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Information and tips for Erasmus students in Getafe

Erasmus in Getafe

Information and tips for Erasmus students in Getafe

Private rooms Getafe 822 593/month
Residences Getafe 240 851/month
Studios Getafe 8 1067/month
Apartments Getafe 27 1202/month

Why do Erasmus in Getafe? If you would like to do an Erasmus in Madrid, the capital of Spain, but you prefer to live in a slightly quieter and less expensive place, Getafe is the perfect option for you. This city is very close to the capital and offers the same as Madrid, but without being so touristy or overwhelming. Getafe offers many opportunities and, if you stay with us, you will be able to discover why it is an increasingly popular destination among students. Here we go!

Cost of living in Getafe, Spain

In general, prices in Spain are not too high when compared to other European countries. Now, in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​a student can spend a lot of money every month, something that is not ideal for most young people. A very popular option among students, both Spanish and international, is to stay and live in places close to the aforementioned cities, such as Getafe and Madrid, as they thus enjoy the same services and opportunities, but for more affordable prices. and with more tranquillity in the day today.

A student living in Getafe can spend around € 550-600 per month if he decides to rent a room in a shared flat, which is normally around € 300-400 per month. This is usually the option most chosen by young people in Getafe, and in most Spanish cities, since residences are usually much more expensive, around € 500-600 per month. In addition to accommodation, keep in mind that other possible expenses such as shopping, your activities or the transport you use will also be able to vary your budget.

Erasmus parties and leisure in Getafe, Spain

Getafe is a very pleasant and fairly quiet city, however, since it welcomes many students (local and international) there is always a good atmosphere and things to do in this city. When it comes to partying, many students who live in Getafe recommend going to the centre of Madrid, where the best clubs and venues are to have a drink and have a good time with friends. Do not worry about having to travel to the capital, as it is very simple. Getafe's connection with Madrid is very good; You have a train with which you can go from one city to another in 20 minutes and, if you need to take a bus, you also have that possibility, both during the day and at night with the night buses. One of the best-known clubs in Madrid is Kapital, but there are many more that you will get to know.

The student atmosphere of Getafe is concentrated, above all, in the areas near the university. The weather in this city is quite good for a large part of the year, so you can always go for a walk, go to eat in a park or take a tourist visit to the Spanish capital. Since life in Getafe is not as busy as it is in Madrid, this city is perfect to focus on your studies when necessary and enjoy your free time whenever you can.

Culture and gastronomy in Getafe, Spain

Perhaps what you know about Getafe is not its most emblematic places or the events and festivities that take place in this city. It is true that having Madrid so close, many people only think of taking a bus or a train to the capital and begin to discover the most characteristic sites of it. Now, you will surely be surprised by all that Getafe has to offer. You can make plans as varied as strolling through the central part of the city where the shops are, making a visit to the Federico García Lorca Auditorium Theater or one of its best-known buildings, the Cathedral of Santa María Magdalena built between 1549 and 1770.

On the other hand, something you should not miss is the opportunity to taste the traditional food of Getafe. Spanish food, in general, is one of the most acclaimed in the world and you will be lucky enough to be able to try the most typical recipes in Getafe restaurants. Some dishes that we can highlight are the Madrid stew, tripe, fried eggs, squid sandwiches or sweets such as torrijas and churros. There is a lot of variety, so there will always be a dish to discover.

Advantages of doing the Erasmus in Getafe, Spain

  • Living in Getafe gives you all the advantages and services that Madrid has but for much lower prices.
  • If you don't like the bustle of big cities, in Getafe you will have the tranquillity and calm you need, but with a great atmosphere that you can enjoy whenever you want.
  • Getafe's connection with other Spanish cities is very good. Not only will you have the opportunity to visit Madrid, but it is very easy to get to any part of Spain by train or bus.
  • The prices in this city are quite affordable if we compare them with other large Spanish and European cities, a point to keep in mind when looking for an Erasmus destination.

Cheap Erasmus apartments in Getafe, Spain

If you are tired of looking for accommodation in Getafe and you cannot find what you are looking for, take a look at our Erasmus Play platform. We help you to compare various accommodation options and easily and safely find the best deals on flats, rooms and apartments for students in Getafe.

Frequently asked questions from students doing Erasmus in Getafe

How much does it cost to live in Getafe as a student?

A student can live in Getafe with a budget of around 550-600 euros per month if they decide to stay in a shared flat. The amount mentioned will increase if you prefer to live in a residence since the price of these is higher.

How is student life in Getafe?

The student atmosphere in Getafe is very lively throughout the course. Since many of the students who go to this university are from different Spanish cities, they stay in Getafe practically every week. Therefore, there are always going to be people to make plans with, go out or even go to the library if you need them at some point.

How much does a student accommodation cost in Getafe?

The rent of student accommodation in Getafe can vary a lot if it is a shared flat, where the rooms are usually around € 300-400 per month, or a student residence, the prices of which are around 500-600 euros per month.

How much is the Erasmus scholarship to study in Getafe?

If you want to know for sure the amount of money you are going to receive with the Erasmus scholarship to study in Getafe, we recommend that you contact the international relations office of your home university. For these scholarships, the amount is given and the payment method usually varies depending on the country of residence of each student.

What areas are better to live in in Getafe?

This city is not too big, however, students usually look for their accommodation in the areas near the university, in the city centre or the El Bercial neighbourhood. The final decision depends on your priorities and your preferences, but surely you will have it much clearer if you compare several areas and types of accommodation.