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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in  Genoa

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Genoa

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The historic Italian port city of Genoa is the destination for students from all over the world. If you are looking to rent a flat, apartment or student room in Genoa we can help you. In this guide we are going to tell you everything you need to know about renting accommodation in Genoa. 

Once you know all the information, you will be able to find the perfect accommodation for you through our Erasmus Play search engine. All the flats and rooms that appear in Erasmus Play have been verified to guarantee the highest security in the booking process.

Apartments, private rooms, shared rooms, studios and all the accommodations that are available in this Italian city are detailed below.

Student apartments for rent in Genoa

The most comfortable option for many students is to find a rental apartment to live alone or share with other people. With this option you will have total freedom when entering, leaving, inviting someone home, etc. Besides, you can decorate the house to your liking, without having to ask anyone.

All are advantages, although it is true that it is an expensive option if you want to live alone, so we recommend that you look for roommates. The average rental price is usually around 1000 euros, a figure that can increase or decrease depending on the location and qualities of the accommodation.

The prices of student rental apartments in Genoa increase as we get closer to the city centre. It is logical if we think that we are going to locate ourselves in a privileged place, with all kinds of services within reach. If you are a university student, we recommend that you also value the distance to the University.

Student room for rent in Genoa

Your experience can be much cheaper if you choose to rent a student room in Genoa. You have options from € 200 per month in our search engine, although the average price in the city is usually around € 350. 

The Erasmus experience often involves living with people you did not know before, from other countries and with other cultures. It can be very enriching and a great way to practice languages

If this is not an inconvenience for you, you are facing the ideal accommodation. We recommend that you be quick when reserving your room in Genoa because the offer is not very wide and the best rooms are rented very quickly.

Student accommodation in Genoa

The location of the accommodation you choose in Genoa will be essential for your stay in the city. Everything will depend on what you are looking for, if you want to be closer to the centre, if you prefer more tranquillity in remote but well-connected areas or if you do not care about any of the above.

Taking all this into account, we want to offer you a series of ideal places to establish your residence in Genoa during the time you are going to study or work in Italy:

Apartments for rent in Porto Antico 

Porto Antico, or the Old Port, is located in the historic centre of the city. It has a lot of commerce around, the port is very close and the Genoa Brignole train station just a few minutes away. The rental apartments in Porto Antico are priced according to their location (city centre) but they make up for it with their advantages.

Apartments in Boccadasse 

One hour's walk from Porto Antico we have Boccadasse, a more secluded place from the bustling city centre, ideal for those looking for tranquillity. In summer this is a very popular area for its small beaches, ideal for a walk. The price here is somewhat cheaper than in the centre but the difference is not very high either.

Rooms for rent in Genoa Center

The historic centre of Genoa is made up of the Molo neighbourhood, which would be the medieval city, and the neighbourhood Maddalena, which corresponds to the Baroque neighbourhood. The influx of tourism is continuous, so the streets come alive, something that you can enjoy every day if you decide to rent a room in the centre of Genoa.

Erasmus accommodation in Piazza Principe

A good location close to the centre is Piazza Principe, as well as being cheaper than the city centre. It has a station nearby, so mobility by public transport is quite easy. You have all the services nearby and in a half-hour walk you can be in the historic centre of the city.

University residence for students in Genoa

Another option is to live in one of the student residences in Genoa. Generally, university residences have an application for places available and almost always the number of applications is usually greater than the offer, so you can run out of a room.

Many student residences include other additional services such as cleaning or dining room. Prices vary according to location, room characteristics and services included.

Frequently Asked Questions about Genoa

How much does it cost to live in Genoa if you are a student?

Genoa is one of the cheapest Italian cities and this is reflected in the price of the rents. We could say that with the rent of an average room your total expenses could be approximately € 600 per month.

Where to look for a cheap rental apartment in Genoa?

Through the Erasmus Play search engine, you can easily compare the prices of all the accommodations. Also, all housing are verified so that you can safely make a reservation.

What are the best areas to live in Genoa?

Some of the best neighbourhoods to live in Genoa are the old town, Porto Antico, Boccadasse, Nervi and Piazza Principe. We inform you of the main characteristics of each area.

How much does a university residence cost in Genoa?

The price of student residences in Genoa is quite uneven and will depend on each case. In general, prices can be around € 350 per month. We recommend that you compare all the prices.

Why do your Erasmus in Genoa?

The main reason is because of the climate and its location between sea and mountains. It is a spectacular place and one of the cheapest when travelling to Italy. The quality of your studies is another important factor in choosing this destination.