Flats, apartments and rooms for rent in Madeira

Flats, apartments and rooms for rent in Madeira

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Often called the Pearl of the Atlantic, Madeira is a Portuguese island located in the Atlantic Ocean. Known mostly for being the birthplace of the famous soccer star, Cristiano Ronaldo, Madeira attracts many young professionals, students and travellers every year thanks to its characteristics. It is a volcanic island with a very pleasant warm climate and a great diversity of landscapes. You will be able to enjoy its beaches, its natural pools, its peaks almost 2,000 meters above sea level, its forests, caves, lakes, waterfalls and much more.

In Madeira you will also be able to delve into its culture, visiting its colourful towns such as Santana, or tasting its delicious cuisine, such as its grilled fish. Likewise, its capital, Funchal, has a very good nightlife offer, with various bars, restaurants and pubs where you will be able to spend your leisure time.

Rent apartments for young professionals in Madeira


The cost of a rental apartment will depend, first of all, on whether you want a complete apartment (studio type) for yourself or one that has more rooms to share with other young people. Then, you also have to pay attention to the different characteristics that the accommodation offers, such as its location or the appliances it includes.

Regarding the price of a rental apartment for young professionals in Madeira, a studio apartment has an average of € 900 per month, with the minimum being approximately € 650. On the other hand, an apartment with more rooms to share with other young people has a price ranging from € 680 onwards, with an average of € 1,300 per month.

Rooms for rent in Madeira


There are different rooms for rent in Madeira for young students or professionals who move to this Portuguese island for a season. The price for a room in a shared flat range from € 200 onwards, with an average of € 250 per month. In general, the cost of utility bills for electricity, water, internet, etc. it's included in the price. 

In our search engine, you will be able to find rooms for rent on the beachfront, with sea views and a terrace. Without a doubt, this type of accommodation is one of the greatest attractions for people who travel to Madeira. Most people who come to Madeira are looking for quality of life, sun and beach, so finding accommodation that allows you to be close to the mas is very important.

Accommodation for remote working in Madeira


There are different areas on the island that you can choose to live in while you study or telework. The most chosen areas are in the capital or the surroundings since it is there where the youth atmosphere and the leisure places are concentrated. We tell you which are some of the areas that you can choose to find accommodation in:

Apartments for rent in the centre of Funchal

Funchal is the capital of Madeira, so its centre is the area where a large part of the sites of busiest leisure time. In addition, it is surrounded by nature and has a good connection by public transport with the rest of the island. A furnished studio here is priced from € 650 onwards and an apartment with more than one bedroom in Funchal goes from € 680 onwards.

Apartments in the São Martinho area

This area covers part of the centre of Funchal and the area that extends to the west. It has several places of interest, such as different beaches, gardens, tourist attractions and important hotels. In this area, a flat with two rooms or more have an average monthly cost of € 1,250.

Rooms for rent in Funchal

Rooms are available in different parts of the Madeira capital, in areas such as São Gonçalo or São Roque. Both areas have a good connection by public transport to the city centre, so you will have no problem getting from one point to another. The prices of the rooms for young people are around € 220 per month.

Accommodation for young professionals in Funchal - Santa Luzia

This area of ​​the capital is located on the slopes of the surrounding hills, although it is a few minutes walk from the centre of Funchal. For this reason, most of the accommodations that you will find here have very beautiful views of the city and the landscape. In Funchal - Santa Luzia, an apartment with several rooms has a price ranging from € 800 onwards.

Room for rent for students in Madeira

On this island, you will find the Universidade da Madeira, an institution that receives several Portuguese and international students every year. The main campus of the university is located in Funchal, on the slopes of the mountains that make up the capital. If you want to find student accommodation near the University of Madeira, we recommend that you look in the city centre and other neighbourhoods such as São Roque, São Martinho and Santo António. All of these have a good connection with the institution, some on foot and others by public transport.

As a general rule, the price of a room for students in an apartment shared with other people goes from € 200 onwards and can go up to € 240 per month. Normally, that price includes service charges, but you have to pay attention to all the details.

Frequently asked questions about living in Madeira

What is the price of a flat for young professionals in Madeira?

This depends on whether you want a complete apartment for yourself or with more rooms to share with other people. A studio apartment has a price ranging from € 650 onwards, with an average of € 900. Access the search engine and compare all prices easily.

What are the best areas to live in Madeira?

On this island, most of the people are concentrated near its capital, Funchal. Here, some of the most popular areas are the city center, São Roque, São Martinho and Funchal - Santa Luzia.

What is the price of a student room in Madeira?

The cost of a room in a shared flat is usually cheap. Generally, the minimum goes from € 200 onwards and the maximum is usually € 240 per month. The beachfront rooms are slightly more expensive.

What is the approximate monthly cost to live in Madeira?

This Portuguese island does not have a high cost of living, but it always depends on the lifestyle you lead. If you share a flat with other young people and add leisure and food expenses, it means that you must have between € 600-650 per month.

Why live in Madeira?

Living on an island is a unique experience and Madeira is no exception. This island located in the Atlantic offers different attractions to young people who want to get into the culture of the archipelago and the Portuguese. Here you will be able to enjoy exuberant nature (both forests and beaches), gastronomy, nightlife and various sports.