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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Faro


Private room

Room at Rua Actor Nascimento Fernandes, Faro


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Apartment at R. das Cercas, 8650 Sagres, Portogallo


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Apartment at Praceta Joaquim da Cruz Azevedo 5


Entire place

Apartment at R. das Cercas, 8650 Sagres, Portugal


Entire place

Apartment at Rua Gago Coutinho 27


Entire place

Apartment at Avenida Cidade de Hayward 8

Information about Faro

This city is located in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve region. It is the capital of that Portuguese area. It has beautiful architecture, good weather and a lot of history. The city itself does not have a beach, but you can reach it in less than an hour by public transport and enjoy nautical activities such as surfing or kayaking. You will also have easy access to natural parks and other areas with nature.

Available accommodationTotalAverage price
Private room Faro1€600
Residence Faro0
Studio Faro0
Entire place Faro5€2160
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Faro is considered a city with a lot of student atmosphere. Parties are organized throughout the week, which both Portuguese and international youth take advantage of.

Are you looking for student accommodation in Faro? You have to know that every year more students choose this Portuguese city for their Erasmus, which translates into more young people looking for accommodation. Therefore, we recommend that you start your search several months before arriving, that way you will be able to find one that meets all the important characteristics for you.

Student apartments for rent in Faro 

In Faro you will have two options in terms of complete apartments: you can share a multi-room apartment with other students or you can choose a studio type. In any case, you have to pay attention to all its characteristics to find an apartment that has a good location, a good price and everything that you consider important. Most of them usually include basic appliances, such as a refrigerator, oven, and washing machine.

The minimum monthly cost of an apartment with several rooms to share is usually € 800, being the average € 1,250. A studio apartment in Faro starts from € 600 onwards and can go up to approximately € 1000, always depending on its characteristics and location.

Student room for rent in Faro 

This alternative is usually the most chosen by international young people who move here to live for a season, so we recommend that you start your search in advance to find the perfect one for you. From Erasmus Play we make it easy for you! To find your ideal room, you just have to access the comparator, determine your dates and maximum budget, and start filtering by the characteristics of the verified accommodations.

The price of a private room in a shared apartment in Faro has an average of € 370 per month. The minimum is usually around € 320 and the maximum can be up to € 600.

Student accommodation in Faro

Most of the young people who come to live their Erasmus experience in Faro chooses neighbourhoods that are close to the university or the centre. For your knowledge, below are some of the most chosen neighbourhoods by international students in Faro.

Apartments for rent in the Center of Faro

The centre has a particular charm because its streets are decorated in the traditional Portuguese style. In addition, it is very close to the old town and a few minutes walk from the university campus. In the centre of Faro, a flat to share has a price ranging from € 800 onwards.

Apartments in the Atalaia neighbourhood 

This neighbourhood has a very good location for students since it is just a few minutes from the city centre and the university. In this area, an apartment to share with other young people goes from € 1,150 per month onwards, with an average of € 1,300.

Room for rent in the Center of Faro 

Within the city centre, you can choose several areas to live in. You can be closer to the historic centre or different university campuses. In any case, everything in the centre is just a few minutes on foot or by bicycle. Here, a room in a shared flat has an average price of € 370.

Erasmus accommodation near the University of the Algarve 

This institution has four campuses in total, of which three are located in Faro. Here are their locations:

  • Campus de Saúde: it is the smallest and is located near the city centre.
  • Penha Campus: it is located to the north of Faro, approximately 15 minutes on foot or by public transport. Here you can find faculties such as Hospitality and Tourism, Education, Communication and Engineering.
  • Gambelas Campus: this campus is located about five kilometres away from Faro, in the town of Gambelas. It has the faculties of Sciences and Technology, Human Sciences and Economics. From the centre of Faro, you can get there in about 40 minutes by public transport.

University residence in Faro

Generally, university residences in Faro are located on campus, so that students do not have to bear transportation costs. However, there are also some residences in the city centre.

Within each one there is a different accommodation offer. You will find both individual rooms and shared rooms between two or three people. The price of a single room is around € 215 per month with bills included. For its part, a double or triple room has an approximate monthly cost of € 185, also with expenses included.

Frequently Asked Questions about studying in Faro 

How much does a student room cost in Faro?
A room in a shared flat goes from € 320 onwards, with an average of € 370 per month. In addition, the price can go up to € 600, always according to the location and the characteristics it presents.
Why share a flat with other young people in Faro?
There are two main reasons why this is a good idea. First of all, because this way you will be able to share the Erasmus experience more closely with other students. Second, because you will be able to save on the monthly cost of rent and bills since they are divided among all who live in the apartment.
Where to find a student room in Faro?
Everything is close by in the centre of the city, so we recommend that you look in neighbourhoods in that area. However, if the campus you are going to is Gambelas, we suggest that you see what is the best way to connect by public transport and look for accommodation accordingly.
What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Faro?
The cost of living in Faro is not expensive. If you add up the cheap rental price with expenses for food, transport, and some entertainment, think that you have to have around € 500 per month. Of course, this always depends on the lifestyle you want to lead.
Why go on Erasmus to Faro?
This Portuguese city has many advantages for students: there is a very good daytime and nightlife environment, it has good weather throughout the year, it has a beach and natural parks nearby and it is not an expensive city. In addition, you will be able to learn Portuguese or improve it if you already know it.


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