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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Catania

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Catania

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Catania is one of the best-known cities on the island of Sicily, in southern Italy. It attracts the attention of many students who move to live here for at least one season, thanks to its warm climate and its fun atmosphere for young people. It is a Mediterranean city with access to the sea. Besides, Catania is cheaper than other cities in northern Italy.

In Catania there is usually a lot of life on the streets, students meet to walk through the centre, in bars or its famous squares. Also, parties are organized on the beaches during the warm months.

Surely you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Catania if you are a student? This depends, mainly, on the cost you have to rent. Here's everything you need to keep in mind when looking for student accommodation in Catania.

Student apartments for rent in Catania

In this city of Sicily, there is a varied offer of apartments for rent for students, most of them in central neighbourhoods. You can choose a complete apartment for yourself or share it with other students. This last option will make the cost of the rent and the expenses of electricity, water, gas bills, etc. are minor.

As for the price, a studio apartment has a cost that starts at € 560 per month. On the other hand, a shared apartment with two rooms starts at € 750 per month and a four-room apartment starts at € 1000 onwards.

Student room for rent in Catania

When looking for a room to rent, in addition to paying attention to the features that the room includes, such as a closet or a desk, you have to see what the apartment includes. Most options usually have a shared bathroom, living room, and refrigerator. However, many do not include appliances such as a washing machine, oven, microwave or television. Make sure the floor includes everything important to you!

The price of a room in a shared apartment depends on whether it is private or shared. The private ones have an average cost of € 330 per month and range from € 200 in a central neighbourhood. On the other hand, shared rooms start at € 260 per month for each person.

Student accommodation in Catania

In this section, we will tell you which are some of the most chosen areas to live by international students during their stay in Catania. They stand out for being in areas with a good environment and, most of them, near the university.

Apartments for rent in the Historic Center of Catania

The historic centre of the Sicilian city is one of the places where students gather the most. Here you will find many faculties of the University of Catania and most of the places of interest and leisure. The price of accommodation in this area starts at € 570 for a studio flat, with an average of € 600 per month. You will also find, for example, prices between € 750 and € 1000 for a two-bedroom apartment to share.

Apartments in Cannizzaro

This area is perfect if you want to live in a place a little away from the centre, quieter and next to the sea. Of course, the area is so privileged that it is normal for prices to increase a little. In addition, some of the accommodations include a garden and/or sea views. Here you will find offers such as a studio apartment with a terrace for € 900, for example. Likewise, a flat to share with other students with three rooms costs around € 2,300 per month.

Rooms for rent in Borgo-Sanzio

This neighbourhood is attached to the city centre. In it are some of the university's faculties and those that are further north are also nearby. There is a good public transport connection and it is a few minutes walk from the centre of Catania.

A private room in a shared apartment has an average price between € 250 and € 350.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of Catania

The University of Catania does not have a distinguished main campus however is divided into different buildings located throughout the city. It depends on which faculty you go to is the neighbourhood where the institution will be, so you should identify it before starting to look for accommodation.

Many of the buildings are located in the city centre, others in Borgo-Sanzio and others in Carrubella, so those areas would be suitable for finding student accommodation near the University of Catania.

University residence in Catania

This city in Sicily has a wide variety of university residences, all with different locations, quality and price. Among the features that may include there are study rooms, computers, television, shared dining room, bar, washing machines and even photocopying services.

In the university residences you will be able to rent a room from € 500 onwards. Everything will depend on the location and characteristics of the residence.

Frequently asked questions about Catania

How much does a student rental apartment cost in Catania?

The price depends on the location of the apartment. However, as a reference, keep in mind that the price of a studio apartment starts at € 560 and up, a two-bedroom apartment starts at € 570 and a four-bedroom apartment starts at € 1080.

What is the best area to live near the University of Catania?

This institution is divided into different buildings that are found throughout the city. Depending on which faculty you are going to study in, you can choose neighbourhoods such as Borgo-Sanzio, Carrubella or the centre of Catania.

What is the approximate monthly expenditure of a student in Catania?

Adding up all the expenses for rent, food and some entertainment, think that you should have around € 600 per month approximately. However, the expense differs for each person, especially if you plan to travel or if you choose to rent an apartment just for yourself.

How to find a cheap room in Catania?

Follow these steps to find cheap accommodation that meets all the important characteristics for you:

  1. Access the Erasmus Play search engine
  2. Set your monthly budget and the dates of entry and exit
  3. Filter and search for your preferences in the characteristics of the house, comparing between the different Verified options
  4. When you find your ideal accommodation, book it as soon as possible 100% online and secure. Don't wait for someone to rent it before you!

Why go on Erasmus to Catania?

This city of Sicily is a university city where the student atmosphere is very lively and international, there are always parties or something fun to do. Also, it is a charming city with many attractions to enjoy, you will be able to tour the island with its Mount Etna and you will be able to learn or improve your Italian.