the oldest neighbourhood in Cadiz and, therefore, where the emblematic places of the city are found, architecturally speaking. You can find places like the Roman Theater and the Cathedral of Cádiz.

Although it is a tourist neighbourhood, it is also characterized by being a quiet area, with a large number of shops and a good daily atmosphere. Normally, the houses in the area have been recently renovated and their interiors are wonderful. If you are a student, you will have to check other factors in addition to the location, such as the monthly rental price.

Student apartments at UCA

Discover the best apartments for students near the University of Cadiz. Get to know all the rooms available for university students at the UCA. We collaborate with different accommodation platforms and student residences that allow us to offer you a wide variety of exclusive accommodation for students. Based on the main needs of each student.

The best rooms and apartments for students are those whose prices are relatively low, are located near the faculty and their facilities are of quality. Normally, finding accommodation like this is not easy, so we recommend that you use Erasmus Play to easily search and compare the entire offer. Once you have filtered the accommodations you like the most, you can save them to make a more detailed comparison before making your reservation.

We have the best-shared flats for students in Cadiz, you just have to select your dates, specifications and book through our partner platforms.

University residences in Cadiz

If you are looking for cheap residences in Cadiz you have to compare between the wide offer that currently exists. In general, the best university residences in Cadiz are those with the highest price. If you are a student who is going to study for 4-9 months, we recommend that you look for a room or shared flat, you will enjoy greater freedom and the monthly cost of accommodation will be lower.

All university residences in Cadiz have their pros and cons, you will have to analyze them individually and decide what interests you the most, whether to pay a little more in exchange for better services or to select a cheap residence of slightly lower quality. Despite the decision you take, make sure that you have valued every aspect of the housing. Each student has specific needs and a different budget, it is important to book accommodation that you like and you know that you will live comfortably for the next 4-9 months of your life.

Housing for University students in Cadiz

All students want to rent a cheap apartment near the university or in the city centre, but not all get it. Usually, the people who start looking for their accommodation early are the most likely to find a cheap apartment near the university. 

Cadiz is a city with a large number of Erasmus students, due to its location, climate and wonderful city. Its University is one of the most recognized within Spanish Universities and this contributes to thousands of Erasmus students deciding Cadiz as their Erasmus destination every year.

How to find student accommodation in Cadiz? Very simple, if you come from any country other than Spain, our recommendation is that you carry out a search for your future accommodation through the internet. This will allow you in a simple way to know the best areas of Cadiz to live, you will be able to see the images of the accommodation without having to travel to the city and you will also be able to compare between a multitude of accommodations.

At Erasmus Play we make this very easy for you since you have access to a wide range of accommodation with just one click. Don't wait any longer and get the best room, flat or apartment for students in the city of Cadiz.

Frequently asked questions about Cadiz

How much does a room for students in Cadiz cost?
In Cadiz, the average price of a room is around 350 euros, but this will depend on factors such as distance to the centre or University, distance to the sea (first line) and the characteristics of the house.
How to find cheap apartments in Cadiz?
If you are looking for a cheap room in Cadiz, you will have to compare in advance the entire accommodation offer. In Erasmus Play we make it easy for you, you can quickly compare flats, rooms and apartments for students from our search engine.
How much does a university residence cost in Cadiz?
In Cadiz, there is a wide range of student residences. As we have commented previously, prices can be very different depending on the services included.
Are you going on Erasmus to Cadiz?
Cadiz is one of the favourite cities for Erasmus students as it combines university life with culture and good weather. In Erasmus Play you can find a wide range of accommodation for students in Cadiz and select the one that best suits your budget and needs.
Sharing a flat with other students in Cadiz?
Without a doubt, one of the best options. Sharing a flat with other students has become fashionable in recent years, not only because the cost is lower, but also because of the experience and maturity that this provides. In Cadiz, there is a wide variety of cheap shared flats near the University or the Paseo Marítimo.
How to find an apartment near the University in Cadiz?
Erasmus Play makes it easy for you, thanks to the development of personalized maps for the University of Cadiz, you will be able to find your new home, knowing at all times how far it is from your faculty. This will save you a lot of time comparing on different websites.


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