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Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Delft

Student accommodation, flats and rooms for rent in Delft

Private rooms Delft 38 464/month
Studios Delft 1 2483/month
Apartments Delft 33 1961/month

The beautiful and small city of Delft, in the Netherlands, is a highly recommended destination for students and if you are preparing your trip to this destination, we will tell you everything you need to know about renting flats, apartments and rooms for students in Delft.

The city can be divided into two areas, one in which the historic centre of the city is located and the southern part in which we find the university city, since that is where the Technical University of Delft is located. So if you are looking for a place where that university life is breathed, you have chosen your destination very well.

In this guide we not only provide you with everything you need to know about renting flats, apartments and rooms for students in Delft, we also want to help you find good accommodation with the Erasmus Play search engine. All the accommodations that appear in the search engine have been verified to avoid fraud. Erasmus Play helps you find a flat with guarantees, always trying to offer the best prices on the market, comparing on countless websites.

Student apartments for rent in Delft

Renting a complete accommodation for yourself alone has many advantages and that is that you will not have to worry about sharing a bathroom, inviting people to your house or taking turns cleaning and using the kitchen. It is somehow an expensive option than sharing a flat, since the expenses are borne by yourself.

To give you an idea, the average monthly rent for student flats in Delft is around € 700. This may vary depending on the quality of the floor or where it is located. In the Erasmus Play search engine you can find flats from just under € 600, a price that goes up until it reaches the average, and even exceeds it.

If you don't want to live alone, you can share a flat and look for partners. This is a very good option, you can share monthly expenses and have a community life, meeting new people and cultures with whom to live unique experiences.

Student room for rent in Delft

Pay attention to the following accommodation option that we present to you: rooms for rent for students in Delft. At the end of the day, sharing flats is always a good option if we are looking to save some cash, since expenses are shared and your stay in the city can be much cheaper.

To give you an idea, the average can be between € 300-400 per month for rooms for rent in Delft, a price that can go down or up depending on various factors such as location, condition of the apartment, etc. 

You must bear in mind that the offer of rooms for rent in Delft is not very wide, being a small city sometimes it is difficult to find a room for rent in Delft. That is why we recommend that you search several months in advance and reserve your accommodation before they are sold out.

Student accommodation in Delft

Like all cities, Delft is divided into different neighbourhoods/districts and in each of them, we can find student accommodation with different characteristics, prices, qualities, etc. Location is one of the important points that you should keep in mind when renting accommodation in Delft. To help you with your search, we inform you of some of the most interesting neighbourhoods to live in.

Apartments for rent in Oude Delft

In the famous historic centre of the city is Oude Delft, a place where we will find the main historical monuments, the market or the city hall. It has all the services nearby and that will be noticeable in the price, somewhat higher than in other areas, but there are also residences where you will find more affordable prices.

Apartments in Hof Van Delft

It is one of the residential areas of Delf and has that typical Dutch air that attracts tourists so much. It is a very quiet area, surrounded by nature and close to Delft station, as well as being about 15 minutes by bike from the university area. Here the prices are somewhat cheaper and it is worth locating in the area.

Room for rent in University Zone

Undoubtedly Delft University of Technology (TU) is one of the most famous universities, which explains why it attracts so many students from all over the world. Most of the faculties are located within the most modern part of the city, in addition to the library or the TU Delft sports centre.

Erasmus accommodation in Delftse Hout

It is a secluded area, with many green spaces and a recreation area where both students and locals enjoy the weekend. Nearby there are also residential areas where we can find a bit of tranquillity, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, also at a more affordable price for everyone.

Accommodation for rent in The Hague

The city of Delft is very close to The Hague, so many students prefer to live in this city and travel to Delft every day by public transport. In this link you will be able to find all the information about accommodation in The Hague.

University residence in Delft

As we said, the supply of accommodation in Delft is much lower than the demand and that is why many young people decide to live in a student residence. Many of these residences have long waiting lists, so do not trust yourself to get a place. We recommend that you also look for other accommodation options in case you finally do not get a place in one of these residences.

Frequently Asked Questions about Delft

Is it expensive to live in Delft?

Delft is a very small city and is located very close to The Hague, so if we have this neighbouring town as a reference, the truth is that Delft is much cheaper and a highly recommended option in the Netherlands.

Why study in Delft?

The Technical University of Delft has an international prestige that is the reason why so many students want to travel to this Dutch city to complete a year of their studies.

How much does a student room for rent cost in Delft?

The price will finally depend on various factors such as the proximity to the centre or the qualities or condition of the apartment. Average rental prices are generally € 350-400 per month.

How to find cheap student accommodation in Delft?

The best way to find cheap student accommodation in Delft is to be quick and use the Erasmus Play search engine to take advantage of the 100% verified apartments and rooms on our website.

How is the university environment in Delft?

The southern part of the city, which corresponds to the most modern area, is full of university students and students from all over the world, which ensures a perfect university environment in Delft.