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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Coimbra

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Coimbra

Private rooms Coimbra 622 338/month
Residences Coimbra 55 321/month
Studios Coimbra 84 590/month
Apartments Coimbra 95 988/month

Coimbra is one of the favorite destinations of Erasmus students traveling to Portugal. Its quality of life, education and good student atmosphere make this destination an ideal city to live for a season.

It is a city with a lot of atmosphere both during the day and at night. The center is full of bars, restaurants and museums. Its low cost of living allows you to live a perfect experience without depriving yourself of anything. To make your arrival in the city easier, here is a guide to help you find quality and affordable accommodation in Coimbra.

Student accommodation in Coimbra

More and more people are looking for accommodation in Coimbra for their Erasmus + mobility program. It is recommendable not to leave your accommodation search at the last minute since the best apartments for students are always rented out quickly. Some popular areas to rent a flat are the following:

Rooms for rent in Praça da República

This is the leisure area of ​​Coimbra and it is sometimes difficult to find accommodation here. However, its surroundings are different and you will not have too much trouble finding a quality apartment with a reasonable rental price.

Apartments for rent for students in Rua Guerra Junqueiro

For many students it is considered one of the best locations to live in Coimbra. It is located near Praça and from there you can go anywhere on foot.

Housing in the best areas of Coimbra

In addition to those mentioned above, there are other places where they offer rooms to students going to Coimbra. Here is a list with some places that may be of interest to you:

  • Rua Doutor Antonio Jose de Almeida
  • Rua Lourenço de Almeida Azevedo
  • R. Dr. Augusto Rocha
  • R. Antero de Quental
  • R. António Vasconcelos
  • R. Oliveira Matos
  • R. de Tomar

Share flat in Coimbra for students

In general, almost all Erasmus students who go to Coimbra decide to share a flat as it is one of the best options to save on monthly rent and meet new people.

The atmosphere in the house will depend on your character and the rest of the roommates, but usually you always end up having a great time with your new companions.

Erasmus apartments for rent in Coimbra

Thanks to the high number of Erasmus students who go to Coimbra every year, there are countless owners who rent out their homes to students. We have selected the best accommodation for students in Coimbra and we have grouped them in our search engine so that you do not have to compare on countless websites.

Student apartments for rent in Coimbra

We have the best apartments in Coimbra, selected from the best online accommodation platforms for you. There are many furnished apartments and studios, with double bed, internet and well located in the center of Coimbra. Access Erasmus Play search engine, set your maximum budget and directly access a complete list with all the accommodation offer in Coimbra.

University residence in Coimbra

In Coimbra there are some student residences that are responsible for hosting their tenants with a room to sleep in and many of them with additional services (cleaning and dining room).

Each one has its rates depending on the characteristics of the residence, but they are generally more expensive than living in a shared apartment.

Frequently asked questions about Coimbra

Why study at the University of Coimbra?

The campus of the University of Coimbra is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Its great offer and quality of studies make this University a claim for students from all over the world.

What is the cost of living in Coimbra?

Coimbra is a city with a low-medium cost of living so you can allow yourself to live a unique experience without having to spend too much during your stay in the city.

How much does a student apartment cost in Coimbra?

In Coimbra the average rental price of a room goes from 180 euros onwards. Accommodation located in the city center will be priced slightly higher than in more remote areas. The same happens with accommodations near the Universities.

Why study in Coimbra?

Coimbra is a wonderful city, with a lot of history and a culture that will make you fall in love. It is characterized by being a student city, thanks to its magnificent university that receives students from all over the world.

How to find cheap apartments in Coimbra?

In Erasmus Play you will be able to quickly compare all the accommodation, apartments and rooms for students in Coimbra on the main online platforms.

Where to live in Coimbra?

We recommend that you look for a room, flat or apartment for students near the faculty. This will save you time and money on daily commuting in Coimbra.

How much does a university residence cost in Coimbra?

In Coimbra there are many residences for students. Average prices for university residences are 360 euros per month. Many of them include dining and cleaning services.

Sharing a flat with other students in Coimbra?

One of the options chosen by Erasmus students who travel to the city of Coimbra is to share a flat with other students. This will allow you to meet new people and save on monthly rental costs.

How to find an apartment near the University in Coimbra?

Erasmus Play, through its personalized maps of Universities, allows you to quickly search for student apartments near any University in Coimbra.