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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Covilha

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Covilha

type.private_room 5 230/month
type.residence 1 400/month
type.short.houses 6 433/month

Covilha is located in the Central region of Portugal, in the area of ​​Beiras and Serra da Estrela. This city is located near natural areas such as the Sierra de la Estrella Natural Park, so you will also be able to take advantage of your stay here to explore the nature of the surroundings of Covilha.

It is a small university city in which you will be able to share with both Portuguese and international students. Of course, keep in mind that Covilha extends over a hill, you will have to go up and down many slopes during your stay!

If you are wondering, how much does it cost to live in Covilha for students? We tell you that living in this Portuguese city is usually quite cheap. Remember that a large part of your monthly budget will depend on the type of accommodation you choose, which can be a room, a complete apartment or a student residence. In this article, we tell you everything you need to know when choosing your student accommodation in Covilha, both for its price and for the characteristics it must have.

Student apartments for rent in Covilha

If you want to look for a complete apartment in Covilha, you have to know that you will find two options. On the one hand, there are the studio apartments, which are usually small and can accommodate a maximum of one or two people (ideal for couples or friends). The price of a studio apartment in Covilha is around € 450 per month.

On the other hand, in this Portuguese city, you will also find apartments with several rooms, that is, to share with other students. The characteristics and cost of these flats depend on the capacity they have, but generally, they have at least one bathroom, living room and kitchen shared by all the people who live there. For reference, an apartment with four bedrooms has an average price of € 700 per month.

We recommend that whenever you are looking to rent a complete apartment, look for companions with whom to share it at the same time, in this way you will not have to pay the total amount of the rent, but only your part.

Student room for rent in Covilha

Are you looking for a room for rent for students in Covilha? We tell you that the price of rooms in shared flats in this Portuguese city usually varies between € 200 and € 300 per month. Generally, that price is determined by the location in which the room is located, as well as by the characteristics that it has and the floor of which it is part.

Most rooms include features such as a window with natural light and are typically furnished with a bed (which can be single or double), wardrobe, and desk. Please note that some of the rooms may have different features such as access to their balcony or private bathroom. Also, take a good look because in some cases the bedding is not included and in others it is optional, so you will be able to choose to bring your own or use the one found in the house. Anyway, don't worry about this, in Covilha there are shops where you can buy cheap bedding for the duration of your mobility.

Student accommodation in Covilha

In this section, we will tell you which areas are preferred by international students to find accommodation during their Erasmus experience in Covilha.

Apartments for rent in the centre of Covilha

In this area, you will find most of the places of leisure and interest most frequented by students. Here are the best-known monuments of the city, the Botanical Garden, different museums, shops, restaurants and bars that you will be able to enjoy.

Apartments in Bairro da Biquinha

This neighbourhood is suitable especially for young people who are going to the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. Of course, keep in mind that this area is uphill to the centre, so it takes time to walk to it.

Rooms for rent in Santa María

Santa María is located south of the historic centre of Covilha and is convenient to live especially for students who are going to the Faculty of Health Sciences. In Santa María there is a shopping centre and the Garden of the Lake, places that students usually go to.

Erasmus accommodation near the Universidade da Beira Interior (UBI)

The University of Beira Interior has several buildings in the city of Covilha, so the most convenient location to live near the institution will depend on where your faculty is located.

One of the largest campuses is located south of the historic centre of the city and has faculties such as Engineering, Architecture, Art, Letters, Mathematics and Computing. The Department of Sports Sciences is very close to this campus, next to the Rectory and Social Services of the University. The Faculty of Social and Human Sciences is located in Bairro da Biquinha, north of the centre of Covilha. The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences is located to the south of the São Pedroneighbourhoodd, next to the University Hospital Center.

University residence in Covilha

The University of Beira Interior connects students with the PAC residence, where you will be able to apply for a place if you want to live there. Some private residences offer accommodation to students. Remember to compare between them to choose the one that has all the important characteristics for you.

Frequently asked questions about studying in Covilha

How much does a flat for students cost in Covilha?

The average cost of a studio apartment is around € 450 per month and that of an apartment with more rooms to share depends on the capacity it has, but calculate around € 700 per month for one with four rooms.

How much is the Erasmus grant to study in Covilha?

The amount depends on your country of origin since each one has different regulations that assign different scholarships.

How is student life in Covilha like?

The young atmosphere in this city is calm, lively and dynamic. That is, it depends a lot on what you want. There are cultural and sports activities that you will be able to do, many of them organized by university student associations. Various festivals are also organized throughout the year.

What is the approximate monthly expense for a student in Covilha?

The cost of living in this Portuguese city is usually cheap. Estimate that your budget will have to be around € 500 per month for the basic expenses of renting accommodation, food, as well as some leisure.

Why go on Erasmus to Covilha?

In this city,  you will be able to delve into the Portuguese culture enjoying both the city and its surrounding nature. Here you will share the experience with students from various parts of the world and you will also be able to travel to other areas of Portugal easily.